I used to be so self conscious. It led to me having a lot of anxieties and pretty low self confidence.
Thankfully I found my online fitfam and my coach who eventually convinced me to begin coaching myself....something I absolutely refused to do to start with but after seeing all the opportunities that are available I finally caved!

Best thing I ever did. Sharing my fitness journey whilst helping other people start theirs has helped me blossom in ways I never thought I needed let alone thought possible!
It’s not that so don’t care what people think anymore, just that my journey, my why and what I’m achieving is WAY more important to me! So, I’m a friggin freight train, get on board, get out the way or get run over, I’m heading where I want to regardless!! Want to see what those opportunities are for coaches?

ok last one

Natural Pilot Mountain Turquoise!!
Swipe to see the raw rock before I turned it into this sweet heart!!
Finished just in time to get sunset pics yesterday 🍂🧡 ( GONE THANK YOU 🙏)
Not yet on Etsy so message me here for more info please!! ✌🏻
Hope y’all are enjoying your weekend -
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A beautiful day here on Exmoor today. We were lucky enough to have a close encounter with this kestrel.
He didn't seem phased by us at all.

#exmoor #exmoornationalpark #kestrel #autumn #sticksandstonescontractors #sticksandstones #landscapingandgardening

Keep smiling beautiful 💛
———— I was recently told some really hurtful and mean things that were meant to bring me down. And not going to lie it did HURT, but I know I’m better than those harsh words that were said to me. I know the words were meant to destroy my confidence, self esteem, and belittle me. But over the last few months I have come a long way with where I was. And I still have a long way to go. I am doing the best i can to NOT let those words get to me. Sometimes easier said than done.
The saying “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” is 💩
Especially when it is said by someone you wouldn’t ever want it to come from. ——-
So keep smiling and being the best I can be☺️😁
#smilebeautiful #keepsmiling #confidence #harshwords #donthurt #dontletitgettoyou #sticksandstones #wordscanbehurtful #selfesteem #behappy #justwords #smilethroughitall #beauty #shesbeautiful #stayingpositive #vibes

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