I love how open and honest our Isafamily is.
Coral keeps it real! Congratulations momma! ❤️ “Ok I’m about to get real real here. Day one of my first isabody vs today.
I remember when that first picture was taken, I was a new-ish mom with two littles. I felt like I had lost myself. I was so happy being a mom, but so lost in every other aspect of my life. I had left a career I loved, I barely ran because I had no energy, and I ate alllll the cookies because shoving those down my gullet 1)tasted delicious but 2) made me feel better.
Kyle had been using Isagenix to drop the Dad weight he put on, but me being a nutritionist was too skeptical to even look into them. It wasn’t until after taking them to my nutrition professors to get their opinion did I try it for myself.

It took me another three years, a third baby, and quitting 5 isabody challenges before I finally was in the right headspace to believe in myself and actually start using the products the way they were intended.
I am so thankful I did. I finally have my confidence back! I no longer compare myself to who I was before kids and everyone else around me. When I wake up in the morning the first thing I think of isn’t a nap! And I’m PROUD to say I’m no longer addicted to subway cookies!

So if you’re like me, feeling like you’ve completely lost yourself, please have the courage to believe in yourself!” If you are ready to make a change, lets chat!
You can open up your own holistic grocery store account for FREE now thru Sunday, August 19!
And as always— a 100% money back guarantee. #nobrainer .

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Flying in last night the sky was just amazing. I use to be afraid to even look out of the window on plane. But now I find great curiosity in watching. Be curious about the things that your afraid of push yourself a little beyond your limitations. Before you know it your fear will be gone and only curiosity will remain.
#creativeyogaminds ..
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This quote hold so much meaning! It could be anything you are doubting and if you don’t go out of your comfort zone you will not see any change. •

I recently joined this workout program and I went back and forth with it for a month. I finally decided to jump in and give it my all and if it’s not right for me by the end of this program then I can find something else but if I try my best then that’s all I can do! •

It took a lot for me to do this but I am so excited to push myself for the next 21 days and hopefully see some results! •

#makingchanges #fitness #futurenurse #futurern #rn #bsn #comfortzone #stepoutofthebox

Great few days in the Lab with the Bruddas @jeremytyler4 & @nikolasskouen during @nbasummerleague .
A lot of screen & roll/pop, rescreen, hand off action, footwork, coordination and more... 'Bigs' should work with guards because It's outside of your comfort zone that you grow the most .
Elite facility @athleticgaines
Elite Trainer @devronjohnson_

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The ‘I wanna f*k you’ Exotic HipHop Squad! Nothin to see here...Just some thugs lookin fly😎🦄 #exotichiphop #yxefitness #saskatoonpoleanddancestudio #convict #stepoutofthebox #cwalkhomie #snoopdeeohdoublegee #lovewhatido ***NEXT WEEK*** By Request:
Black Skinhead by Kanye West!! Shit just got real 🤘🏼🖤

Day 57/100 of my 100 day Project. How many of you stay in the safety of what and where you know. I am totally guilty for that! Baby steps everyone! #100dayproject #selfworth #meditation #ritual #mixedmedia #artwithpurpose #mentalhealth #gratitude #freedom #breathe #bekindtoyourself #stepoutofthebox

I subscribed to something this weekend that has taken me out of my comfort zone. I recognize that it essential to personal growth but it is a challenge for me to leave my safe place. As I sit here, alone, at a table for two, surrounded by large groups, it can be intimidating sitting by oneself. I’ve become more comfortable in these settings and although I have these moments of weird self doubt from being alone, sometimes I get looped into a fictional narrative that can lead me to a hole - I have now learned to step over while acknowledging as I do. Today, I sit comfortably, in my own skin, unapologetically me, eating a fat ass burger with likely mustard on my face and lettuce in my lap. Today’s confidence wouldn’t have existed had I not made a internal pact to always say yes to new opportunity, to step out of my comfort zone and recognize my value. You don’t need someone else’s validation to feel like you belong. You don’t need to walk within a certain circle to fit in. You can run your own race, at your own pace and will be rewarded for being you. Continue to step outside your safe place and you will always find yourself stepping into new opportunity. Whether you are hesitating on creating a blog, have a post in your notes that you are too scared to post or a video of you singing. Whatever it is, opportunity opens when YOU believe in YOU. There was a time I would post something like this, throw my phone to the side and walk away scared to see if it got likes or people had good things to say. Today, I can’t wait to share my words hoping that one person takes that step while believing in themselves. ✌️
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Happy Friday delicious people! 🌈❤️🌸☀️🥑 #fridayvibes #doyou #stepoutofthebox #youdecide #goalz #healthcoach #getuncomfortable

Even #weeds can make a beautiful centerpiece if you can #stepoutofthebox !

Aunty Toni- a life-long Democrat who voted Republican for the very first time on this years absentee ballot. With a simple "I Like her and I so want her to win" response, it reaffirmed to her Ohana that she wants and believe change is in store. And Andria is the person who she feels will bring it. She was so eager to sign wave today! Mahalo Aunty Toni for believing in Andria!❤ #StepOutOfTheBox #VoteTupola #FollowAuntyToni

Good morning friends! Many of you have been asking about the book and when it will be available! We are working hard and ironing out some details so stay tuned for that info!! In the meantime we are so grateful for your input and ideas and we would love for you to vote on your favorite! Comment below with a number 👇🏼#dianasumptersparkle #stepoutofthebox #bossbabes #firstbook #thursdayvibes

DAY 2..Breakfast Foods. Some pretty wild 😜 tie dyed pop tarts...what’s your preference Nutella or Strawberry?
. .
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Christian was killin it today and you know I had to try it!!😆So I cant use the ball yet I used the trx to get the movement down. I did this at the end of my chest and tricep workout 😝so I was only able to do 3at a time next time I’m doing them first and with the ball #challengeyourself #pushyourself #noexcuses #corestrength #balance #stepoutofthebox #tryit #killinit #shoulders #abs #back #stability #trx #balanceball #fitfam @fivestarfitnessandwellness @_racedesert_x13_ @brown_carisa 💪💪#motivation

Here’s your Tuesday reminder to keep going! 💃🏻💋#Dianasumptersparkle #bossbabes #stepoutofthebox #lunchandlearn #tuesdaymotivation

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