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How I train my girls at the GYM (tag anyone who wants to train💪) w/@ashleykfit @stephmi @tamradae #raydiaz #ashleykfit #tamradae #stephmi

Sexy #stephmi credits to: #richmedia

Sooooo what does do the @cubs , korea and my butt have in common!? To find out, check out my new video that is now live on YouTube (LINK IN MY BIO)

I did what you all asked for… 26 Facts about MI !! Tell me what you think :)
What should I do next! (comment below)

Special thanks to @stevebitanga
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It's been awhile. Checking out my gains in the mirror #ArMi #Stephmi

Sexiest #stephmi credits: #garretstone

It's weird seeing @stephmi pose on a car with a background in fitness/fashion, butt regardless see her at the @blockstarcars booth at @tunerevo Philly this Saturday!
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When he gets way too competitive 😒 @coldcutz20 (tag your friend or bf that does this 😂) 🏀 #stephmi

Happy #Humpday & #wcw ! 🍑🤷🏻‍♀️👙 here are some of my favorite humpday photos. Which is your fav !? -
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@stephmi Cartoon drawing ✍️✍️✍️. Trying new things #stephmi #model #instamodel #arts_help #art_daily #art_spotlight #procreate

Finish this:
Life would be boring
without ______________.
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Photo by @tiffanie.marie

I’ve been blessed!
As some of you know, I’ve been blessed by being bullied my entire childhood.
I wanted to change my race completely. That was always a secret of mine.
In the worst way, I wanted to be a blonde, blue eyed, petite bombshell.

During the verbal abuse of my peers, I also had to deal with physical abuse at home.
I left when I was a fresh 18. Put myself through college, working 40hrs a week and struggling to pay bills.
I felt like I hit rock bottom. My grades were awful, sleep didn’t exist.
I felt like a hamster in a running wheel

Until one day something clicked… 3 classes to finish college, unhappy, and depressed.
I sat there and really thought to myself, Why am I doing this??
I wanted approval from everyone.
Majority of us are taught from our parents that the “right” thing to do is go to college right after high school.
I was torturing myself.
I didn’t quit, I just started fresh. I finally decided to do what I TRULY wanted to do.
I wanted to pursue a modeling career.
Finally, after years of being a freelance model and building a fan base ( thanks to all of you)
I am the happiest I have ever been.
Moral of the long story, DO WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT TO DO.
special thanks to all of you for always supporting MI!!
and remember, there are hidden blessings in every struggle.
Just smile and be happy :) photo by : @tiffanie.marie
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Feeling like batman 🦇photo by @avsthtc for @superstreetgarage @superstreet

Beans, beans, the musical fruit
The more you eat ...

@superstreet x @superstreetgarage x @stephmi 😍😍 Apparel in stock! Exclusively in Canada right here at #importfestperformance
Come by and check out the collection

2250 Markham rd unit 4 Toronto

Name your favorite place to eat in Chicago 🍕

Not everyday is a good day,
live anyway.
Not all you love will love you back,
love anyway.
Not everyone will tell you the truth,
be honest anyway.
Not all deals are fair,
play fair anyway.
Do it all with a ☺️smile
Photo by @tiffanie.marie
Suit by @fashionnova
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What do you think of this shot ? I loveeee it 😍 thanks to @tiffanie.marie | ⏳bikini from @fashionnova #fashionNova #novababe #ArMi #StephMi #SiSwimsuit #siswimsearch

The green queen is my guilty pleasure. What is yours ? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Two of my favorite things in the world @monsterenergy and @stephmi #armi #stephmi #monster #monsterenergy

Team Yamaha / Monster Energy Promo Umbrella ladies... a lovely sight walking through the pit area. These ladies were busy taking pictures and having fun. #photography #umbrellagirls #yamaharacing #yamahamotorsports #motoamerica #monsterenergy #pittsburghinternationalracecomplex #clevelandphotographers #motorcycleracing #ohiophotographers #stephmi #eaphotography #elianthonyphotography

Moto America with @monsterenergy 🏍💨I'll be back tomorrow 🤗 but for now, I'll be heading to watch the fight. Who do you think will win !?

Because its #FitnessFriday and here’s me taking a break in my office, scarfing up a @fuelmeals
I honestly am noticing a drastic change.  I know that when I have a meal in the fridge and all I have to do is heat it up, it keeps me from ordering or grabbing fast food.
yes, I eat fast food at times. Only because it's quick (hence fast food) 
but in all seriousness, a couple weeks ago i took a progress pic, we will see where I am in a few weeks ;) If you’re seriously interested in trying it out use my code “Steph15” at checkout. 
slid that in there ^^ I dare you to tell me what you ate today !! (comment for a reply!) #FuelMeals #ArMi #StephMi

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