🌿🌿Rescue Spray aloé vera 🌿🌿 Soin hydratant en spray
haute teneur en aloé vera certifié bio
100% naturel
Effet calmant, régénérant, protecteur et stimulant.

Peu être utiliser par toutes la famille👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👧, se transporte partout et sera votre partenaire lors de vos déplacement (vacance, rando ect)

Pour : 👉visage
👉cuir chevelu
👉main, pieds
👉blessures (petite coupure)
👉coup de soleil
👉piqûres insecte ect.. Prix super abordable💪💰
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Ashley (and Elliot), 4/18/18

T: How do you feel when college students abuse stimulants like Adderall?

A: It's very frustrating, especially because I don't think a lot of college students know the dangers of abusing Adderall and stimulants in general. This is a medicine that's enhancing certain chemicals in your brain; it adds more than what you should have in your brain for someone who is neuro-typical and doesn't need a stimulant. So, I mean, long-term effects, you can really damage your brain by doing that. And for someone who really needs stimulants, it can make it harder for them to access stimulants. When you're a college student and you go to a psychiatrist and say, “Hey, I have ADHD, or I may have ADHD, I would like to try a stimulant,” they assume you're going to be selling it because a lot of college students do sell Adderall for really cheap prices. So that's been a huge hindrance for me. I've been trying to get a stimulant now for two years, and I actually went on the black market to get stimulants from someone and try them out. That's when I knew for a fact that it was an ADHD diagnosis for me—instantly clicked with me. It was the most normal day of my life. So whenever I see friends that may be taking Adderall, I usually talk to them and say, “Hey, do you know what this can do to you?” It doesn't actually enhance your brain if you're neuro-typical; it gives you kind of this inflated ego feeling like, “Oh yeah, I can write this paper in two hours.” It gives you that superhuman mindset, but it doesn't actually help you. It's not going to help you study better. It doesn't do anything. Stimulants are addicting and can cause dependency in some people. Like I said before, it changes your brain chemistry and damages the brain’s natural reward center. If you frequently abuse stimulants, you are at greater risk for anxiety, depression, panic attacks, heart disease, and emotional withdrawal.* And I really recommend that people who don't need it just don't take it; it's just so much better for you to not take it. There's no point in abusing it if you don't need it. That's where I stand on that.

Don't rely on pharmaceutical-grade amphetamines (yes, that is what Adderall is, a medically-prescribed stimulant) for improved energy and concentration...a brain 'tune up' is all you need! The most noticeable benefit to you is that you won't just be able to cram and remember until you take the test; your recall and memory will improvement will be long-lasting! Optimizing your brain will help you not just for the next history exam or Physics final...it reaches all areas of life! Sleep better, have higher levels of focus and concentration, faster reaction times in sports and on the road, recover from stress faster and easier than ever before. Life is better with your "Brain On"!
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Yesterday, company Director, Susan lead an informative and enlightening training session for first aid medical staff on 'drug and alcohol abuse, the effects on the body and first aid treatment' in preparation for up and coming events. Thanks to all that attended. Image credits to Global Drug Survey 2017. #drugs #alcoholabuse #signsandsymptoms #depressants #hallucinogens #painkillers #performancenhancers #stimulants #firstaid

Dropping a few lbs #fatloss

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How much of your brain are you really using ? 🤔
What if you could optimise its function. 🧠🚀

Safe to say we all probably are 😂😂😂
However, what's a recommendation for a safe, healthy amount of caffeine per day. Well, FSANZ suggests 210mg of caffeine per day. Now given there is no "safe" amount of caffeine per day. Drugs (caffeine) effect different people in different ways. In some people, caffeine is a cognitive enhancer, in others, it can increase anxiety to uncomfortable levels. -
Here is a list of everyday foods you can find caffeine in.
Preworkouts - 100-400 mg -
Percolated coffee - 60-120 mg/250 mL cup
Energy Drinks - 80 mg/250 mL can
Instant coffee (1 teaspoon/cup)
60-80 mg/250 mL cup
Tea - 10-50 mg/250 mL cup
Coca Cola - 48.75 mg/375 mL can
Milk Chocolate - 20 mg/100g bar
Caffeination is our potential problem, now what's the solution? I say don't stress too much, unless you're over caffeinated and are stressed as a result 😂 my philosophy is caffeinate if you actually need it to work or train, try your best to not form habits around it, don't have it past 4pm and more than 3 cups is usually too much, and don't be afraid to rest your receptors have a couple days of all caffeinate.

