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Truffle Raclette Cheese with Steak & Potatoes! Omg! 🤩🤤🥩🥔🧀
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Dry-aging of some prime short loins at @patlafrieda meats! It’s very obvious that the meat in this pic are at different stages in the dry-aging process. Why dry-age beef? There are two main reasons being, an increased tenderness of the product, and a more intense flavor of the beef. I can only get prime beef locally dry-aged to 28 days. The first steak I had beyond read was actually a 60 day dry-aged strip steak from Pat Lafrieda a while back. I couldn’t believe how different the flavor was. It was completely unlike any steak I had up until that point. Let’s just say, I was hooked! Now the real question is, porterhouse, or T-Bone?

Da ist das erste Bild meines Ergebnisses. Nach 6 langen Wochen werden meine beiden Dry Aged Beef‘s zerlegt. Geholfen hat mir unser Metzger vor Ort, die Liebe zu gutem Fleisch verbindet einfach, Danke Volker dass du dir Zeit genommen hast. Die Steaks sind ausgelöst und eingeschweißt. Ich werde kurzfristig einen Blogpost zu meinem ersten „echten“ Dry Ager Versuch posten. Jetzt gehts ans reinigen und desinfizieren des Dry Agers, der nächste Versuch steht in den Startlöchern. Habt ihr nen Wusch oder eine Idee, schreibt doch mal ne DM. .....Werbung.....
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Is this what Heaven looks like? @debetti this is beautiful!! #bbq #grilling #steaks #steak #meatlover


T-boned steaks kind of day!
1 pack of T-Bone Steaks
1 tbsp of garlic
1 tbsp of lemon pepper
1 tbsp of ground pepper
1 lime
1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar
1 tbsp of honey mustard
1 tsp of soy sauce
1 tbsp of sea salt
1 tsp of olive oil
1 tsp of dried oregano
1 tsp of cayenne pepper
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Looking to host a holiday event? Ernie's Food and Spirits currently has a few openings left in December. Call 209.239.3351 for more information! • • •

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Chicken Hotplate #steakmoenmoen
Only Rp. 16K free drink
Kunjungi outlet kami terdekat di kota : solo, jogja, magelang, malang, tangerang, depok, bogor, bandung
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Prime, dry-aged tomahawk ribeyes just cut and trimmed from @patlafrieda meat purveyors! So what’s your opinion about tomahawk ribeyes? Some people think it’s silly to pay for extra for a piece of meat because you are paying for a large bone as well. Some think it’s too gimmicky. What is my opinion? I think they are a lot of fun! Look, it’s not something you are going to eat every night for dinner. There is something animalistic about gnawing on that bone. And frankly, it makes a hell of a nice handle when you are grilling it. So, love then or loathe them, they sure are delicious!

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