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As we all enter a two month chapter of transformation and alchemical change, your journey appears to focus on how well you’re willing to Love and honor your Self. Sharing who you truly are is the purpose and the point of all that arises right now. You’ll notice themes emerging that ask you to put your Self first and to willingly speak your Truth without any hesitation. For the next few weeks, there will be twists and turns that bring you to new opportunities to disclose your deepest sentiments and it’s up to you to take any path that will allow your real Self to be seen. The Truth is, you have a habit of hiding your incredibly adept skills by being there for those who appear to run the show.
YOU run the show, and it’s time to let the veil be lifted. - Stephanie Azaria
Capricorns- you are the sign that rules Divine Power. Your life's purpose is going to focus a lot on overcoming huge obstacles setting you back in your life. This week you'll start to realize this journey ahead of you, but things start to get easier the more comfortable you are with who YOU are and what YOU are doing to be happy. Don't fear the journey ahead, for insecurities will be your downfall. Continue to manifest loving thoughts towards yourself and those in your life- especially those who may have been causing stress or trouble in your life. Continue to drop the curtains and let your true self shine. Only when you are yourself will things workout this week in our favor. Do not fear what others think of you- nothing matters but you.

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Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 🍁 I have so many things to be Thankful for today and everyday! I haven't spent anytime on social media the last couple of weeks. My boyfriend had a farm accident and I have been busy getting him to his doctor appointments and taking care of him, lending a hand to keep his farm up and running in his absence, as well as running my business. What I've learned is to never take one day for granted! Life is to precious 💞 so go hug your babies, and loved ones every day, tell them you love them because life is way to short and we all take for granted our tomorrows. Sending love and hugs on this day and everyday ❤️ my good friend #stephanieazaria makes these amazing pillows! Thanks @stefanieazsattler I love my pillow! #happythankgiving #grateful #turkeyday #family #loveyourself #pillow #pillows #horses #handmade

"Consider the tree, and the innate power it carries, just being what it is. It withstands the elements far more durably and courageously than just about anything, and with few exceptions, nothing can take its powerful majesty away. It’s important that you identify with your true nature this week, so that nothing has the power to get you believing that you are weaker or less than you actually are in any way. Life can throw anything at you, and you will always remain standing, stronger and taller than before. This is a moment of rebirth and resurrection, and no matter what appears to be happening, nothing can ever take that from you." Nothing except your Self. #taurus #weeklyscopes #stephanieazaria 📷By: @onegirlact

Ok. Yes mam. #stephanieazaria

Trust the unfoldment process and embrace the magnificent flower you have become ✨ Inspired by my birthweek horoscope @ thecosmicpath.com #stephanieazaria #thecosmicpath #astrology #trust #writinginthesand #seacoastliving #writingsinthesand #seashell

Look du jour 💋 #rougeetnoir /at exposition de peinture argentine à la mairie de 1 er arrondissement tonight / thanks my dear #stephanieazaria for the invitation/ #art #Paris / #выствка #исскуство в мэрии 1 го района #Париж #ПарижАнка #аргентина #художники #иакживем / #пальто #унгаро

Ascendant #leo w/ #stephanieazaria

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