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OMG😭😭 #stelena4ever

Q: do you think if Elena Would want to get back with Stefan that he Would get back with her?

A: No he wouldn't bc I think he wants to see his brother happy

#thevampirediaries #tvd

[ STELENA MEME: 4/5 places; the gilbert lake house; 2x14, 2x15, 4x09 ]
they might not have been endgame but they sure as hell have made some of the best memories. it makes me kinda sad how they would always talk about their future together and unfortunately none of it ever happened even tho it clearly should.
Q: the lake house or the gilbert house?
A: lake house

It's always gonna be stelena ❤️#stelena4ever @nina @paulvedere

"and that's my life. weird, messy, complicated, sad, wonderful, amazing and above all...epic. and i owe it all to stefan. when i met him, i had lost my parents. i was dead inside. but he brought me back to life." - elena about stefan in 8x16
this quote represents stelena so well 😭
Q: stelena or delena in 8x16?
A: stelena

At this moment i thought Elena to myself again in Stefan has fallen in love #stelena4ever ❤️


Tysm for 100 followers! #stelena ❤️


I'm gonna start being more organized by posting 3 the vampire diaries edits, 3 pretty little liars edits, 3 gilmore girls edits and then 3 jelena edits 😊 •
Q: Would you rather have a boyfriend like Stefan or Damon?
(Answer the question to be tagged in my next post)
A: Stefan 😍



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[ STELENA MEME: 1/6 i love you moments 1x10 ]
their first “i love you” is one of my favs. it’s just so epic and iconic. i could watch this scene 24/7 tbh.
Q: stelena’s first “i love you” or delena’s? (it was a phone call btw)

their best friends always knew that stefan and elena were each other’s epic loves.
Q: caroline as stefans best friend or lexi?
A: actually both but i’ll go with the first blonde best friend aka lexi

“And that’s my life: weird, messy, complicated, sad, wonderful, amazing, and above all epic. And I owe it all to Stefan. When I met him, I had lost my parents and I was dead inside, but he brought me back to life and I’m going to live it as best I can for as long as I can.”❤️

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[ STELENA MEME: 5/5 places; stefans bedroom ]
this is very simple but i was lazy to think of something creative
Q: favorite memory of stefans bedroom?
A: elena telling stefan that she never stopped loving him in 3x18

|| stelena🌵
Song; you belong with me
Audio; YouTube
Clips; YouTube

Show; the vampire diaries🌻

Delena or stelena?
Song credit- I think I'm in love by Kat Dahlia
#tvd #stelena4ever #nikkireed #thevampirediaries #ninadobrev @iansomerhalder @paulvedere @nina @thecwtvd

I really liked this and enjoyed creating this edit so I hope you like it.
Song credit- I wanna write you a song by One direction
#tvd #stelena4ever #nikkireed #thevampirediaries #ninadobrev #tvd #thevampirediaries @thecwtvd @nina @paulvedere @iansomerhalder

I kinda liked this so I'm gonna repost it, sorry for being inactive instagram wouldn't let me log in.
Credit to @siredstefan__ .
#tvd #stelena4ever #nikkireed #thevampirediaries #ninadobrev #stefansalvatore

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