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Toured up Alta and found the secret stash!
#june7th #sticy #timetoplay @salomonfreeski

candid christmas xx

I have no name for this but it looks like im continueing the sticy fanfic. But remember im a nalu supporter. If u guys support sticy tell me in the comments and ill tag u. Promise😜
No one pov
Lucy, sting , and lector were chatting at the restraunt. Lucy then told sting how she was traveling and planning on finding a new guild. She didnt want to go back to the guild where the man she loves is with one of her friends. Sting had seen tje look on lucys face when she spoke of her onesided love. It was just like his. Sad and lonely. But they both started to feel a bump in their hearts every time they looked at eachother. Or the blush that crept up on their faces when they made eye contact. For once in a long time, they felt good. As if their onesided loves did not excist. As if they could start over on love. They waiter came and said "so what can i get for the lovely couple" "WE NOT A COUPLE"both blondes replied with cheeks that could put erzas hair to shame. After that embarrassing moment the two ordered what they wanted. Little did they know that the fire dragon slayer saw them. He smiled. He had wanted lucy to find love. He knew that she had loved him. But he could not return her feelings. The two blondes left the restraunt followed by the reddish brown neko.


Toured up Alta and found the secret stash!
#june7th #sticy #timetoplay @salomonfreeski

Fluffy slime

Fairy Tail Lucy and sting KAWAII!!! ^-^ #kawaii #sticy [ship name]

I really miss cosplaying Lucy... I need to bring her back!
#lucyheartfilia #lucyheartfilliacosplay #fairytail #stingeucliffe #sticy

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