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We had so much fun at #sfpride this weekend! #loveislove🌈 #stickerstory

It does not matter what people think of you...
It's what you think of yourself that counts! Šilja šmele (:
#stickerstory #draw #goofy

Great pic in NYC by @javbxny
@Regrann from @chrisrwk - Orange you glad it's Monday.... collab sticker with @joslart on a @stickemupinc blank. Photo by the one and only @javbxny . #supportthosewhosupportyou
I fell in love with stickers when I was young. I'd always ask for quarters for the sticker machine at the grocery store. I wasn't a sports fan but I'd still buy those die cut helmet ones. Nothing like getting that cardboard sleeve out of the machine. From there I got into skateboard stickers. The detail on them was amazing. So many great designs from Powell and Peralta, tracker, Santa Cruz etc. then I started collecting punks and hardcore band stickers. I was around 12 when I started making my own. The first stickers I had printed was in 1995. They were straight edge stickers. My dads friend had a printing company but he could only do the old school business card printing. So that thick black raised ink. #robotswillkill #chrisrwk #rwk #josl #stickers #stickerstory - #regrann

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