Always imitated but, never duplicated lmaooooo

Look at this I’m looking alpha af
hitting the gym now (work)
Tonight I will get my diamond back!
Will be live around 12-12:30 CET under: twitch.tv/ryder_ow

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Here's a myth buster to the most common one of all time !
Egg yolks !
Are they good ?
Arey they bad?
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The Top 6 of the Men’s Open Bodybuilding @bevsgym New York Pro:
1. @nathandeasha
2. @juandieselmorel
3. @justinlrifbb
4. @ifbbprojoshwade
5. @ifbbjondelarosa
6. @rafabrandaopro
SWIPE to see all 6 and most importantly the Official Scorecard!
The scorecard shows what I knew to be true from my 2nd row seat; this was an EXTREMELY close show!! Places 1st and 2nd were separated by 2 points and Juan was actually scored better than Nathan at the night show. I actually saw Prejudging the same. As the day show went on I watched as Juan became sharper and sharper. It was a pretty cool thing to witness. I had him ahead after Prejudging based on conditioning. Don’t get me wrong! Nathan was amazing!! I thought the show was close and I am not here saying the judges were wrong. I’m just saying I had it close, but in Juan’s favor. Nathan does have a more balanced physique, at least in front poses....his quad sweep is impressive and I think it’s an area where he beats Juan. But Juan’s legs looked better from both the side and the back. This was in part due to his conditioning. His separation from the side with the quad, hamstring and glute tie-ins is very impressive. His Back Double Biceps pose is also remarkable. However, Nathan’s fullness throughout his physique is quite impactful!! If his conditioning had been a touch better (it WAS NOT BAD) he would have been even more remarkable. I suspect we will see just that in California next week when I predict he will pick up another victory. I also predict a Top 5 or 6 finish for him at the Olympia this year.
Justin was excellent! I thought he was better at the night show, but he was impressive throughout! He will pick up a win at some point this year as well, I’m sure.
Jon was incredibly thick and massive! He has a ton of muscle and is very balanced. Conditioning was a slight issue at the day show and at the night show his oil was not good. It hurt, and he slipped to 5th at night behind Josh. I am 100% positive we will see the best Jon DeLaRosa later this season. He has the goods!
Rafael...what can I say other than WOW! What a beautiful shape! Just stunning!
More on each later...

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