It’s usually pretty nice to get out and challenge yourself physically in the wilderness... Cucamonga Peak might have gone a bit beyond a challenge, but was a great hike with a great view of San Bernardino County at the end. Also got the SHIT stung out of me by a stinging nettle on my wrist right before the end of the hike... it still hurts...

#cucamongapeak #outdoors #tubafitness #view #sweat #stung #stingingnettle #stillcrying

the most beautiful venue for the most beautiful wedding; the place where they had their first date (i helped katie pick out her outfit, she texted me pictures from a dressing room nonstop for like an hour all nervous & excited) - fastforward 4 years, the place where they promised themselves to each other 4evr & evr 😭 #katiesawang #danielsfaceiswhatbrokeme #guessimaweddingpersonnow #stillcrying

Dan and I had a very quiet and wonderful Father’s Day. After watching the U.S. Open, we decided to look for a movie to watch. I had heard that ‘I Can Only Imagine’ was a good movie. Dan read the summary and said “sure let’s watch it”. What a powerful movie! How ironic it was on Father’s Day. We both loved it and valued the role of the Father/father. The singing of Amazing Grace was a double whammy for me on Father’s Day. If you have not seen this movie, and regardless of your religious views, it is well worth the time. Very ironic that we unknowingly stumbled upon it on Father’s Day! #stillcrying #sopowerful#imagine

I couldn’t have more love for these fathers in my life! So proud of Tomás and Davíd, and the beautiful families they build. And for my dad, who continues to be the coolest most gentle man in the world.

This is MY dad, sitting on a window sill, doing what he does best. These kids adore him, and so do I 😍
This is my brother, moments after his 3rd, Jack was born, holding the two most excited big sister and brother on the planet. #teamhungerford
This is my brother, father of 3, with Scarlett’s most favorite birthday cake ever and feeling the most proud. #castlehungerford #imcrying #ilovethem #happyfathersday

Y’all. No words, only tears.🥂 Also, how hot is my husband tho?! #stillcrying #jbaby #cincodemiller

My. Girl. Is. Miss. Arkansas. You are perfect for this job. You’re kind, encouraging, intelligent, beautiful, confident, courageous, and most of all you are genuine. I love you and I love your heart. You have been my friend since my first year and I know that I can always come to you with everything!! Cannot wait for sleepovers in Conway ❣️ #misskansas #ClaudforMissAmerica #stillcrying

Goodbye my darling Winnie. You have a new mama now, who i like very much. I will always love you and think of you every day. We will visit you in your far away new home near the Sequoia National Forest someday. #stillcrying #lovehersomuch #mybeautifulgirl

Yes it is me who was laughing with my best friend. Yes we are laughing at the same time. Yes I cried when I found out I was on the insta. Yes I cried when I met her, @maggieoliveruk @jess_impiazzi @geordiepenguin and yes I also awkwardly waved at the end. But you know what? It WAS THE BEST NIGHT OF MY WHOLE LIFE 😭👏🏻👏🏻 @courtneyact @thelifeofbradybear and everyone. Thankyou for everything. #wemadetheinsta #iliterallyamnotoverit #stillcrying 💓💓💓💓

It FINALLY happened 😭
If you’ve known me longer than a day, you know it’s been my dream to have my own puppy. My friends are always tagging me in dog videos, I am constantly checking the humane society website and literally cry when I see dogs.
This little girl wandered into my arms yesterday. The story is pretty crazy, so crazy I can’t get into it here. But ask me one day and I’ll share! She is perfect, my soulmate, my sweet little nugget!
Everyone, say hello to Sheba! She is already so loved.

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Not debt related but MEXICO BEAT GERMANY!! That is all, carry on and keep kicking Fannie maes ass! I’m taking a break today to eat tacos! I love you all #debtfreecommunity 🇲🇽❤️😭 #StillCrying
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This morning I'm literally CRYING lol and you were asking why. (I couldn't answer over the SOBS) lol So I'll answer here... My daughter is Sooo Lucky to have a dad like you. Like, Despite how Young we were (literally kids) you did not let that stop you from being her father. Not all children can say that there dad is their hero but mine can and she Does! Because of you. So thank you @costagabriel183 so much for loving our daughter and just being the best dad ever. We Love you so much...Truly, truly appreciate it, and I'm more than sure our baby girl on the way will feel the same way. #HappyFathersDay #FathersDay2018 #StillCrying #ItsMyHormones #PregnancyBeLike #BestDadEver

I could have been in Europe right now but thanks Deakin for instead sending me to Maroondah hospital for a few weeks in a psych ward #stillcrying

tom holland is definitely the best spider-man 🕷🕸

Last night was my 5 year old Diamond State Princess dream come true and to say that I am humbled would be an understatement. Becoming Miss Arkansas' Outstanding Teen has been one of the most amazing journey's of my life and I am so thankful for this organization, the friendships, the love and the happiness involved. I am beyond thrilled to serve our great state this year and have the experience of a lifetime. I have been at a loss of words for about 24 hours now and would like to thank some of my supporters. A special thank you to this panel- you have changed my life. To my family for always being there- I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!! Couldn't do it without you. To Mrs. Jane Slocum, for preparing me to walk into an interview confident but walk out with the interview award. To the Yearick's for my dream gown, earning me overall evening gown and onstage question. To Mrs. Paige Dennis and team for knowing me like the back of their hand. A thank you to Mr. Bill Wolfe and Mrs. Donia Wade for making me feel like I was truly Somewhere Over The Rainbow and loving me unconditionally. To Mrs. Olivia McIver, Mr. Bailey, and baby Cohen for being my second family and preparing me to walk across that stage looking GOOOOD for active wear AND for myself. A thank you to all my friends and family for coming and making me feel like a BOSS on that stage. I've left out a million thank you's and truly could still go on for hours. My heart is so full and I am so excited for this next year. To Aubrey Reed, thank you for placing this sisterhood on my head. LET'S DO THIS THING GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the love,
MAROT 2018 Camille Cathey
#MAROTeen2018 #thesisterhoodisreal #stillcrying #illtxtbackipromise

best damn day of my life •••••••••••
#stillcrying #engaged #weddingbells #letsparty

Proud proud proudddd. #ORGULLOHISPANO #GOGIRL #STILLCRYING 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

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