Get youuuuu that🐾👭. I embrace every part of my womanhood, just with WOMEN🤷🏽‍♀️. Been switching the style up since the 90’z🗣✨. I remember when switching my style was a problem for people, so much was said, some people still don’t accept it but it doesn’t stop me from being who I am. I enjoy being a woman I’m just a dominant one. #StemForFem #Dominant #FreeSpirit #LGBT #androgynous #Versatile #WomenOnly #LivingLife #FreeSpirit #CareFree

Today, 11th of February, an amazing day where we celebrate and honour Women and Girls in Science!
Our latest guest blog (link in bio) by written by our wonderful friends at @curiouskidsscience highlights the massive gender gap in Science and STEM fields! We have also suggested some fantastic books especially for your Little Whizz Girls!

I get drunk on jealousy but you'll come back each time you leave
cause, darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream. #DirtyMirrorSelfies #SelfAye #WorkFlow #BlankSpace #HairLongMoneyLong

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