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The fantastic 4 💫⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️🔥💥✈️🛬🛫#foreverfriends #holidaysontheway #sticktogetheralways #thaicalling #🇹🇭 ♥️♥️♥️♥️💎♥️👑4ever

Me and my brother angel 😘😘#brotherlylove❤️ #family #sticktogetheralways

端午節快樂 ➕ 300天快樂
#30052017 #ILYhubby #sticktogetheralways

Desde sempre.. la famiglia Morgon! #lafamiglia #morgonforce #stayfrost #sticktogetheralways

My brother's keeper hold him down this is trust!! #sticktogetheralways

These two kill each other all day, yet seem to stick together at the same time. It's nice to see them not arguing, even if it's because they're sleeping 😘😍 #lovemybigkids #cami #benny #cuddlemonkeys #sticktogetheralways

As our days come to a guessing game with you, I'm glad god gave you the chance to come home and be with us again. After not seeing you for 17 years I'm glad that I've been able to spend my time and past weekends with you. I've never had to go through seeing a family member pass to cancer but I now know how hard it is. Everyone take the chance to see the family you haven't in a while because you never know what has changed or may happen. I love you Aunt Tammy and I hope that we can give you strength and comfort through the rest of the journey that's left. ❤️ #cancersucks #family #sticktogetheralways


#Repost This was a very sad story to watch, please make sure you get your skin checked. @60minutes9 ・・・
@allisonlangdon joins @cruzin_australia on his very personal crusade - travelling the country to warn others of the dangers of melanoma, after losing his young wife Leah just three months after their wedding. A love story so powerful it may save your life. As Mum would say “Everything is going to be OK”

The fantastic 4 💫⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️🔥💥✈️🛬🛫#foreverfriends #holidaysontheway #sticktogetheralways #thaicalling #🇹🇭 ♥️♥️♥️♥️💎♥️👑4ever

Its.. Loistava again.. There is something ppl outside have to know about it.. We are loistava from AIGS
If one of us (Loistava member's) get hurt just beware because the rest of the members will not take it easy we will make that person (who was related to us) suffer in their life..beware guys because we walk together through the fire always and we learn from it everyday.. Once you hurt a member of loistava you will regret it a lot.. So be careful with your words.. Dear..

Today’s post goes out to our Nana, Mum’s Mum who endured a life time of heartache as well as a life time of love and joy. This is where Mum’s strength stemmed from, Nana lost her husband, her son and her daughter she suffered from emphysema, had a heart attack, was bought back to life. Struggled everyday for each breath of air she took, had anxiety for obvious reasons. But she fought through it all everyday to be there for her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, and wow did she have a lot of us. It was your time Nana, you were ready to be at peace and join the ones you lost, this picture was very special to you both, now you can be together again, give Mum a kiss from us. We will miss you everyday. We love you Nana.
As Mum would say “Everything is going to be ok”

Strong Moms, Never Give Up! Surround yourself with energetic, ambitious and happy 😊 people with goals! #SuccessIsChoice💯💪🏻 #Goals #motivation #SpecialPeople💥 #StickTogetherAlways #Fitness #fitfam #DreamBiggerthanEverbefore ❤️💯💋#Stayfit #fitmomsofig #excercise #training #ufcgymrosemead #fitlatinas

On November 17th 2013 Mum was admitted to the Cairns Hospital with fevers and feeling very unwell. About 3 weeks before that she had finished her 4 rounds of Yervoy and it was now starting to have a negative affect on Mum's body, the tumours had shrunk but the drug was now causing Mum's body to reject her own liver. Liver Enzyme levels in the body are supposed to be between 7-56 Mum's were up in the 1800's and she was declining quickly. On the 18th we were told if they couldn't find something to help her she had around 48hrs to live. Another shift on the emotional roller coaster ride and this was a scary one for us all. We were lucky enough to have an amazing pharmacist Jason working at the cancer care ward who didn't stop researching until he had found a drug that could reverse the effects the Yervoy was having on Mum's body. He tracked it down in Brisbane and was able to get it on a plane to Cairns that same day. We then just sat by Mum's side waiting, praying and hoping this would be our miracle. And it was, Mum's body took to the drug and her liver enzyme levels dropped dramatically within a few days. This was a such a difficult time for us all especially Mum but her strength and positivity was inspiring, we came together as a family and supported one another as we had done many times before.
As Mum would say "It's going to be OK..."

My Big Brother My rock... This guys helped me so much over the years when ive had no where to go when i needed something to do or help work on something hes there we go fishing we go hunting we work on stuff together nothing better then Brother love ❤️👌#bigbrother#Fishing#hunting#carmeet#warfsidemeet#sticktogetheralways

Christmas Head Shave

Hi everyone

Doing a Christmas head shave for pieta house , to raise funds for them ,so that they can keep doing the great job they do to help people in need , they are a great organisation and brought back light to where there was darkness in so many people's lives . Very happy to be apart of this fundraising event 😊


I couldn't ask for better friends. Last night was one of the best nights I have had. Love you guys!! #goodfriends #birthdayweekend #sticktogetheralways @terrance_mathews @chendricsen @j_sully15 @chendricsen @bekah_ferrin @g0ddd

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