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Don't wait for the perfect moment to be happy 😊 you have to fight through some bad days to make it count #staypositve

Cantik bangett sihhh @vebbypalwinta yang lagi kondangan bareng temen2 😊😍 #staypositve #alwayshappy

Don't like and havent posting anything about my accident👎😷,makes me feel ill looking at this picture. but on a more positive note only another 16 days to I get my halo brace off. Then a month or two with a neck brace to help my broken neck heal properly. Can't come quick enough. One step closer to living a normal life again. #staypositve #halobrace

Můj smíšek ♥️#staypositve #happycouple #simimisi

Lange habe ich überlegt welches Bild ich zum Abschluss poste.
Letztlich habe ich mich für dieses Bild entschieden, weil es einfach geballte Naturalität zeigt.

Wieso höre ich auf mit Instagram?
Das ganze nervt mich einfach nur, andauernd irgendwelche Leute, die sich hier präsentieren um Fame zu bekommen. Fake hier Fake da (außer meine Follower, नमस्ते Apu!) Manche haben scheinbar den Zwang für ihre Fans was zu liefern.

Naja, ich habe mich zu sehr influencen lassen, aber kriege zum Glück noch rechtzeitig die Kurve. Ich hatte meinen Spaß auch wenn am Ende einiges nicht mehr natural war. Dafür entschuldige ich mich einfach nur. Ja du bist gemeint. 🐁

Außerdem ging es mir auf den Sack Coins zu farmen wie die großen influencer.

Ich wünsch euch alles gute und viel Erfolg bei euren Zielen. Vielleicht bin ich irgendwann mal wieder aktiv. (IDM18)

Bis dahin, #staynatural und #staypositve
Ein Glück, dass das ein Ende hat 😂

Yesterday was🌊,Today is❄,Tomorrow is gonna be ☀#staypositve.com


This year's collage for my holiday cards. Wishing peace for everyone during these strange times. .
#peace #buddha #zen #hatehate #happyholidays #collage #phillyartist #phillyart #lovetrumpshate #staypositve #stayhopeful #staystrong

Good Morning 🌞☔
Have An Blessed Wednesday 🙏 #staypositve #stayfocused

It’s hard to stay positive when things feel like they are constantly falling apart around you. Life is certainly full of shitty moments and hard hits, but for every sad memory, I have about 1,000 good ones that keep me motivated to keep facing life’s challenges and fighting for that happiness I deserve. I’ve been blessed with so much good in my life, that I can’t possibly justify giving up altogether. Find that inner peace and power, and you’ll be able to face and conquer those tough times that were built to destroy you.
Just don’t give up! 💜💜💜
(And If that doesn’t work, then just try focus on the fact that you aren’t Aaron Carter...my god that kid is a mess! Hah jk) .
#nevergiveup #beafighter #motivation #healthyheart #staypositve #justkeepswimming #lifestyle #createyourhappiness #workhard #peace #happiness

Be Addicted To Your Passions Not your Distractions

Go to work and elevate your game!!!!! You are destined for greatness!!! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise 🦁
#muchlove #greatness #inspire #instamotivation #jml2323 #inspire #destiny #staypositve #positivity

Rise and shine - it's #humpday. 👊
Practice isn't the thing you do once your good. It's the the thing you do that makes you good. So don't wait for the right time to start, there will never be a right time - start where you are, with what you have AND most of all #believe in yourself 💖

Wearing: @lornajanesa

🌷When you love what you have,
You have everything you need :)💕😘😍😜🌷#staypositve

#staypositve guys 😉 nite all😘👊

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