Finished my last long run before the St George Marathon on Saturday. I didn’t bonk! It’s time to taper so did a short run this morning and hike with my wife and son in Mueller Park. The hard work is over...1.5 weeks to race! #stgeorgemarathon #tapertime #Muellerpark

Two days ago I was running in the rain on Lavallette boardwalk and loving it! Today ran into one of my favorite old teammates under the blue sky of Sacramento! Can’t wait for the winter to get here! #runlikeodette #befit #olderandstronger #marathon #ultramarathon #50k #honolulumarathon #berlinmarathon #stgeorgemarathon #hilltepeats #lavallette #lavalettenj #sacramento #runners #helenkaminski

The week before marathon race week! 🏃🏼‍♀️🙌🏻✨It starts to feel magical and nauseating at the same time! Lol 😂 But really, you’re starting to taper, you’re still hungry most of the time, you’re tired, yet you have tons of energy! All the emotions! 😴😭😁😱 .
Yesterday I had pace practice miles 2 x 2 and warmup cooldown with 6 miles total at 47:27 - 7:54 average, and today 3 easy miles at 9+ pace. So very different workouts but preparing me for a proper taper. .
My training cycle this time around started out far from perfect, but I have been feeling so good the last 2 weeks finally and I’m feeling really ready for this race! 💪🏻 #StGeorgeMarathon #MarathonRunner #Marathoner

Check out this brand new condo in Washington, UT right next to the freeway! Perfect for all your St. George tournaments and events. Go to the link in the bio for more information! #washingtonutah #stgeorgeutah #stgeorgemarathon2018 #stgeorgemarathon

A little #steroid before the #stgeorgemarathon

50 min on the bike....I don’t even know who I am anymore....I actually enjoyed it a little. Getting treatment on my leg today and at this point trying to get as healthy as possible for race day while maintaining as much fitness as I can. A huge thank you to those who are helping me out along the way!

💆🏼‍♀️ I Loved my massage today @stgeorgedayspa ❤️ I’m looking forward to my next deep tissue massage after the @st.george.marathon 🙌

#stgeorgemarathon #stgeorgerunningclub #stgeorgerunningcenter #eliterunners #stgeorge

Scenes from an 18 mi last ‘long run’ before #StGeorgeMarathon in October! For the first time I used @pickybars for recovery, @sensei_daniel_san rode a bike with me for the last 8 mi and I celebrated by buying all the amazing baking cocoa at @kingarthurflour in New Hampshire.
My legs are ready for some taper...and baking 😉

#running #StGeorgeUtah #pickybars #marathontraining #tapertime #runner #northernrailtrail #railtotrails #NewHampshire #cookiedoughpness

The hobgoblins were moving about the forest this past weekend celebrating the fall equinox on my 20.75 loop from Atwell’s Mill to Cold Springs. Or was I just delirious and seeing spirits?
#marathontraining #sequoianationalpark #targaptrail #mineralking #stgeorgemarathon #altrarunning

6x1 Mile repeats today 👊🏻!! I love a good Monday morning workout:) I really like the quote on the wall... “the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph!” Hope that works for me in 12 days 😜! #stgeorgemarathon #10miles #milerepeats #training #treadmillrunning #netflixandtreadmill

Rest days are fully celebrated over here during marathon training! 🙋🏼‍♀️ And Fall Sundays (marathon and football season) are Some of my favorite! 🍂🏃🏼‍♀️🍁🏈🎃 Sunday is always rest day for me but during marathon training I try and take that to heart! I sleep in, play with my kids, keep my steps very low, make a nice Sunday dinner 🍽 and try to get dressed nice for church and church meetings every week. .

Truth be told, I’m way more comfortable in my workout clothes, but I also love when I find a cute dress or Sunday outfit just as much! I’m finally ready to embrace the fall colors too now that it’s officially here! Loving this cute skirt/shirt combo from @downeaststyle ❤️! Do you love rest day? Hate it? I think it’s essential and necessary! I have found through 16 marathon training cycles, that taking a rest day every week on Sunday helps me reset and refocused and stay injury free. What day is your rest day and what are your best rest day tips? ⬇️ Share below! I love hearing others inputs on this because it’s so personal. Share away and save this post for future tips! Love our running community! 🏃🏼‍♀️ #RestDay #MarathonTraining #StGeorgeMarathon #Downeast #DowneastStylist #DowneastBasics #DownEastStyle #MyDownEast #HappySunday

Cloudy drizzly and windy as hell. That was yesterdays run. 12 miles and I felt great from beginning to end. Today was supposed to be an easy 4 miles in the sun but for some reason my right Achilles tendon was tightening up on me. I chose/had to walk 1.5 miles home and cut the run practically in half. I'm less than two weeks away from race day and I'm nervous and super excited at the same time. Not everything goes to plan but I find its important to listen to your body and just have fun with the good and the bad.  I will be ready for race day. 🤙🏃💯 #StGeorgeMarathon Here I come!!!

20 mile run done! And I got to see the sun peak through the clouds. Today’s run was tough, ran at Mt. Charleston and the elevation kicked my butt. But I got it done. 2 weeks to St. George marathon. Yay taper time! #motherrunner #longrunsunday #20miler #irunthisbody #instarunner #instarunners #stgeorgemarathon #runnergirl #sundayrunday #runninghills #trusttheprocess #tapertime

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