Semester äntligen och den börjar med en summering av mitt första år som coach för individuellt tävlande som vi skickar ut för att representera Sverige i olika tävlingar. Eller så börjar semestern med det absolut första inlägget för min del på Instagram. Beror på hur man ser på saken. 🤔 #finnsalltidtvåsidor #sticktotheplanitworks #otroligtbrakockar/konditorerisverige @lundinannie @jimmi_e @pastryfrida @seb.pettersson @pooolskiii @olawallins @andreedlund @josefinsvenson @sebastiangibrand @chef.ander @gustav.leonhardt

Today is the start to a new week...and a new month! Don’t give up! Keep pressing play and stick to your nutrition plans! If you ate bad this past weekend move on and get back on track! We can do this!


What is your plan? Have you thought about it? Have you written it down and are you willing to do the work each day to make it happen? If so, anything is possible! 🙌🏻 ⭐️

Potato, onion, bacon and cheese bake for lunch 👍🏻 with added burn 🤣

#slimmer #slimmingworld
#slimmingworld #slimmingworlduk #sticktotheplanitworks #losingweight

Re-planning our day. We had a mishap with the papers this morning, so my schedule I had planned out got slightly messed up. Not messed up enough that our whole day is off, but just enough I need to move a few things around! Good thing I bought my brain food along...Shakeology to the rescue!!

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