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I don't watch sugar pine 7 (I haven't gotten around to it yet) but I know they're well loved in the community. Just wanted to say that I'm glad Steven is okay and I hope whatever recovery he has goes well. Tell everyone you love that you love them. I love you all❤️ @stevensuptic #sugarpine7 #stevensuptic

the ending of today's episode really hit me, steve is feeling lonely. i wonder what's gonna happen next. in the meantime enjoy cib and steven making out @stevensuptic @notcib @yosamijo #stevensuptic #sugarpine7 #cib

Good morning everyone! I'm currently watching the second Harry Potter movie :D
#sp7 #sugarpine7 #parkergamesmc #stevensuptic

The Woods official premiere is this coming Tuesday, Oct. 24 at 7 PM.
Aero Theater, Santa Monica.
Link in bio for general tickets and VIP.
Poster by @atomicadams
#sugarpine7 #thewoods

I hope Stevens alright , send him your well wishes, that shit looks real bad, n he needs the support he can get 💞
#trevorcollins #stevensuptic #roosterteeth #achievementhunter

SUGAR PINE 7 SEASON 1 FINALE POSTER!!! (You can see the full poster on tumblr/twitter) This whole entire season has been an incredible journey. I was invested in their videos like a tv series and got updates of how SP7 progressed like vlogs. This is a beauty in the making :')! #sugarpine7 #sp7 #stevensuptic #poster

A little old now, but still amazing •

#roosterteeth #sugarpine7 #sp7 #cib #stevensuptic


i lost my voice

Some gorgeous humans

thats better
audio: june marieezy - fly
still love cow chop dgmw



-I'll send your part so don't crop the audio yourself
-tag 1-2 editors that might like to join
-choose any youtuber you like
-must be a youtuber
-No watermark apps pls
-add your own watermark
-No colouring, I'll add that
-due date it the Nov 11
-don't join if you won't hand in your part on time
-not first come first serve
-have fun !!


Part one- @eddies.mp4 //Shane Dawson
Part two- @http.trash.edits //ellieofthemills
Part three- @vitamin.2d //sssniperwolf
Part four- @b.ryce.games //bryce games
Part five- @basically.boi //markiplier
Part six- @cxnged //Sarah baska
Part seven-me //david dobrik
Part eight- @vibingclayton //liza koshy
Part nine- @fusedowl //jacksepticeye
Part ten- @smilingdobrik //thegabbieshow


please clap

OH heres some of my favorite shots from the woods trailer i meant to post these a while ago but never did so here ya go!!
ps, im drawing the 3rd picture, would yall be interested in seeing how that turns out?

source: “What do we do with the body?”

MAN sp7 is so good. i miss parker though :( — mg


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How do I tell a childhood friend/crush that I miss them and wanna regain the bond we had :(( without sounding gay lol -
#achievementhunter #roosterteeth #geofframsey #patillo #gavinfree #michaeljones #ryanhaywood #jeremydooley #trevorcollins #achieve #achievement
#sugarpine7 #stevensuptic #notcib #claytonjames #jamesdeangeliz #jamesdeangelis

im vv bored
i want this account to grow but not to the point where i wanna die because there are so many judgemental sensitive fucking people but to the point where i have a nice community who all love each other and support each other and care for each other is that too much to ask

here's the official poster I designed and created for the guys at #sugarpine7 and their horror film 'the woods'. it premieres at the aero theater in santa monica oct. 24th at 7pm. #thewoods #filmmaking #poster #design #halloween #stevensuptic #sp7

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