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[ STELENA meme: 4/6 i love you moments; 5x18 ]
long time no see whoops. anyways this scene was so touching tho, i had tears in my eyes when i first saw it tbh. stefan and elena are really that couple that even when they’re not together they still are. iconic
Q: stelena’s relationship in the visions or the actual relationship?
A: even tho stelena was married in the visions nothing can beat their actual relationship from s1-8 tbh

q: Which character(s) deserved better?
a: Stefan, Enzo, Lexi & Jenna 💕
Lexi's lowkey like "hehe stelena's gonna happen nowww" 😂 // #stexi #stelena ————————————
[ 4x23 ~ Graduation ]

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