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LGBT Pride Photo of the Week: Lawyer Dick Ashworth marches in support of his son in the fifth annual Gay Pride Day march in New York on June 30, 1974. He later became one of the founding members of PFLAG, or Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. #LGBTPride #FredMcDarrah #StevenKasherGallery
Image: Fred McDarrah, “Gay March, Dick Ashworth, June 30, 1974,” Vintage gelatin silver print, 9 x 6 inches.

“I have always been super inspired by female artists! Growing up I was really inspired by women in bands, particularly Kim Gordon, PJ Harvey and Bjork. I got really attracted to the work of Diane Arbus in art school, I was very moved by her attachment and sensitivity to her subjects.” - @OliviaLocher in conversation with @Alexandria.Deters.Art of @GalleryGurls on how her fashion-obsessed upbringing influenced her current exhibition. “I Fought the Law” is on view until October 21st. ⠀⠀
#GalleryGurls #OliviaLocher #IFoughttheLaw #StevenKasherGallery ⠀⠀
Image: Olivia Locher, “I Fought the Law (Iowa), 2015, Archival pigment print, 8 x 10 inches⠀⠀

TONIGHT: From 6-8pm, #StevenKasherGallery will host an opening for the exhibitions, "Teju Cole: Blind Spot and Black Paper", and "Fons Iannelli: War/ Post-War". Signed copies of @_tejucole's publication, "Blind Spot," will be available for purchase. We hope to see you there!
#TejuCole #BlindSpot #FonsIannelli

Visit #StevenKasherGallery's booth at #photolondonfair17 to view #MarilynMinter works like this one entitled, "Mini Plush 28". The booth will also feature photos by @milesaldridge, @marthacoopergram, #VivianMaier, @jillfreedmanphoto, @mingsmithphoto, @gabriella_imperatori_penn, @olivialocher, @mariannarothen and #SakikoNomura!

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"Lurking somewhere between the mundane and the extraordinary is Jimmy DeSana’s world—a surreal display of the desires coursing through the veins of everyday life.
As a gay man, a photographer, an artist of the AIDS era, a lover, a son, and a friend, DeSana is as beautifully complex as his work. After he died of AIDS in 1990, DeSana left his estate to his best friend and muse, the artist Laurie Simmons. @lauriesimmons told me, “I gave myself twenty years to sort out a lifetime’s worth of breathtaking material. I also felt certain that the work would look as fresh twenty years later as it did at the time of its making.” The resurgence of DeSana’s revolutionary career could not come at a more opportune moment; his oeuvre is exemplary of new outlets for reconstituting the Pictures Generation with queer modes of vision and critique." — William J. Simmons (@wj_simmons)
This article first appeared in Aperture Issue 218, “Queer.” Read it now on Aperture.org/blog
Jimmy DeSana: Late Work is on view at @stevenkashergallery , New York, through February 18, 2017.
Image: Jimmy DeSana, "Cowboy Boots," 1984. Courtesy the Estate of Jimmy DeSana and Salon 94, New York

We are excited to debut the newest series by @milesaldridge, (After Cattelan). Inspired by a visit to Maurizio Cattelan’s exhibition “Not Afraid of Love” at La Monnaie de Paris, Aldridge collaborated with the famed Italian artist to create this series of classical and DaDa-inspired photographs of models intervening with Cattelan’s sculptures. The photographs were created over the series of one night, taken on site in La Monnaie. 📷 Miles Aldridge (After Cattelan) #4, 2016

Photo London 2017 | 18-21 May | Somerset House

#MilesAldridge #MaurizioCattelan #stevenkashergallery #photolondonfair17

This is the last week to see "Jimmy DeSana: Late Work"! This exhibition contains 30 rare Cibachrome prints from 1985. This set of “lost” prints has never before been on view to the public and is being presented at a time when interest in DeSana is at a renewed high. Art and photography from the early 1980s is being critically revisited in recent exhibitions at major museums and galleries. There is a special interest now in queer artists and the legacy of a generation destroyed by AIDS. Jimmy DeSana is an essential figure in this evolving canon. This exhibition is mounted in cooperation with @Salon94 and the @JimmyDeSana Trust.

@FinancialTimes discusses how ”Fons Iannelli: War/Post War” juxtaposes orderly naval photos with the grimy snapshots of family life post-war. Read the full article now, link in bio. Exhibition on view through August 11th.
#FonsIannelli #WarPhotography #FinancialTimes #StevenKasherGallery
Image: Fons Iannelli, “Jim with His Baby, Harlan County, KY, 1946” Vintage gelatin silver print, 14 x 11 inches.

