Uncovering bones is cool and all, but your #TeamLeaders are wayyy cooler! #steamachine #thesteamachine #jtaanaheim #jeditraining #jeditrainingacademy

One year ago, I was optimistic, curious and thought I had my course set in front of me. Since then I have lost friends, made some new. Started a new enterprise with a new direction in life. No regrets, lessons learned, good network and a few axes to grind... 2019 will be interesting.

Is this what the Industry has come to? Elcheapo and Entourage relentlessly now sell “knock offs” of the popular @odbwraps ... at the “wait 4 it” Birmingham Expo... scandal.. @dextrgram please explain your self!!!

We ha e been so busy that We forgot the fourth clown... Lykos.
Sweet Lychee Blackcurrant mix with a complementing Malaysian cooling, not to be confused with menthol or koolada.

Limpieza y desinfección de interiores de autos desde 50.00 para sedan.

Välkomna till Bollnäs bibliotek och @kulturhuset_bollnas Onsdag 10 oktober kl. 14-19
Digital skaparverkstad på hjul - workshops - Kom och testa laserskärare, 3-D skrivare, bygg en robot, skapa smycken eller testa att spela på världens största Gameboy när FabLab Belgien besöker biblioteket med sin Steamachine-buss. #makerspace #skaparbibblan @fablabfactory #bibliotek #skapande #lärande #bollnäs #bollnäsbibliotek #steamachine #innovation Ett samarbete med @kulturutvecklinggavleborg och @fablabfactory och @bollnasbibblan i @bollnaskommun

We Are proud to announce that Savage E-liquids is now in our portfolio. Be sure to check them out.

Let me show you every detail...

Occasionally, a customer gives me total artistic freedom to come up with something for them. I was brought a decorated panel that needed to be incorporated into a bathroom partition/ grab bar. Here is some of the processes and the results installed. #steamachinesculpture #steamachine #architecturaldetail #bathroompartitions #brass #steampunkart #steampunkarchitecture #homedecor #victorianstyle

They came from the sea!!

Silver connectors, tube made out of high grade T2 Copper with 99,5% conductivity.
Comes in two finishes, polished copper and black ceracote.

Viking mod: 24mm hybrid, constant battery connection switch, silver contacts. Estimated release end of September or beginning of October.

100 spots to go around... no more no less... will you be one of them?

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