GIRLS-RULE * So honored to be a featured speaker at the 5th Annual S.T.E.P. Into Your Future Girls Day Conference, hosted by Dr. Shana Lewis’ @her_voice_dv organization. So excited!

Nothing more powerful than souls stepping into their future 🌊🧠🤰💏🌎 #tribe
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☀️ Summer is here! We are building community and strengthening our relationships! Swipe 👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽 and see what we got going this Summer! #StepIntoYourFuture

The richest place on earth has got to be the cemetery. There lay So many dreams and aspirations left unrealized. Make your dreams and aspirations a reality. Don’t be content to have bad credit and live paycheck to paycheck. It doesn’t have to be that way and All it requires is for you to take that first step and watch your life change for the better. —Contact us for more Info—

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Girl you got potential
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Its so fantastically perfect that this card appears today. I have just done a workshop on Empowering Relationships with Shanti Mission that focuses on recognizing and clearing old emotional wounds and the feelings, emotions and thought forms we create from these emotional wounds. And have been working hard on this process myself.
Old negative emotional wounds sit within our base chakra and vibrate there at a low frequency. And our energy will continue to draw to us that same vibration until we actually deal with it, release it and heal it. It can be scary to face some of the feelings we keep locked away in the dark and most of the time we find it easier to suppress them - back into the basement. But this is doing no good to us at all. Only through knowledging and accepting these emotions can we experience healing and be liberated. Healing past wounds helps us to grow and expand and move forward into our future with ease and grace. We break the patterns that have been holding us back and playing on repeat and move forward courageously and with love and gratitude in our heart. Don't sit and dwell on the past. Release old negative thought patterns, thought forms and emotions from your mind, body and energy bodies and step into your future with strength and clarity. Releasing old unwanted energy from this enables our body to change its vibration and frequency to a positive, higher one - and then that is what we will draw in and create!
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Whether you are 15 or 55 - your future is waiting. Your dreams are still there to be reached, your voice still needs to be heard. Shake off the complacency, the self-doubt, the fear and step into your future. You owe it to you and you owe it to those whose lives you will impact. <3 Cat x #catcoluccio #stepintoyourfuture #yourfutureiswaiting

👨🏻‍🎓Congrats to our Graduates! We pray that God will bless you in this next step in your life! #StepIntoYourfuture #CongratsGrad

My wife @briannajcota and @captainbiblecollege brought that 🔥THIS PAST SUNDAY! #CRTVCHURCH #Repost @graceocchurch ・・・
🗣God created YOU with meaning! #StepIntoYourFuture
🎧 You can hear Sunday’s message by clicking the link in our bio!

🗣God created YOU with meaning! #StepIntoYourFuture
🎧 You can hear Sunday’s message by clicking the link in our bio!

🛋We got a seat with YOUR NAME ON IT!
🕘 We have services at 9 & 11 am!
🚪🚶🏻‍♂️ #StepIntoYourFuture

🔥 We believe God gifted YOU with certain abilities that through Him you could use them to make an impact in this 🌎#StepIntoYourFuture
✌🏽Hang out with us tomorrow at 9 & 11 am

What’s your #TrueNorth? Don’t get stuck in a job that’s not for you. If you feel like you need a change, make it! Don’t be afraid. The only thing in life that’s constant is chance. #StepintoyourFuture

Big trip to Boston coming up this fall.
TheoryU is leading edge in facilitating deep change in social and economical systems.
Imagine integrating a balance of eastern and western philosophy together as one.
Tapping in to global leadership on this one ☝️ and can’t wait.
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🙌🏽🎤 Let’s Worship Jesus together this Sunday!
🎧 You can listen to this Sunday’s set list by clicking the link in our bio.
❓Which one are you excited to sing?

If you can’t make it to our Night of Prayer & Worship you can stream it LIVE on our Facebook Page, the Link is in our Bio! Starts at 7pm ✌🏽🙏🏽#StepIntoYourFuture

God created you in His image! Don’t be defined by anything else other than being His child. #StepIntoYourFuture 🚪🚶🏻‍♂️
🎧 Listen to the whole message by clicking the link in the bio!

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