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El próximo lunes 25 de Junio la página AuntMinnie está organizando un Tweetchat en donde van a participar varios Directores de Programa y Radiólogos. El objetivo es responder las preguntas que tengan en relación a prepararse y aplicar a Radiología. Aquí tienen el link para que se registren (copien y peguen), https://www.auntminnie.com/index.aspx?sec=nws&sub=rad&pag=dis&ItemID=121051

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Otro peldaño mas en la escalera de esta hermosa vida!!! ☺ quiero agradecer primero a Dios y a mi familia por su apoyo, ahora a seguirle dando a la investigacion y preparar mis aplicaciones para la especialidad, gracias y que Dios los bendiga!!! #USMLE #step2cs #MD #mdlife #mdlifestyle #UACJ #apson #elcompadre #alotofstudyneverkillnobody #porunavidacientificaporunacienciavital #feelingawesome #godblessyou

Dreams come a size too big so we can grow into them. Nothing is impossible 🤓 #doctor #img #usmle #step2cs

Passed STEP 2 CS and treating myself to oysters galore!

PASSPASSPASSPASS!!! 💪🏼 beyond happy! I couldn’t have done it without my amazing study buddy / best friend / boyfriend / partner in crime / dog sitter / personal assistant who has helped me prepare by “playing my patients”. There were about 50 of “them” reaching from a 21 yo F with amenorrhea to a 83 yo M with fatigue hahaha 🤪❤️ He could probably practice medicine himself by now or at least start a career as an actor 🤔😉 THANK YOU for always having my back and supporting me with no matter what!! I couldn’t be more proud to have you by my side!!! 🍀👸🏼 Can life get any better?! 👩🏼‍⚕️ #USMLE #Step2CS #alldone #neveragain #doctorAnna #passedtheboards

😭 Thank GOD!!! One step closer; no pun intended. #silverlining #step2cs

⬆️⬆️⬆️ Les contamos un poco sobre la estructura del Step 2 CS. Para conocer más sobre los Steps y cómo revalidar tu título de médico en Estados Unidos contáctanos 📞☎️+58 424-1804153
www.kaplanmedical.com.ve .
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Just got back from taking my second to last board examination; now it’s time prepare for my surgery shelf exam on Thursday 📚. Definitely starting to feel a little burned out and in need of a nice vacation 🛫

¿Están cerca de obtener su certificación del ECFMG? Comprueben que sus datos estén actualizados y completos para evitar demoras en la entrega del mismo. Sigan estos 4 pasos ☝️ para asegurarse de recibir su certificado a tiempo para la residencia o fecha de inicio del fellow.

Recuerden también que tres intentos de inicio de sesión fallidos para los servicios en línea de ECFMG bloquean su cuenta durante 24 horas! No adivinen; usen la función 'Olvidó su contraseña'. ¡Sabemos que es emocionante y un gran logro recibir la certificación del ECFMG! Pero tengan cuidado al compartir fotos de su certificado en línea para celebrar, ya que este contiene información personal que debe mantenerse privada y segura.

That being said, CONGRATULATIONS to all those who got it!! 🎉🎉🎉 #STEP1 #STEP2CK #STEP2CS #STEP3 #USMLE #ECFMG #MATCH2019 #IMGsRULE #KaplanMedical

Hello guys! As I promised here is my post about USMLE Step 2CS. I decided to split it into two parts, so here is the first one. My exam was last year, and when I received my score I was extremely happy since I passed with high performance in all components.🎉
Before anything else,I would like to clarify that I am an IMG,and my experience and the way I prepared for this exam may differ from that of an American medical graduate.

📆 Prep Time: 1.5 months.
📙 Resources: First Aid (All you need),Uworld (optional). • Exam Prep:👩‍⚕️
✓Phase 1: The best way to start is to identify your weaker areas and work on it. If you don't feel confident speaking English, you must work on that before anything else.There are many aspects (grammar, pronunciation, word choice) which are considered in SEP along with your ability to understand what the SP (Standardized patient) is saying and vice versa. Start by being familiar with what you are expected to do during a patient encounter in the U.S. Read all the available material on USMLE.org, and the introductory sections of FA.
✓ Phase 2: Read, memorize and practice all cases from FA. Don't skip mini cases!They will help you with differentials.

