YES. I have type one diabetes. NO. I do not care if you say I’m not supposed to have sugar. I call this balance. No different than the average joe who shouldn’t consume loads of sugar and should moderate amount of sweets. BALANCE. That hits the spot in my soul and also blood sugars. Plus, it’s Friday and these açaí bowls at Costco get me almost every time 🙌🏼
Does anyone else pronounce açaí wrong?!?! Everyone laughs each time I order anything with it because apparently I’m saying it wrong 🤦🏼‍♀️ tell me I’m not alone!

Busting gender myths in theory and practice. Can’t we just eradicate binary gender roles already? They’re a burden to people of all genders. 😴 The data defies the ‘cat fight’ stereotype as does my experience with other women. I’m surrounded by supportive, generous folks of all genders and I’m so thankful for my circle. They cheer when I’m on top and extend support when I’m not.
These are just a few of the supportive cats in my circle (check them out!): @1marlastewart
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This is such an important topic. POC, it is okay to feel and openly express the wide range of human emotions. Wow. I remember when I used to get shamed for getting (rightfully- don’t ever let anyone tell you your emotions aren’t real nor justified) upset, angry, or sad and be humiliated for it. Shamed because I was always “positive” and “spiritual” and now I don’t know how to “handle” my emotions because I openly express them. Shamed because I didn’t have a right to scream and cry and literally break down because well, I remember I just had a baby and found out the father was seeing other women . Shamed because I fell to the ground crying that I couldn’t do it alone and that we wouldn’t make it after receiving the news that the father would be leaving us 3 in a foreign country- just after I had given birth with no family or kind of support system but me- leaving because he was called to a different path. 2 kids under 2, 3 days before the departure, I received the news. I remember all the times I got recorded or was threatened to being recorded on the phone in my most MOST vulnerable times. I remember him pulling out his phone as I curled up in a ball on the floor forcing me to get it together as if I didn’t just experience real trauma, as if I can’t experience, feel and go through sadness, anger, betrayal. It was the most sad and embarrassing thing someone could do. How do you record someone after you blatantly hurt, abused, and betrayed them and then record their reactions to make them look like their crazy? As if all those emotion came out of thin air? As a black woman, and a normally positive one at that, please know you can STILL be positive and feel and express your emotions when they arise. It is HEALTHY. I am with my hand to my heart so sorry for those who feel you can not openly express your emotions out of fear of judgement. I know how it feels. I know how it feels to be set up, I know how it feels for only one person to be recorded (at the end of it all) & the other made look like a saint. I know Narcissism. I know blackmail. I know gossip based off of false acquisitions. Just know the most healthy thing you can do ⬇️

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Ok. So this is going to be personal, but I’ll try to keep it short.
As a Asian male, in the western culture, we are often not perceived being “hot, handsome, sexy”.
We have softer faces, we are less bulky and some of us don’t even grow beards. Lol
That’s just how it is. Many of us, still (intentionally or accidentally) fall into the category of being “geeky, weird, incommunicative.”
And even tho I am NOT a spokesmen for all of us, I want to shine a light on the fact that we, and I, are way more than that.
Yes I am also into sports, poetry, street art, other cultures and exchanging thoughts.
And yes I can also be charming, maybe even seductive if I tried.
But fact is, we gotta break the bubble and the stereotypes.
And me personally, I am not the type of guy to be “LOOK AT ME. I AM AMAZING.”
I know I am. Facts.
Just up to you if you want to experience it. If yes, you’re welcome.
If no, I won’t be mad, cause I am not putting myself out there.
But fact is, being “not desirable” also gets to a men’s self-consciousness and pride.
Everybody has a moment of insecurity.
It’s just a matter of effort to get over it, and show the world, that we out here.
We ready and y’all should be ready too, to be surprised.

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Stereotypical white girl pose?
Been practicing for hours and I can’t feel my fingers 😅🤷‍♀️ .
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Makin day sauseeeegee just like-a mamma used to make #stereotypes

Upside down.
Alpaca are for more than cosy sweaters.
Fragrant saffron pulao and mushrooms top Alpaca keema slow cooked with seventeen whole spices and herbs.

Alpaca meat is lean protein, iron rich, somewhat sweet and way lower in cholestrol than chicken. It tastes almost similar to elk which we also serve on our seasonal menus along with bison, antelope, venison, goat, duck, rabbit , black hog, quail and more. Alpaca is a very versatile meat to cook with and its production has 25% less impact on the environment than beef. Our Indian kitchen has never been limited in the products we use though the focus is always seasonal . Game meat has been a part of Indian cuisine as far back as 500 BCE and is not a recent introduction to the Indian food culture or a fad. Contrary to stereotypes most Indians are not vegetarians and do consume meat.
We have consistently been introducing our guests to a wider culinary universe for the last three decades. At our restaurant we do serve the most succulent tandoori lamb chops, roganjosh and chicken curries usually associated with Indian food while introducing alternate proteins and products. The cuisine at our California restaurant is authentically Indian with no “con”fusion as are the techniques employed (traditional charcoal fired clay oven) and Ayurveda based spices in our kitchen. We rely on our organic gardens for seasonal fruits, herbs and chilies supplemented by seasonal Californian bounty from small farms, ranchers and producers. We believe that creative expansion and experimentation are necessary for the progression of any cuisine or culture. We are preserving traditions while modernizing and working towards changing the existing outmoded perception of Indian cuisine.

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They say Italians have a passion for life…
Love red wine, dress like they’re going to a fashion show, and have a melodious accent…
¾ of the stereotypes are true!
Maybe that’s why we love you Roberto 🤷‍♂️
Glad we got to link up on your visit from Milan!
Good luck with your interview in Scottsdale 🤙

So we tried something new when invited back to #MentorCollege to talk to the whole school (700 kids)! @jeffperara & I co-presented about #gender #equity #stereotypes #diversity #masculinity #womeninSTEM in a conversational style we call “Courageous Conversations” Modeling respectful dialogue between people of different backgrounds and experiences - trying to understand how to be allies, champions, changemakers. Heard remarkable stories from students trying to do all these things but still experiencing the systemic bias, prejudice, barriers and pushback from other students, teachers, parents, that exist In all educational institutions and workplaces.
Great experiment that Jeff and I hope to repeat - men and women, people of all colours, talking #equity #diversity #inclusion

Myth busted! #stereotypes #mythbusted

Aren’t #stereotypes wonderful?

Who says students can’t throw paper wads in class? Not this teacher! This week my classes have looked at stereotypes in The Kite Runner and were challenged to think about the stereotypes they believe about others. They wrote them down anonymously, threw them across the room, and they shared each other’s. Not a single person was untouched by the stereotypes shared in our room. We decided to do something about it. Students made PSAs to break stereotypes on Fligrid. They rose to the challenge and did a great job! Step by step, we are working to do better and be better people! #charactereducation #breakstereotypes #pushback #stereotypes

It's terrible that even in 20gayteen there are people thinking like that. But there was so much improvement the last year's and it will become better!💙💖⚪💖💙🌈
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