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New #BenGarrison #Cartoon for #StefanMolyneux- Not An Argument-
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New video with two brilliant individuals #suidlanders #southafrica #stefanmolyneux #simonroche

To think that some pastors advocate watching #CNN to their congregations. @CNN tracked down the man who created the wrestling tweet and threatened to #dox him. He was first contacted by email. Then immediately issued an apology and deleted all of his posts. Whether or not some of them were racist posts and or offensive is not my concern. My concern is that People are so afraid of losing power to control the emotions and thoughts of others, they have revealed their ugly, vile, and thuggish nature, in threatening individuals and their families. (Not an unfamiliar trait for #democrats) Opening them up to the violence of leftists. And then they posted it, as a warning to others to not make fun of them. @Cnn No ones #freedomofspeech should be threatened because your feelings are hurt. I hope someone sues you into oblivion. #CNNBlackMail #stefanmolyneux Maybe the reason people associate you with #terrorism is because when you do things like this, it proves their point.

learning about r/K selection theory while huddled up in bed. #stefanmolyneux #typicalevening #nerdalert


Goolag - Link in bio 👀👌 Gu·lag ˈɡo͞oläɡ/ noun a system of labor camps maintained in the former Soviet Union from 1930 to 1955 in which many people died. a camp in the Gulag system, or any political labor camp. noun: gulag; plural noun: gulags
Google’s recent censorship went from “Don’t be evil” to Goolag, how quickly things change. Gulags are famous for firing their workers so this is a good metaphor.

"Be your own hero; you are the One that your world has been waiting for." - Stefan Molyneux

#stefanmolyneux discusses a few of the #populer #myths surrounding #automation

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