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This is quite possibly the coldest lake i've ever dipped my toes in but it didn't stop @mddyelrck from deciding it would be a nice way to cool off after the hike up 🐧

"If the sky is the limit, our earth is the blessin'" @sojagram killed it with their new song fire in the sky 🔥 #kelliefromcali #fireinthesky #onrepeat #lazyeye
Almost forgot! New blog up, link into bio. Show 'er some love 🤙🏼

Moab is one of the most visited places in the US. It's easy to see why. So as I was driving, frantically trying to find solace and escape the crowds, I parked my car by a labeled trail where no one else seemed to be parked. I had no idea what the trail led to, and I didn't really care if I saw a view, I just wanted to move my feet a little, get my blood and creative thought flowing, sweat pouring. I honestly had NO idea it would lead me to this place. There wasn't another person in sight, within hearing distance. Not on the walk there, not on the walk back. All I heard were some crows, scouring the plains below for food. And it was in that moment that I realized how special life is. It gives me chills, writing about it now. It was one of a kind ✨

As long as you're there, I'll go wherever 💕 #MadeWild -- PC: @marcoschnyder

looking back on the sweetest of days with my darlin rach. Add me @amelia.edmondson - on @mychainapp so we can share life's epic moments together :) #ad

Don't spend your life wondering what it would be like. You. Can. Do. It. ✌🏻 #IChooseToLive

La diferencia entre uno que copia la vida de otro y el que la crea es que el que copia solo aprecia, critica y mejora lo que ya existe, mientras que el creador sigue buscando lo que aun no conoce.
Amamos con profundidad todas esas almas que persiguen saciar su propia curiosidad, haciendo equilibrios en una vida inestable, persiguiendo lo improbable, todas esas leyendas que solo esperan a los temerarios que se atreven a aventurarse en la vida cerrando los ojos y rompiendo la matriz. Vive creándote libre, más libre que nada ni nadie.

🐒 @meganblakeirwin 🤘⚡️
📷 photo by @tim_swallow_photo 🙏🖤

Sociedad/Colectivo de artistas, escritores, rebeldes, inconformes, soñadores, aventureros, exploradores, modelos, inventores y creadores de un mundo nuevo y libre.
• Siéntete libre de unirte a Flying Monkeys Society.
Society/collective of artists, Writers, rebels, nonconformists, dreamers, adventurers, explorers, models, inventors and creators of a new and free world.
• Feel free to join us!!
(汉)一个新的自由世界的 艺术家 作家 叛逆者 不合群者 梦想家 冒险者 探险家 模特 发明家 创造者
• 随时欢迎加入 🔥☠️🔥


Introducing the SUAVS x @shopjaydee Artist collab.
Stay Wild - these hand painted and made to order slip ons are on the website. Link in bio

Yup...and the stars! EVERY. NIGHT. Even with the #newmoon phase tonight. 😂#funnycuzitstrue Time to set your visions and intentions tonight. Be open to light and listen to receive. My spirit is #awake. #focus #centered #zen #freespirit #staywild #moonvibes #vibes #goals #moonphase #moonchild 🌙 #keepgoing #explore #cosmic #samemoon #seek #spiritual #connection#loveinsuchawaythatpersonfeelsfree
Friends-What are you doing tonight?" Me-"Moon stuff." 😄😄


A smile is the best make-up any girl can wear - Marilyn Monroe 📷: @siignal

Finally.....! Finished the blog post on grizzlypeak! Thanks to @mountaingirl8 for my new feature photo! Check it out! Link in bio 🤗
🌲🌲#explorealberta #travelalberta
Check out @madera_outdoor || Every hammock purchased plants two 🌲🌲's in West & East Africa helping to create an agricultural foundation for future generations and end the chain of poverty || PROMO -> TREES4MOCKS for 30% off 🙌

finding such a stillness and peace here I didn't even know I needed

Flow with whatever may happen. Don't hold tight, let the universe guide you to where you ought to be. #ventureon #staywild

@vickys.healthydreams looking pretty in pink 🌸 #staywild

What’s your favorite part of fall? I love the changing of leaves 🍂✨🖤

“The bold adventurer succeeds the best.” ~ Ovid 📸: @megmac336

It wouldn't be a trip to Pelee National Park if you don't stand at the tip -- the southern most point of Canada -- and take a photo. Also, the tip was deserted tonight, probably because of the rainy weather so that was a bonus.

#adventureculture #forest #natgeoyourshot #landscape #igcanada_ #nature #forests #trees #mothernature #tgif_nature #explore #explorecanada #snapshot_canada #lovethisplace #callofthewild #rsa_nature #thecanadiancollective #canadathenorth #ig_great_shots_canada #MyAdventureCanada #getoutside #letsgetlost #getoutstayout #neverstopexploring #staywild #takeahike #wander

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