I’ve collaborated with @toofaced to celebrate the launch of their beautiful “It Just Comes Naturally” collection by creating some Faux freckles & by gifting some goodies !! -
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"BADDEST Jawn(S) OF THE WEEK!" Slide to the left: ( @t0nniii , @stephmi , @maddymorebuckss , @brianapalacioss , @realdrekagates & @dreezydreezy ) Females send your baddest photos to email (wordofmouthbrand@gmail.com). Whatever photo gets the most votes (by comment(s) will win a giftcard to a local business; Wawa, McDonald's, Dunkin Donuts, Subway, etc. If you see, know and/or notice a "Bad JAWN" email us their photos. See the rest of the "Baddest JAWNS Of The Week!" by going on the website (IgnoranThinker.com) in the bio. “GET THE WORD OUT!" W.O.M. est.2013

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Want to hear a joke ? Decaf. 😂 | Photo by @jasanobrooks -
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Nike Or Adidas ? 🤔

This morning my husband & I did some "beginners yoga". In the past year, I've gotten into all different types of yoga. Sometimes, it's nice to go back to the basics.

Sometimes when my underwear matches my outfit, I feel like I really have my life together. -
Photo by @fonzmedia -
Edit by Mi -
Outfit : Thrift finds ;)

What day is it? 😜 ~ 🍑 CALUNDÉ Ft. Nobinh | Eventually 🍑 #KIRKYDM#EDM#edits#CALUNDÉ#StephMi#ArMi#trap#cakes

Feeling accomplished 💪🏼

What are your insecurities or flaws ? -
Untouched but touched. I have a protruding scar on my right side of my forehead. Not only is it sensitive to touch but it's also a sensitive subject. My eyebrows are sparse but I intentionally get a blade sliced into my noggin, to create hair stokes that look identical to fuller brows. Not sure what lashes are for because I barely have them. I'd rather go with out an appendix though lol my eyes are green some days or hazel most days. I've worn contacts once & I thought my eyes were going to fall out. since I'm on the topic of eyes, I have hooded / almond shaped eyes. It's hard for some makeup artist to put eyeshadow on my lids without making me look like a dirty kid. My under eye creases ( or wrinkles) only appear when makeup is applied 🤔 setting them with powder makes it worse. Also, I have 2 scars on my lip, that most days i get confused for more wrinkles. In the pic you can't see but I also have 2 teeth scars between my chin & my lips. My teeth went through my skin at one point in my past. -
You see, I'm not always an "Instagram model". I have flaws & insecurities too. Through all of my flaws @si_swimsuit chose me as their top 15. You can do anything this year. Soon they'll choose me to be apart of their magazine but for now, I'm excited to see February's issue ! -
P.s. Yes, I blurred the background to focus more on my face. -
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The new Mi is actually the old Mi. 2018, you guys are going to see more of just myself, my style, personality ,favorite cities & more. I feel like I always give you all what you want to see & not what I want to show the world. No more worrying about likes, followers, engagement, I don't care. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate every single one of you for supporting Mi but everything changes. My IG is changing but I'm not -
With that being said, if you're a true follower, a friend, a family or whom ever... if you SUPPORT me (because this is partially where I make some of my income ) give this photo a like & a comment. Show your support -
If you're not any of the above, then you're just a ghost follower & just here to creep. -
Photo taken by : @fonzmedia
Photo edited by Me @imstephmi

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