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ستيفاني - stephaine de Bruijn
لااهتم للتفاصيل الطويلة من حيث البداية
مايهمني هو المنتج المرموق الذي ينال إعجابي في نهاية المطاف.
دار ملهمة مبدعة ذات جودة عالية
احببتها كثيراً لااعلم لماذا ☺️
تقريباً هي من النوع الي تجربه تحبه
ملينا من بعض الدور نجرب 20 عطر والي يطلع في النهاية عطر واحد جميل والباقي خبصة!


ومسائكم سعيد 🌷💖
Thank you so much stephaine 💐 @parfumsurmesure

step❤️ is filming 大玩特玩復活節篇🐣 can't wait for it to air!💗 enjoy the game💜 <#step #stephaine #stephaineho #stephaineho何雁詩 #何雁詩 #大玩特玩 #大玩特玩復活節篇 >


Happy Chinese new year to everybody!
#chinesenewyear #tbc
after saw the MOR's new year video by #culturesquare I found lovely nuno(。・ω・。)ノ♡
#nunoresende #stephaine

Hello Friends,
I am Stephaine Graham, THE OFFICIAL WAIST CHANGER! I help people take their waistline from where they DON’T want it to be to where you want it to be!
After losing over 100 Pounds I am excited to be able to help others TAKE THEIR CONTROL Back too 😊! Please do me a favor and share my info Below with anyone who could use my HELP! Your support is greatly appreciated! #meetstephaine #theofficialwaistchanger #lose5lbsin5days #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlossmotivation #stephaine #iaso #dealofday #bossbabe

step!!❤️ congratulations for all the nominations for the prize presentation which will be held tmr! I really admire your performance in 味想天開<3 董明玥is very kind-hearted❤️ all your songs being nominated are great too! your voice is amazing and I love all your songs!💜 要自信一點頑強一點全力備戰 讚頌和掌聲我也甘心在你背面❤️ no matter what the results are tmr, I'll continue supporting you, as always!💗 xx
<#step #stephaine #stephaineho #stephaineho何雁詩 #何雁詩 #makestephappy #萬千星輝頒奬典禮2017 #味想天開 #董明玥 >

that's one smile you should be proud of <3 what a great start of 2018!:) congratulations step on winning the hong kong amateur ladies close golf competition!❤️ so happy for you and enjoy the happiness of winning✨ how's the feeling of picking up your long ago interest? wish you have great results in golf just as your results back in your golf career- winning and winning and making more breakthrough. congrats once again💜support you always xoxo
<#step #stephaineho #stephaine #stephaineho何雁詩 #何雁詩 #hongkongamateurladiesclose #golf #champion #makestephappy >

was overwhelmed when I saw this! Congratulations to you step❤️ the effort and hard work you put in singing definitely paid off <3 rewarding with 2nd place on your album <LOST IN LOVE> and 13th place with the song <I would not pout>. Until now, even almost one year after your album launch, I'm still listening to your album playlist everyday, and your singing is too amazing that I can't describe through words!💜 Congratulations to you once more! Enjoy the moment of happiness and I hope you have good results with every song you launch! have a fruitful 2018 too!💗 xx @honganc <#step #stephaine #stephaineho #stephaineho何雁詩 #何雁詩 #makestephappy #kkbox @kkbox_hk >

tbh I was so mad about all the rumours about step since April. The media gotta stop attacking her and making untrue accusations about her. After seeing this report about her abusing Riley, I have to step up for her. She's been a dog lover since day 1 and she even keep dogs herself. Other than that, on her fans gathering, she reminded her fans not to give her a present but to donate to the charity for dogs, I honestly don't think a dog lover would EVER hurt a dog. 💜
"Don't just a book by its cover" I believe this phrase suits this situation. Just because Riley is wearing a prong collar doesn't mean that step or fred has intention to hurt Riley or even send him away. As they've already claimed that it's just a rumour and they've put it on according to what Riley's trainer told them, i believe they are innocent. Prong collars are hard to find on Hong Kong but they're commonly found in the US, if they're hurtful to the dogs, why would it still be legal? Just because the media doesn't approve of step and fred doesn't mean that you have to make false statements to them, making their reputation ruined and you're happy? I find haters really nonsense and I believe that the media should leave them alone and give them a break, they're humans, they also have feelings, please stop attacking step❤️ if after reading this you still finds it hard to believe that she's innocent, please check the photos attached, these are real screenshots of her story and her own photos. 💜
step, I know that you're going through a hard time now, don't forgot I'll be here to support you! as well as your fans! We're heartbroken to see this and we believe that every step you did was done with full consideration, i knows it's extra harder when you're a artist. "Haters gonna hate", don't listen to them and JUST BE YOURSELF BECAUSE YOURE UNIQUE❤️ support you always!
xoxo <#step #stephaine #stephanieho #stephaineho何雁詩 #何雁詩 #makestephappy >

Lazy jingle bells 😂😂😂😂🐩🐶🎄☃
Merry Christmas #merrychristmas #winter #puddle #bichon #cute #babygirl #nini #stephaine
#푸들 #비송프리제 #메리크리스마스 ☃🎄🎅😪😪😪😪😴😴😴

Good ole soul food #Greensboro #NC #stephaine’s2

“One day, all your worries will set like the sun does and deserved happiness will come gushing like waves at the beach do. All you need to make sure is that your trips to beach never end.”
―Jasleen Kaur Gumber

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