"Jimmy DeSana: Late Work" is on view until February 18th. These photographs were chosen by DeSana in 1985 for a collector as representative of his most recent work of that time. They present an artistic interpretation of his feelings towards the AIDS epidemic and his own struggle with the illness. DeSana’s goal with this body of work was to create an experience for the viewer that recalled his own emotional ups and downs. “If I could do a show that confused people so much, that was so ambiguous that they didn’t know what to think, but they felt sort of sickened by it and also entertained, then for me that would be the moment that we’re going through right now.”


Spot the Fake No. 1
@milesaldridge, 2006

"I had to see what was happening, to record it and be a part of it, I felt so bad. Besides, it sounded too good to miss….” Happy birthday, @JillFreedman! One of the greatest street and documentary photographers of her generation, Freedman boasts a now five-decade career and seven books. “Jill Freedman: Resurrection City, 1968” will open at Steven Kasher Gallery on October 26th and features over 70 of Freedman’s photographs of the protest camp built on Washington Mall.
#JillFreedman #ResurrectionCity #StevenKasherGallery
Image: Jill Freedman, “Resurrection City, Poor People's Campaign, Washington D.C.,” 1968, Vintage gelatin silver print, 14 x 11 inches.

“And despite its political and cultural criticism, I Fought the Law is still a deeply personal art project. It provides a window into the thought processes of the artist and mirrors her internal world as art aesthetic. This notion gives it a multi-layered appeal and establishes it as a body of work worthy of critical dialog and academic analysis.” – Adam Lehrer and @BullettMagazine on @OliviaLocher’s project I Fought the Law. Only four more days to view I Fought the Law at Steven Kasher Gallery.
#OliviaLocher #BULLETTMagazine #IFoughtTheLaw #StevenKasherGallery
Image: Olivia Locher, “I Fought the Law (Virginia),” 2015, Archival pigment print, 20 x 16 inches.

"What can and can’t be photographed on the base is highly controlled. When shooting film, she had to develop the work on base, under control of military censors. Working within those confines, Cornwall’s work focuses on life and the every day elements at Gitmo—for US military personnel and, as much as possible, for detainees." - Mark Murrmann of Mother Jones on @DebiCornwall's Welcome to Camp America: Inside Guantánamo Bay. Camp America will be on exhibition at Steven Kasher Gallery from October 26th to December 22nd.
#MotherJones #DebiCornwall #WelcometoCampAmerica #StevenKasherGallery
Image: Debi Cornwall, "Hussein, Yemeni, at Midday Prayer, Slovakia, 2015, Held: 12 years, 6 months, 11 days, Cleared: Jan. 12, 2009, Transferred to Slovakia: Nov. 20, 2014, Charges: never filled," Chromogenic print, 32 x 26 inches.

“Marianna occupies these pictures like an unspoken kindness, the company and comfort we keep when we are alone and frightened of this world, and wherever she may be here, in the frame or behind the camera, she is never quite grounded or solid but hovering, ethereal and translucent, as much feeling as fact.”- Carlo McCormick’s introduction to @MariannaRothen’s book, Shadows in Paradise, on sale now. The book follows the stories of the characters introduced in her 2014 book, Snow and Rose & Other Tales, as they navigate what it means to be a woman in a world where men are no longer are allowed but still linger. Be sure to stop by and pick up a copy at 50% off. ⠀
#MariannaRothen #ShadowsinParadise #StevenKasherGallery
Image: Marianna Rothen, “She (from the series Shadows in Paradise),” 2016, Archival pigment print, 17 x 17 inches⠀

Among this weekend's #gallery hopping, @olivialocher's #ifoughtthelaw @stevenkashergallery, her #photographs of people breaking #obscure #laws from each state. You can't #picnic in a #graveyard in #georgia, perm a child's hair without a license in #nebraska, or serve #wine in #teacups in #kansas. See if through October 21! #art #photography #youngwomeninthearts #legal #olivialocher #stevenkashergallery

“The offerings are made with precision and flair; pigs belly and fat for decoration, fanciful towers, and funeral sarcophagi. That is what originally attracted me to Balinese art... Since perfection cannot last, you make something beautiful just for the moment, then throw it away and make something else.” - @JillFreedmanPhoto speaks with @ClassicBadJournalism and @Vice on her trip to Bali in the 90s. More of Freedman’s documentary work will be featured in her solo show, “Resurrection City” opening at our gallery on October 26th. ⠀
#JillFreedman #Vice #StevenKasherGallery
Image: Jill Freedman, “Husband and wife Nyoman and Nyoman Wirata take an afternoon nap,” Archival pigment print.