Doesn't get much closer than that!! .
Here's a great article on caffeine:  https://goo.gl/zyZngB
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Benefits of Caffeine☕️
Before we talk about the benefits of caffeine we need to learn what caffeine is and what it does for us🤗
Caffeine acts as a central nervous system stimulant. When it reaches your brain, the most noticeable effect is alertness. You’ll feel more awake and less tired.Once consumed, caffeine is quickly absorbed from the gut into the bloodstream.
From there, it travels to the liver and is broken down into compounds that can affect the function of various organs.
That being said, caffeine's main effect is on the brain,It functions by blocking the effects of adenosine, which is a neurotransmitter that relaxes the brain and makes you feel tired.
Normally, adenosine levels build up over the day, making you increasingly more tired and causing you to want to go to sleep.Caffeine helps you stay awake by connecting to adenosine receptors in the brain without activating them. This blocks the effects of adenosine, leading to reduced tiredness😩
Benefits of caffeine:
•Can be used as Pre-Workout as gives you energy and alertness
•Caffeine mixed with carbs replenishes muscle glycogen concentrations faster after exercise.
•Caffeine relieves post-workout muscle pain by up to 48%.
•Caffeine increases stamina during exercise.
•Caffeine improves reaction time and logical reasoning during times when sleep isn’t possible or restricted
There can be negative health consequences from consuming too much caffeine, so don’t go too crazy.Follow me @ptmurdoch for tips and tricks on how to improve on your body🤗 #fitnessinfographics #fitnesstips #fitspo #fitfam #gains #muscle #caffeine #preworkout #gym #workout #healthy #health #foodie #food #personaltrainer #fitnessinstructor #fittips #instafit #science #sportsscience #sports #lifestyle #lifetips #lifehacks #fitnesslife #body #summerbody #caffeine #stimulants #preworkout

Dumbo the elephant believed that he needed his “magic” feather in order to fly. And yet, one day, when the feather fell out of his mouth, he was still able to fly. . . .
I used to think that I needed adderall in order to function. That I wouldn’t be able to be productive or valuable unless I took it. But, like Dumbo, I learned that’s a story made up in my head. . . .
The withdrawal from adderall is so challenging, but, with time, your body will heal and the biggest challenge will be undoing the lies that you had believed for so long. . . .
You can be productive, highly functional and motivated without stimulants. First, take time to detox your body. Then rebuild your physical strength. And then reframe your thoughts so that you stop believing in this “magic” and start believing in yourself.

What are the risks with #Methamphetamine use and Viagra?
#Viagra works on a chemical that helps keep you limp. Without that chemical, and its production inhibited, your penis can freely flow more blood; therefore, getting harder. Viagra also promotes blood flow to the penis, and meth is making your heart work overtime.
#Meth increases #libido, but will create a higher core temperature in your body, increase heart rate, and more. It is difficult "to get hard" on meth, #MDMA, and some other #stimulants. If you are trying to bypass that with another drug, you may create a situation where your body is having to compensate more for the blood having to flow into your penis. You could even cause an unsafe situation with your blood pressure, which skyrockets during the peak of meth use.

#Priapism, a syndrome where you stay hard for way longer than you should, can occur and be detrimental to the veins there, your heart, and you can cause a #stroke.
Do you know how they "cure" priapism? They "release the pressure". Since the blood is no longer draining back into the body, it is going to have to go somewhere--so out come the scalpels! Priapism is a serious medical condition--"If you have an erection lasting for longer than four hours, seek medical attention immediately." Even at a young age there is only so much the body can take. Just because mixing doesn’t kill you today, that does not mean you will walk away problem-free. When you're young, your body can cope with quite a lot, but some damage is never repaired and thus you might find yourself having a heart attack at age 40 while playing some golf with the boss.
Sex is strenuous enough. If you’re unable to get it up naturally, try not to go overboard on meth so you might be able to still get it up. If you feel you should combine them, make sure reduce your meth dosage to try to avoid serious conditions.
Regular use and high dosage of both can cause #cardiacarrest. A lot of male users rely on this combination to get things “working”--are heart problems worth it? Anyway, here’s a cunty music video by Sugur Shane.

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