His little profile just gets me 😍

Where has the time gone.. #staylittle #mylittleman #thankful

These are the baby days. At our chiropractor’s office I was trying to lay on the rolly table, I’m sure that’s the technical term. Prim was on the floor screaming like a banshee for attention and Georgia was clumsily climbing up on top of me, elbowing me and knocking the wind out of me multiple times. I just had to sit there and laugh. I’m stopping right here, right now and resetting my heart and mind. I’ve had a short fuse today with all the messes and mayhem and moodiness of little girls (did I mention messes?) I’m choosing to have a heart of thankfulness. I’m thankful for the messes - it means my children are curious, playful and growing. I’m thankful for the chaos - they are vocal about what they need and aren’t afraid to express that. I’m thankful for a mile long to-do list and endless errands - I have important contributions to make to our family. I’m thankful I have a gracious God I can bring my irritations and frustrations to, who never waivers at my rash exclaimations of, “I can’t do this!”, who gives me humility in exchange for my pride, who encourages me with his own voice - “Yes you can. You’re capable, you’re creative and I made you to be able to do this.” The one who, when my time with Him gets cut painfully short every single morning because someone wakes up or starts crying or comes knocking on my door, gently comforts me, “It’s okay. Go. These are the baby days.” #primroseryann

I love my cute smiley boys so frickin much! #staylittle #nephews #happyauntie #paradeoflights #coldwind #frozensmiles #lenahat

Holy cow she was 5 months here 😥😥😥 where has the last few months gone?! #throwback#5months #stopgrowing #mommysbaby #myprecious #growingtoofast #takemeback #gorgeous #thoseeyes #babymodel #babygirl #staylittle

These two 😍 always a blur in their pictures haha a rare moment when they aren’t fighting! #boymom #boymomlife #momarazzi #mamabear #staylittle #babyboy #motherhood #family #blueeyedboy #hammocktime #familytime #brothers

We might be the only ones on the planet but hubby & I really are not huge fans of thanksgiving food 🙈🤣 Yea we’re weird 😉 I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with family & friends tomorrow!

And if you want to hustle between thanksgiving & Christmas, join our beginner bootcamp that starts Monday! We’ll show you how to love the skin you’re in & finish 2018 STRONG 💕💪🏼 You in?

Since becoming a mom, I have become very focused on time. There are so many small things — When do the babies need to eat again? How long have they been napping? When do they need to go back to the pediatrician? Do I have enough time to take a quick shower? When is my husband coming home from work? How many hours of sleep will I get tonight? And the list goes on.... Thank you @tensewatches for the beautiful watches so that we can keep all of these details straight! I also find myself pondering the “bigger” time questions — How did I grow 3 babies in 32 weeks? Are they hitting their milestones for each passing month? How much time do I have before I have to go back to work? Am I spending enough one-on-one time with each baby? How much time do I have before they go to college? (Because at that point I might have to relocate to be near them! 🤷🏼‍♀️.) What did I accomplish in the 35 years of my life before they were born? How are babies already nearly 7 months old? How is time passing so quickly?
Do you guys ponder these kinds of things?
❤️ Each day spent with them fills me with immeasurable joy, but it is bittersweet because I simultaneously love who they are now and can’t wait to see who they become. ❤️.
Photography: @northwest_obsessed.
Watches: @tensewatches
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The sweetest little sleeping babe. #staylittle #reedyroo🌱 #sleepingbabe #7monthsold

Happy 1st birthday to my little Liddy!! 💕💕 I can’t believe it’s been a full year since you came into this big world of ours. I love watching you learn & grow more every day (just maybe slow down a tad) 😭
I love you so much! 💕 #firstbirthday #birthdaygirl #lydialee #staylittle

We’re a day away from month 7. Juliette started crawling this month, and still isn’t a fan of solid foods. I can’t believe how fast it’s going, but I’m looking forward to celebrating the upcoming holidays with this sweet little girl in our family! ❤️ #julietteshea #7monthsold #motherhood #staylittle #carters #jaidsco #rylannicoledesigns

It's been awhile since a posted a photo of Charlotte #whoops 🙈
So heres a small update: shes doing great! She absolutely loves preschool and we are on a big colouring kick lately which is fabulous. We still aren't 100%potty trained as the only time she actually pooped on the potty was completely naked and with some oily help (more on that later... ) but we ARE completely pee trained HALLELUJAH! She will use the bathroom in Costco, Walmart, anywhere really 💁‍♀️ Also can we acknowledge how fabulous this face is? 😅 Its begging for a caption!

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This smile melts my heart over and over!! 💙 love to see you change everyday and learn new things! .
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