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So today was a great day I got to have dinner with My daughter Eliza's new step mom for the first time and to just get to know each other better. I can't say we've had a great relationship from the start but we have all grown and handled things well when it has came to Eliza. Thankful that my daughter has so many people that love her so much 🙏🏽. This is a start to a new long lasting friendship for me and Gabriela. So very grateful that God has brought all of us together and now we can all move forward to provide a better life for our daughter. 💕

This is how we prefer to take family photos... 😆
Because being yourself is being real! 💛 #MyFamily #LoveThem #Silly #FrameWorthy #ParkerBump @jbryant_realtor ------------------------------
#PhotoCredit : @shellylynphotography 🌻

It’s a strange thing to find oneself called “mother” when one has lived decades child-free not just by choice but by design. Biologically, I am no mother, having no uterus, having never given birth, having never even been pregnant. Moreover, I’ve never wanted a mother identity. It was less of a “choice” and more of an “orientation."
And yet, in my decades as a school teacher, and now a couple years into living with children, MOTHERING DOES OCCUR.

I am deeply confounded and confused by this turn of events. I have no idea what I am doing. It takes a tremendous amount of energy and labor (emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical) to navigate the complexities not just of parenting, but parenting someone else’s children. Unless you’ve lived the stepmom life, you have no fucking idea.

Not to mention parenting someone else’s children in the midst of widespread climate fuckery + ecocide, end-stage capitalism, the rise of fascism and the collapse of empire. NBD.

I mean, this shit is no joke.

But if you watch my stories on Instagram it’s also funny as hell.


It has certainly forced me to ask myself: What is being called of me? How can I show up more fully? What medicine can I bring into these relationships, and into this often maligned, erased, diminished and unspoken form of Mothering?

These questions and more I will grapple with as part of the @wildsoulwellness three-month virtual conversation series WILD MOTHER, which begins August. 22nd. Assuming we all survive the eclipse, omg. >>> bit.ly/wildmother <<< or click the link in my profile.

#Stepmom 😘

Never knew I could love a child I never gave birth to like this.. #mybigbby #stepmom #stepdaughter

#Prettyricky playing wit his #stepmom #Applebottom 😂🤙🏽😂🤙🏽😂

"You mean - I can hike whenever I want??"
📚I'm about to go into my second school year of NOT teaching. How surreal.
💓But do you know that feeling when you're pouring your life into something that leaves your heart anxious & unsettled, wanting?
😰Do you know that feeling of panic when the alarm clock goes off, even after job nightmares had robbed you of much sleep?
🙏🏼Do you know what it's like to have a "great" or "noble" career, but somehow you still cannot imagine another 30+ years doing it?
💁🏼Ugh. That was all SO me. 🏃🏼‍♀️I didn't know I could do something I LOVE and make a career out of it by working completely on my own schedule. I just didn't know these things existed. 💃🏼Get in better shape. Share about it. Help others. Make an income. Sounds like a scam, right? I thought so, too. (Spoiler alert: I was wrong.)
Maybe you want to work toward quitting a job you're not satisfied with, or maybe you just need some date night money.💏
🌟Whatever it is, you can do what I do. In fact, why NOT you?
Comment below if you'd like some more info! Literally, be a fly on the wall & gather all the info to make your informed decision! 😘
See you there, you crazy amazing human!


I love to see peoples reaction when I tell them that my ex-husbands new wife and I get along great. Not only do we get along but my husband and my ex get along. We have come to a silent agreement that as long as she is good to my daughters I will love and respect her. Doesn't matter how we became friends what matters is that we will share many milestones together. #stepmom #stepmother

🎶Making banana pancakes. Pretend like it's the weekend. 🎶

Best dinner ever!!!! And now to settle in for some family time, watching a little BIP to make us feel less crazy and more entertained.
Oh and if you want the recipe to these super easy pancakes, throw me a 💛 in the comments.

Your smile brightens my day baby boy, I love you to the moon and back.

Fathead dough, roast pork, provalone, and lettuce. Damn that's a great sandwich! #ketolife

This is a video Jack made of our day so far today!! Such a great clip he made! ❤️☀️💦🏖
#lakechelan #parasailing #seadoo #wateractivities #familyvacation #summer #familytime #stepson #stepmom #lovehim #gopro

So much fun taking Jack out on his first Sea-Doo ride! Hearing him laugh and scream as we hit top speed over the wakes from the other boats was my favorite and I’ll always cherish this memory! .
#lakechelan #seedoo #watersports #familyvacation #summertime #lovehim #stepson #stepmom

Decided to have a fun little photo shoot because this deserves a celebration! Chopped off over 4 inches off my hair (shortest it's been in SEVEN YEARS) and I absolutely friggen love it! Feels so light and airy and healthy 💇 .
#haircut #shorthair #instahair #lovemyhaircut #momcut #stepmom #wife #helovesittoo #4inchesoff #wholenewperson #wholenewworld #feelingbeautiful

#ThrowbackThursday do filme Lado a Lado com Julia Roberts, Susan Sarandon, Jena Malone e Ed Harris #FicaADica 😉
Uma jovem de doze anos (Jena Malone) e um garoto de sete (Liam Aiken), filhos de pais separados, não aceitam a nova namorada de seu pai (Ed Harris), uma bela e renomada fotógrafa (Julia Roberts). O garoto ainda tolera a situação, mas a adolescente não se conforma com a separação e com fato de seu pai e a namorada viverem juntos, pois isto significa que as chances de reconciliação de seus pais se tornam quase nulas. Por sua vez, a mãe das crianças (Susan Sarandon) ainda alimenta esta briga, fazendo o gênero "mãe perfeita". A fotógrafa faz de tudo para agradar as crianças, chegando ao ponto de dar tanta atenção aos enteados que acaba perdendo o emprego, pois deixou de ser a profissional competente que era. Até que uma notícia inesperada muda completamente a relação entre os familiares.
#Filmes #Movies #LadoALado #Stepmom #JuliaRoberts #SusanSarandon #JenaMalone #EdHarris #ConteúdoDoSeriador #ViciadosEmFilmes #TBT #Dica

Guess who was asked last night to give the toast at Mark and Michelle's wedding? 😮😍❤️
I was stunned and thought. Wow that's ...well...I'm so deeply touched and that's....well that feels really important. #gulp
Me? No one has ever ever asked ME to give a toast at their wedding.
This is what I like the most about life. There is always some new amazing thing I have never experienced before. Never been asked to do before. Never seen, tasted, felt or been touched by before....I'm so excited about this. ❤️ #toast #tothebrideandgroom #love #whattocreate #newexperiemce #celebrate #lovers #friends #partnership #lifejourney #deeplytouched #mahalo #mom #momma #mommy #momlife #stepmom #dad #dadlife #stepdad #humans #people #hawaiiweddings

😄 Being goofy at the vet 🐶

#kiddotime #stepmom #goofy #kids❤️

we get to find out if he having a baby brother or baby sister in about a week. super excited 😍 #keepwatching #sinceucantstayaway #babyboy #babygirl #bigbrother #stepson #stepmom #makingmyown

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