• Practicing Tips:✨
1⃣Practice every long case more than once. The first time, you can do it with a teddy bear, then try to find a “live” partner. It doesn’t have to be in a medical field. All you need is someone who you can practice with, like any of your friends or family members.👩‍⚕️👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🐻
2⃣I highly recommend practicing a couple of times with a native English-speaker to make sure they understand you perfectly, especially with common words you will likely use in the exam.
3⃣Use a timer! ⏰
It's really important to time yourself while practicing. You have to manage your time perfectly. The day of the exam, you will most likely be nervous and stressed but If you practice all of your cases with a timer, you will have one less problem to worry about that day.
-For the patient encounter, look on Youtube “Step 2 CS Timer”, It's exactly the same as you will hear on the test day. It tells you when you walk in,when you have 5 minutes remaining and when you have to leave the room. 💛

The medical profession is a conspiracy to hide its own shortcomings.no doubt the same way be said of all professions.They are all conspiracies against the laity.Untill there is a practicable alternative to blind trust in the doctor,the truth about the doctor is so terrible that we dare not face it.
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Step 2 CS in the books! Thanks for the “fun” time Chicago! #bringon4thyear #medicalschool #medlife #madeinthemitten #step #stepup #step2cs #onemoretogo #medstudent #ouwb

I thought a long time about posting/sharing this. I’ve been mia because I took some time off to take CS. And yes, I DID want to finish step 1 before CS, but I had applied for it last year, and the date was about to expire. So I went to nyc, took the course at kaplan and then took my exam. I honestly don’t know how I did, as in, I don’t have my results yet. It’s not in my hands at this point, so I’m not going to worry about it. I’m back home and I’ve started studying for step 1 again. I didn’t share it here because I was kinda embarrassed maybe? But I’m tired of being ‘embarrassed’ or feeling ashamed for being where I am. This is my life after all, and toxic shame isn’t going to get me anywhere. I make a vow from today, to just be truly happy where I am. And to Give my best no matter what. And to be completely honest with myself and others. I think I’m finally ready to take step 1 in a month. I’ve nearly finish uworld and ready to redo it. and although my scores aren’t where I’d like them to be, I’m sure it’ll be fine. I can’t spend my life striving for perfection or to be the type of student I’m not. I’m sure everything will work out the way it’s meant to be. I’m sure God has a plan and I can only do my best every day after a point, I need to surrender and know I’ll be OK.

Hola a todos!! Kaplan Medical USA y @globoramave invitan a los médicos y estudiantes de medicina a participar en el concurso del examen diagnóstico de Kaplan Medical.
El examen es online y tiene una duración de 3 horas aproximadamente, lo pueden tomar en el momento que prefieran entre el 15 de junio y el 15 de julio.
El/la que saque la nota más alta ganará un curso online de 4 meses del Step 1 y el segundo y tercer premio un qbank de un año. Además, todos los que lo presenten recibirán el libro digital MedEssentials, completamente gratis.
Este es el link para que se registren (copien y peguen) https://kaptest.formstack.com/forms/globoramadiag

Y este es para que envíen el resultado una vez que terminen el examen https://kaptest.formstack.com/forms/globorama_diagscore

Los nombres de los ganadores los estaremos publicando en nuestras redes, Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kaplanmedicalvenezuela/ y Twitter: https://twitter.com/kaplanmedicalve durante la semana del 16 de julio, aquí tienen mi correo por si alguien necesita ayuda o tiene alguna pregunta mari@globoramaidiomas.com
Suerte!!! 😉


After taking my Kaplan CS exam I realized through the feedback to better my note structure. It was great to get such positive feedback from the Attending physician today on my SOAP note. I was expecting to get torn down but she didn't have anything constructive to say! I was surprised. But pleased. I will still continue to perfect my areas where I need to improve. #usmlepreparation #usmlestep2cs #step2ck #step2cs #physicianinthemaking #physician #studentphysician #physicianintraining #usmle #medstudent #medschoollife💉💊📚 #medschoolchronicles

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