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Pretty much the reason I purchased. #stefanmolyneux and #laurensouthern. πŸ’ž #heroesoffreespeech

learning about r/K selection theory while huddled up in bed. #stefanmolyneux #typicalevening #nerdalert

This dude is so deep, love watching #stefanmolyneux on #youtube

#stefanmolyneux #TEAMJESUS


#stefanmolyneux #understanding .pray this man comes to the full working knowledge

Oh my god..... EVERYONE, parent or not needs to watch #stefanmolyneux videos on #peacfulparenting . This stuff is so epic and would completely change the world if people actually did it. Parenting without corporal punishment. (No spanking/hitting which are the same exact thing. Please don't excuse assaulting a child with euphemisms like spanking that make you feel better about your failure to respect a child's human rights.) It makes me so sad and sick how normal it is for people to hit their children. We treat DOGS better than our own children! If someone hits their dog they can go to jail but if a mother hits their 2 year old baby who's brain is barely in the beginning stages of development... Nothing happens!!!! It infuriates me. #educate yourself and watch these videos before you dismiss them. Facts are facts. This pain is so unreal. I am not shaming I am recognizing the pain and damage that is going on in our society. People are not trees floating in the sky... People have roots... Everything starts in the uterus. The first 3 years are the most IMPORTANT. What neurological connections do you think is being wired in the brain of a child or baby that is being hit by someone who is supposed to be their protector or nurturer simply because their protector or nurturer isn't getting something they want.. what connections about physical touch do you think us being made especially when the person hurting you is telling you they are doing it because they love you?? Talk about mixed manipulative signals. No wonder so many people end up in abusive relationships in adulthood... Oh because if someone loves me then they will physically harm me to correct my behavior if it isn't in alignment with what they think is correct. Is that love??? Do you think that will develop problem solving skills? Negotiation skills? Empathy??? what message does that send about authority figures... Does that feel safe to you? To fear someone and not be sure of how they will react to your mistakes?? Continued in comments ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇

(Fill in the blank on the country) that wasn't real socialism so let's try again. I love this video. Tag a socialist

Please God let Marine Le Pen win the French elections to preserve the European culture, and to possibly set up a stronghold of Western Advocacy in a key nation.
#marinelepen #marinelepen2017 #france #frenchelections #makefrancegreatagain #makeamericagreatagain #maga #trump #god #jesus #gottmituns #savethewest #stefanmolyneux

#marriage #divorce If my #spouse came home today and consistently was just a little nicer I wouldn't even consider taking off. I can work through most things. What makes me laugh is that these #crazybitches think they are going to some how land the #richguy ... #senseofentitlement much? If they have #money they can afford somebody w/ no baggage. πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ’― #marriage #finances A lack of communication is a pretty fucking stupid reason from removing your children from their birth father then can't afford #daycare and you leave them w/ a pervert. What the hell is communication? I haven't had one of those in years. We talk about him and his work that's pretty much it. Why #god placed the #man over the#woman because most are not led around by their #feelings Most guys don't just up and leave ... I'm ready to find my husband wife number two, get them situated, so I can bounce. #relationships Women are weaker in that they can't deny feelings as well ... men in general are more logical. #remarriage No #respect for some of these gals. #stefanmolyneux Nobody thinking clearly; goes from an unhappy situation to a destitute one by choice. It's completely based on #emotion #kidscomefirst and I'm assuming they are not asked very often if they want the divorce. They don't get a choice. Kids even miss #baddads

Influences on me: Part 2 ⚁ Stefan Molyneux 🌟 philosopher, deep thinker, extremely loquacious, serious about backing up ALL his points with ALL the evidence there is in the world. 🌟 podcasts every day. Call-in show, 'True News' segment weekly 🌟 thoughtful, dramatic presentation 🌟 Stefan makes me think most about the rise and fall of civilization. Listening to him makes me take a step back and reconsider preconceived notions I didn't even know I held. #stefanmolyneux #culture #culturewars #race #gender #philosophy #politics #currentevents #feminism #racism #feminist #truenews #freedomainradio #fdr

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