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She said she don't believe in God but her shoes Christian.

fire within me

Rise and shine!

Sky Above 🌌// Earth Below 🌎// Fire Within 🔥

Happy Sunday, guys!!! -
You’ve probably noticed I haven’t been as active with actual blog posts or that I haven’t been going out as much... there is a reason for that & my hope is that I’ll be able to share more on that in the upcoming months. Basically, it’s that ya girl has goals, lots of ‘em. -
I’ll still be posting “bargains of the week”, “gift ideas” & “style inspo” on here, but the website itself is going to have to fall down the list in order for me to chase my career dreams! -
This week is a very important week in determining if I can even take the next steps in my plan, so prayers and good vibes are greatly appreciated. -
I’m also still working on planning & growing our monthly local #pghbloggerbabes meet up. The one for next month is unfortunately packed full... if we didn’t hit ya on this one, we’re hoping to find a bigger venue for January. If you’re on our list and anyone cancels, we’ll reach out to the next blogger in line. I never in 3 million years expected that event to be such a success, but it makes me so happy for our little creative community! -
I love you all & I am so blessed to have you all on this journey with me. My promise to all of you is that when I am back into the swing of things and the website is active, it will be better than ever. Enjoy your Sunday & have a productive pre-turkey day work week.

The great Teddy Roosevelt once said, "Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground." ... So, do that. ☄


It's about that time.

First peek at Phipps holiday show to the sound of happy visitors ❤️@phippsconservatory

Saw this and thought yep...I wish! 🧚🏻‍♂️What do you think your work balance life is? 60-40 work? 50-50? Tell me below 👇🏻💖 I’m always working on balancing and keep what’s important in mind!📲 #happylife

Got a private viewing of an in commission Joint Strike Fighter today

City slicker ☔ W/@autumnpawelec
From #TheOaklandMeet yesterday!

It was nice seeing some fimiliar faces, and meeting some new people yesterday. Thanks @pgh.creative for organizing great networking events for creatives. •

• Big shoutout to @alfarovisuals for being my human light stand! •
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The great Teddy Roosevelt once said, "Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground." ... So, do that. ☄

You don’t know where you’re going and my friend neither do I

Attempting to explore Pittsburgh on a cold + blustery day before heading to the airport. We came here this weekend to visit family for an early Thanksgiving 🦃

Great time in Pittsburgh this weekend. For light up night this year I decided to leave the camera behind and enjoy the festivities. I still made sure to go out and capture some of the holiday staples downtown you just won't see fireworks or hundreds of thousands of people in the photos. Here is the tree at the City County Building. #pittsburgh #steelcitygrammers #pghcreative #412project #412shooterz #lun2017 #christmas #holidays #cpreaderart #wpxi #aov #pittsburghbeautiful #visualarchitects

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