ONE WEEK: There is one week left to see “Leonard Freed: Six Stories” at Steven Kasher Gallery. The more than 75 photographs on view span Freed’s career with images from six of his most personal stories including the Hasidics of Brooklyn, Harlem, Black in White America, Israel, Italy, and Germany. The show will be open through October 21st. ⠀
#LeonardFreed #SixStories #StevenKasherGallery
Image: Leonard Freed, “Children's Camp for Poor City Children, New York, New York,” 1963, Vintage gelatin silver print

Our #TGIF photo this week is courtesy of @MariannaRothen!
#MariannaRothen #FridayFeeling #StevenKasherGallery
Image: Marianna Rothen, “Untitled #2 (from the series In Despair)”, 2011, Archival pigment print, 17 x 17 inches⠀

“Last night I followed a group of protesters in New York City who were lifting their voices in solidarity with the voices in Baltimore. The whole march felt like a set up. One moment protestors were allowed to march freely down the street, then without warning they were cornered and arrested for marching in the same streets for disturbing traffic. It was more a show of ego on the part of the officers, who basically wanted to show who the streets really belong to.” - @RuddyRoye on the making of this image. ⠀
#RuddyRoye #StevenKasherGallery
Image: Ruddy Roye, “When Living is a Protest, West Side Highway, New York, NY,” May 1, 2015, Archival pigment print on metallic paper, 35 x 35 inches.⠀

This week’s #TBT comes from Kishin Shinoyama whose work was featured in our Three Masters of Erotic Photography show. Shinoyama’s work, Santa Fe, was influential in lifting the pubic hair ban in print media and remains Japan’s top-selling photo book of all time.
#KishinShinoyama #StevenKasherGallery
Image: Kishin Shinoyama, “Untitled (from the Twin series),” 1969, Vintage gelatin silver print, 9 x 12 inches ⠀

👉🏽 @ft_weekend - Snapshot: War/PostWar by Fons Iannelli

The people in Iannelli’s photographs are not only #suburban families but impoverished coal #miners, caught dirt-faced, or mid-mouthful, squinting, scowling or wiping their noses.

In the exhibition #War/PostWar, the sweet and untidy #intimacy of these #domestic shots #contrasts with the gleaming, ordered #aeroplanes and lines of soldiers in his earlier military photography. One of these Americas, he seems to say, paid for the other. #historyporn #familymatters

Fons Iannelli: War/PostWar is at the #StevenKasherGallery in New York until August 11. #nyc

#Boy #Smoking #Cigarette' (#1946), by Fons Iannelli © #FonsIannelli

“The subjects of my portraits from the 1980s were writers and artists, friends illumined by their personal style. Hoping to catch some flash of that style, I visited them at their homes, only to find myself on a blind date with a problem called available light. How to keep those sensitive figures from receding into shadow, yet retain enough of its depth to dramatize their presence? My portraits had to sustain themselves, as much through their pictorial responsibilities as by their depiction of faces.” - Max Kozloff speaking about his work featured in our 2015 show Max Kozloff: The Music of Faces ⠀
#MaxKozloff #TheMusicofFaces #StevenKasherGallery
Image: Max Kozloff, “Mary Frank,” 1980, C-Print, 16 x 20 inches. ⠀

OPENING TODAY: @StephenShames’s first European exhibition opens today at @MaisonPhoto. This exhibition features original prints and archival materials of the everyday lives of the Black Panthers part of the radical black liberation movement that Shames’ close relationship with Bobby Seale gave him access as the group’s “unofficial photographer”. The show runs through January 4th. ⠀
#MaisondelaPhotographie #StephenShames #StevenKasherGallery

Image: Stephen Shames, “Poncho at Sixteen, Bronx, New York,” 1991,Vintage gelatin silver, 14 x 11 inches ⠀

I kept it PG-13... sorta.
#1 #StevenKasherGallery #OliviaLocher #GALlery

“The crushing force of time is before my eyes, and I myself try to keep pressing the shutter release of the camera. In this inevitable race between the two of us, I feel I am going to be burnt up.” Happy Birthday, Daido Moriyama! One of Japan’s most renowned photographers of Tokyo street life, Moriyama’s catalog features over 150 books of his photographs that capture the beauty and sadness of everyday life. ⠀
#DaidoMoriyama #StevenKasherGallery
Image: Daido Moriyama “Maryfly,” 1972, Gelatin silver print,15 x 22 inches

Opening October 26th, @stevenkashergallery is showing the works of Jill Freedman: Resurrection City 1968.

We are honored to have been a part of this exhibition, printing some of the over 70 black and white silver gelatin images being featured in the gallery show.

#chelseaphotographic #chelseaphoto #nycdarkroom #chelseaphotographicservices
#stevenkashergallery #silvergelatin #nycexhibition #blackandwhitephotography #istillshootfilm #nycartist #civilrights #jillfreedman #documentaryphotography

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