Find your reason and hold on to it as tightly as you can. Happy Friday!
As Mum would say “Everything is going to be OK”

I am not sure why I needed to do what I am doing however I had the urge to write this in an attempt to help others of whom have lost their partners through an illness, and are experiencing difficulties like myself after 20 months of losing my Darling Girl and, to those experiencing a relationship currently.
This is not meant to receive comments, it is meant to make others aware your battles are not alone.
A relationship is a strong, deep, or close association or acquaintance between two or more people. It brings happiness, joy, fun and the experience of love.
Marriage is the legal union of a couple as spouses—an intimate and complementing union, in which the two become one physically in the whole of life.
I was not the quietest person during my youth however I was fortunate to meet a girl that not only believed in me, she showed me the true meaning of love, care and happiness.
To witness your partner becoming ill, then watch them go through the hardest times is the hardest experience ever. When a band aid or betadine or a hug cannot rid this attacking demon, the feeling of helplessness makes you frustrated and useless knowing there is nothing you can do to fix things.
My Sweetheart knew the ending of this illness will be the time she visually departs us however knowing and praying we know, she will still be with us.
When you awake, kiss your partner.
When you leave there presence, kiss your partner.
When you choose to provide a gift to your partner, look at them with a smile, they will as we know that look is the most special present ever gifted.
The strength in Sharyn’s heart, the power to hold within the pain and not become a burden to others was the gift provided to us that we will always keep inside.
I guess what I am trying to say is when you hear “that song” and get upset, cry with a smile, to those currently in a relationship, enjoy your time with your Partner, cherish the time you both have been rewarded and, (as my Darling always said):
Miss you Baby xxoo

Something to think about! Scary fact this one. As Mum would say “Everything is going to be OK”

This is quite confronting we know. This just shows how aggressive Metastatic Melanoma can be. These photos are taken a couple of years apart but the changes are obvious. Watching your Mum fade away in front of your eyes is incredibly difficult. You can be the strongest person in the world, until a disease like Melanoma takes control. Mum went through so many changes physically, not just from the Melanoma but also certain medications she was on, some would make her puffy and some would make her feel sick to the point she would struggle to eat for days/weeks at a time. This isn’t a easy image to share and there will be more that are hard to look at, but that’s the point. Our Mum suffered, our family is still suffering. Let’s get the point across. Protect yourself from the sun/UV. Don’t put yourself in this position if you can help it!
As Mum would say “Everything is going to be OK”

We are smashing it people! Link is in the bio, it can be $2, $10 or $50. Every cent counts towards fighting this disease. Amy ran a fundraiser yesterday morning in Melbourne and not only raised money, but also a great group of support from others willing to put the time and effort into helping us spread the word about Melanoma. Mum would be so proud of what you did yesterday Amz and I know she was there watching. So click on the link join the Mum’s Wish team or register for the March in your local area. Thank you again. As Mum would say “Everything is going to be OK”

Remember how we mentioned a Pharmacist named Jason! Well here he is, once Mum had the medication she needed to save her life in November 2013 she made it her mission to find Jason and thank him for taking the time to search for the drug that saved her life. Of course as you would know by now our Mum loved a good photo and of course requested one with the man himself. Mum’s reaction to the Yervoy and liver enzyme levels were some of the highest ever seen in Australia and therefore are now part of medical history and can be used to help save other lives. Jason thank you for all you did, you gave us another 3 years with our Mum.
As Mum would say “Everything is going to be OK”

It's never about where we are going but whom we are with on the road 😇🤘🏻#youjumpijump #yourunidance #youdriveising #sticktogetheralways #avetripswitzfrance2018

Amen 🙌 we hope everyone is having a beautiful Tuesday morning ✨
As Mum would say “Everything is going to be OK...”

Happy birthday, my dearest sis! @virginialauwc 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 We are like twins, think alike, talk alike and walk alike! We laugh together, cry together and fight together (sometimes)! So blessed to have you in my life!!! All I want for you is to stay happy! Love ya 💜😘🙏🏻🎉#soulmate #bestie #sticktogetheralways

True 🙌 don’t forget to slip, slop & slap today!
Pic via @melanomainstituteaustralia

Nothing like great girlfriends!! 32 years... #ccgirls#calumetcity#sticktogetheralways#gno#calcitystyle

Being strong isn’t all about big muscles and lifting heavy weights. It’s putting a smile like this on your face when every other part of your body is suffering. The writing on the wall in this photo behind Mum is the saying we put at the bottom of all our posts. Mum was in Sydney for treatment and she went into a random cafe and this sign happened to be there. It was like this sign was put there at that very moment just so Mum could have this photo taken, and to help her mind stay strong.
If you have a family member, loved one or friend going through treatment then just remind them that as much as they don’t feel strong, they are and that everything will be ok no matter what happens.
As Mum would say “Everything is going to be OK...”

Melanoma costs lives, so let’s try and change that, let’s make sure people know what to look for and then go one step further and make sure the people at places like The Melanoma Institute Australia have the means to be able to help those people suffering from this disease, by raising money for new drugs & trials to be researched. The Melanoma March is all about doing just that. So jump on and see when your city/town is running the march and get amongst it. We will be setting up a Mum’s Wish team and if anyone would like to make a donation they will be able to do so through that. Once we have set up a link we will make it accessible through the Mum’s Wish IG and FB pages.
As Mum would say “Everything is going to be OK”

So guys it’s came to the point where cutting is an addiction for me and I still believe I have the strength to beat depression I have the strength to beat my anxiety and OCD what I don’t have the strength or energy to do is tell people this isn’t for attention it’s showing people what small things can create and I’m always hear to talk, yes I have my own problems but that doesn’t mean I’m not here to listen I’m willing to keep secrets because i know how it feels to have a massive thing you’re afraid to tell and someone blows it.. but yeah any problems don’t be afraid to turn to me 🙂💪 from your fighter Shakeira 👻👊 #backoffdepression #fightingthismentalillness #wearehumans #wewillfight #sticktogetheralways 😁😁

The highs and the lows are by far the hardest adjustment on all family members dealing with a loved one who has cancer. In November of 2013 we experienced a low, but once again Mum’s strength shone through and she got through another challenge. Now comes the next crappy part of Mum’s Melanoma journey. It’s called the “waiting game” now the Yervoy has worked in shrinking mums tumours but also nearly took her life, so this means it’s ruled out for any further treatment. So now we wait, we wait for the next drug to become available or for a trial to accept mum. This is why family & friends are so important because it’s times like these when we all need that positivity from one another to help each other, but most of all Mum get through this phase.
As Mum would say “Everything is going to be OK”

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