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The hardest folks to come out of Tennessee since Three 6. If they ain't motivation then y'all lost. Home Team Wins. @starlitogrindhard @mrdontrip #StepbrothersTHREE #karateinthegaragetour

This video was filmed over 1 week of shows at the beginning of the tour. A lot of SXSW footage here. My favorite record on #StepbrothersTHREE . Full video on @vevo

..All around the world,
I'm still EAST NASHVILLE's own!

Freedom ain't free #13amendment #StepBrothersTHREE

SLIM & TEE πŸ’ͺπŸΎβ€οΈπŸ’―
...we look so good together 😍

@starlitogrindhard and @mrdontrip are in the building! Lock in with @zachboog at 9pm for the #StepBrothersThree takeover!


πŸ”πŸ”βž‘οΈβž‘οΈ @starlitogrindhard StepbrothersVEVO.. "Untitled No Hook" Dir. Charles M. Robinson #StepbrothersTHREE #Stepbrothers4LIFE #GrindHard #themediamaine #culture #entertainment #music

"Untitled No Hook"

Dir. Charles M. Robinson


"I was in them trenches that's why I don't give a fuck about no Mentions or no likes or no comments I got extension..." #bips #music #stepbrothersthree #starlito #dontrip #yeah5x #πŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

#nowplaying #Starlito #DonTrip #StepBrothersTHREE

____________ My Ratings Defined ____________

I use traditional 5-star ratings (no ½ stars for individual tracks). Keep in mind that these ratings change over time with repeat listens. 🎧

o Β 5.00Β = A Masterpiece (foodsicFire)

o Β 4.50Β = Fucknomenal (foodsicFire) - The album is absolutely amazing and stands a good chance at being named a classic in the upcoming years. Nearly every song is a banger and it has no track-skips.

o Β 4.25Β = Excellent (foodsicFire on some) - Has enough to be more than great, but I'm not sure if it has the potential to be fucknomenal in the near future. This album will be in constant replay for a good portion of the year and every song is listenable.

o Β 4.00Β = Solid - The album is something I'm going to listen to more than a few times and will probably stay in my rotation for the next few months. Only has a few missteps in the project.

o Β 3.75Β = Pretty Good - The album has a lot going for it. More than likely I'm going to be listening to it for the next month or so and many of the tracks I can get into.

o Β 3.00 to 3.50Β = OK to Average - The album might very well have a few stand-out tracks but that's it.Β  There is nothing that is going to keep my attention for more than 1 or 2 days.

o Β 2.25 to 3.00Β = Mostly Garbage – If I’m lucky, I’ll find at least one 5-star track worthy of inclusion to my β€œJewPac Best Of” playlists series so hopefully, my time wasn’t wasted here.

o Β Below 2.00Β = Pure Shit.

At year end, I will release my top 50 hip-hop albums & "JewPac Best Of" playlist series via 8tracks (see bio link). Lastly, you can check out my YouTube channel "foodsicTV" for music-related posts and utterly random shit.

Yours Truly,Β 

#hiphop #rap #hiphophead #undergroundhiphop #iamjewpac #foodsicRatings #foodsic2017

Me and the boys from @stankford_genetics whippin up Hot Chicken the flower for @starlitogrindhard and all yall. Catch it in a dispensary near you in 2018. To watch the progression and for future release dates follow @stankford_genetics also s/o to the ones making it happen behind the scene. @natewmanuel @harvardwallace @mcscrot #GameBirdTesting #NashvilleFlavor Repost from @starlitogrindhard @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost New #TrashBagGang Album Summer '17

#HotChicken the Album OUT NOW
#HotChicken the Flower Spring '18
#StepbrothersTHREE OUT NOW
#AttentionTithesandTaxes2 &
#KarateInTheGarage OUT NOW
#ManifestDestiny OUT NOW

#GetOut the mixtape 8/17
#NardoDaVinci otw.. πŸ“Έ @stankford_genetics

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