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#StepBrothers3 #GrindHARD 🀘🏾

Old rhymes new beats to me been excited for #stepbrothers3

Support your friends and family no matter what #GrindHard #trashbaggang #stepbrothers3

I think dis my New favorite Muzik artistπŸ€” I gotta tilt my hat to Mr. Trip ya heard me.. I neva "eva" heard a song/projext he on dat I ain't like and dats real lo. Dude a real family man and judgin from his muzik his kids and dat bag da only thing on his mind.. I like da faxt dat he ain't da type to let da money get to his head and he stay humble and hungry.. I look foward to workin wit u in da near future fool rns.. Dats gon be a whole lotta pressure.. #StepBrothers3 Out Now @mrdontrip πŸ’―

@starlitogrindhard @mrdontrip Where I'm from we rather die than let you take the stash That ain't just a sack my whole future's in that paper bag That's how I feed my babies While my baby momma's bitching I'm too close to the edge It's best you keep your distance My uncle fighting addiction, my people fighting convictionsBut I gotta go get it, no matter the conditions Shit be overflowing I'm just tryna find a lead
Being careful with the fire trying not to burn the bridge And I will still fuck Stacey Dash
Spend a day with her crazy ass
You know fine hoes talk way too much Just wanna fuck her and make her gag And watch re-runs on BET and reminisce on what it used to be Get in this round two I'm tryna knock that out I might knock her up I'm on shooting spree On my block they are shooting teens Just tryna ball but they just moving screens So used to putting up bricks You think I'm playing for the losing team I don't sleep much but I used to dream Then I woke up and started chasing mine
Took a look at my G-Shock and said don't rush it Take your time without wasting time
Godspeed #StepBrothers3 can't sleep on them forever

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah


Gotta have a hunnid hustles if you wanna run it up. #facts #truth #wisdom #stepbrothers3 #starlito #dontrip

Far out Friday!! That's a thing, right?! I'm pretty sure that's thing... #dorkdiaries #stepbrothers3 #nerdalert #sharpdressedman #sweaterweather #selfie #hashtag

Just left the gym biceps, shoulders and triceps day is complete. Gotta get ready for abs tomorrow. Trying to tighten up for my woman. I want my six pack rubbed too damnit πŸ˜‚. #gymlife #planetfitness #healthiswealth #cuffingseason #mindovermatter #stepbrothers3

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