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C'mon... Quit thinking about it! You're 6 months into this year and you're STILL pretending to "Get Ready?" Get off the fence and GO FOR IT! It's your turn! #StayOutOfYourOwnWay 👊🏾

Everyone can't go with you. There's a thin line between "Giving Up" and "Giving it your All." And believe it or not "Other People" will sometimes keep you from doing what you're purposed to do because of their personal excuses, limited exposure and fears of doing it themselves. (Your destiny isn't tied to them) Don't Give in to or Give up on the dreams God placed IN you... 1. Keep the Faith
2. Trust your Process
3. Finish what you started! (no matter how scary the path l👀ks!) #StayOutOfYourOwnWay #YouGotThis #ShotOfJack 👊🏾

"Winging it" doesn't work.
1. Be Still
2. Study
3. Listen
4. Plan for the Overflow

It takes next level thinking & commitment to get to your next level... #StayOutOfYourOwnWay 👊🏾

"Impossible" is just a word... Have enough Faith to Trust where God is taking you. #StayOutOfYourOwnWay 👊🏾

Do you trust yourself? Answer this ONE question to find out... #YourCounselor #StayOutOfYourOwnWay 👌🏾

When you risked your heart in the past and got nothing but coldness, disappointment, hurt or abuse, some part of you learned there's something Shameful about being so Vulnerable. Now, when someone GOOD comes, your old wounds resurface and unconsciously tell you to put up your guard. RELAX...be smart but be OPEN enough to RECEIVE a new experience. You can't live behind a Wall forever. Let'em see you... #StayOutOfYourOwnWay

Ever changed a baby's diaper before? The baby is crying, kicking and screaming but the MINUTE the fresh diaper is on...everything is ok. When it comes to Change, we should be MORE like babies. Instead of Crying, Kicking or Screaming like babies, we quietly settle for and STAY in our Messes! Its time to Change your Diapers of Disillusion, Distractions, Disappointment, Division or Discrimination. You DESERVE better...WE deserve better.
Babies shouldn't be the only ones who welcome Change...so should you. #StayOutOfYourOwnWay #ChangeIsGood #StandForSomething #LoveHarder #ShotOfJack

We're all connected. A Harvard study showed that if you're Happy, there's a 15% MORE chance anyone connected to you is Happy also! Happiness is contagious which means your decision to Be Happy impacts more than just you! So ☺️😊😄 a little more today! #StayOutOfYourOwnWay 👊🏾

I've failed more times than I can count. I've been told "No" a gazillion times, had events where NO one showed up, created at least 12 programs that didn't sell, books I never finished, speeches that were flops, and botched activities for clients that went waaaay left! I've even filmed like 10 pilot TV shows that didn't make it to air. (and never will) But believe it or not, I cherish and celebrate ALL of my failures; they're all just lessons that help me Grow.
I smile at this pic of me filming a project you'll never see because it reminds me of what I know well... EVERYone ain't Winning. I know sometimes l👀king at people's controlled online content suggests differently, but trust me... I've counseled & coached the best of them (pastors, politicians, athletes, docs, attorneys, celebs, couples, execs to single moms and then some) and Most folks you "think" got it going on DON'T!
Quick advice?
1. Stay focused.
2. Stay out of OTHER people's pockets & personal projected delusions of self-indulgent grandeur (or in simply put... their social media statuses)
3. Stay committed to YOUR plan, goals & dreams.
4. #StayOutOfYourOwnWay
So quit chasing someone else's definition of what #Success l👀ks like. It's not about winning all the time. It's about learning, doing your best and being intentional when it comes to the work and gifts God gave you. Now breathe and Let go of the pressure you've been putting on yourself to keep up... Just Do YOU! God loves when you do 😇 Hope this blessed you!✌🏾️ #FixYourStory #TherapyMoment #ShotOfJack


Reminder to myself to stay out of my own way and start becoming obsessed again with the idea of my own awesomeness. --QUESTION: Do you ever cross the street by seeing when other people decide to cross or do you always judge the traffic yourself?

You're not behind. You're not too old. Too uneducated or unqualified. You're afraid to be Uncomfortable and Stretch yourself to do something you've never done... #StayOutOfYourOwnWay and START!

See that l👀k? This needs to be your "I'M HERE FOR IT" attitude for the day. And whenever you feel like shrinking today... Remember this picture and channel your inner Beastmode!! #StayOutOfYourOwnWay 👊🏾

#TheMorningMirror: Be BETTER than You were | 24 hours ago! #StayOutOfYourOwnWay #NoNegativity

Someone ELSE'S Breakthrough is in "Your" Story... Give yourself permission to tell it. (Watch it until your spirit gets it!) #StayOutOfYourOwnWay 👊🏾

How do you measure your success? It should start with self awareness. Too often we are torn because we become our own worse critic when working towards goals we are passionate about. The first step to success is release the fear and drop the doubt! Put forth your best effort, pair it with commitment & hard work! Although you may not see an immediate return on your efforts, you've made it farther than you would have if there was no action...#StayOutOfYourOwnWay

Not only will someone Get This but someone may Need This today, so #issaSelfie rp..😉😋🤗💜🔮...Some of us "Get In Our Own Way" so much that it can sometimes feel like Your #SpiritGuides #Ancestors #Angels #Orisha #Daemons #Aliens #Deities or any form of #HigherGuidance to include #HigherSelf have ALL put the #DoNotDisturb sign out in the "rooms of your mind" and we are just #FlyingByTheSeatOfOurPants so to speak! Alas, #OhItsAllFuckeryAnyWay😩 but you have to #StayOutOfYourOwnWay !!! .... #StopShittingYourSelf 🙃😒🤦🏽‍♂️🙄🤷🏽‍♂️😩

If you haven't RSVP'd and secured your seat at my Live Disney Travel Party, pm me and I'll sign you up!

Games, prizes, amazing opportunities, and....... Free gift for or 1st time guests!

#Godisgood #lovemyjob #joinTheEvolution #livetravelparty #whodoesntlovedisney #do"it" #rememberyourwhy #stayoutofyourownway #steppingup #outofmycomfortzone

Just a little reminder for today ✌🏻
. . .
#Repost @toodaysinspirations
Far to smart. Stop limiting yourself.

"Impossible" is just a word... Have enough Faith to Trust where God is taking you. #StayOutOfYourOwnWay 👊🏾

They say life begins at the end of your comfort zone. #comfortzone #getoutofyourcomfortzone #stayoutofyourownway

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