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My hope and goal for this year is to be whole-hearted. In all that I do to be focused on Him and glorify Him. ❤ #wholehearted
COMMENT your hope / word for this year that you want to aim for and TAG a friend to do that same!

Do not fear failure, fear not trying. 💪🏼

The earth is your studio. @laurentierno #backcountryyoga

Those hours after when I'm still wearing your smell...
📽 @ralinagazizova
📝 Story about: this magic happening between two.
🎼 The video song. Have no idea what it's name.

🎼 Avril Lavigne - If you tell me what I want...

You know sometimes I miss you.
Sometimes I think we'll do it again.
And sometimes I think we'd be back to friends and anything like that would never happen.
Sometimes I forget about you and think you have a long road to be inspiring and ambitious for me. It's not about you are not worthy, it's just I can see you can grow much bigger.
Sometimes I see your pictures and don't hide them as I used to do with previous spontaneous lovers but look at them and smile just because they are cute.
Sometimes I think we'd hardly see each other again or just hey how are you at the party. Or what is much more possible, we won't be single anymore.
I will keep speaking half english, half russian: it's not overplay, I just don't know how to flirt, talk about feelings or sex in my language.
And any of these options is fine with me. It's good.
For some reason, even if you forgot me the day after (which you didn't, maybe in a week though), you are a great move forward for me. When I started to appreciate a bit of caring and someone being good to me.
Love the ones who make you go wild and worships it.
You know, I would say yes if you have called a week ago. Despite all the theories I know this thought has crossed your mind at least twice.
It would have ended badly but I'd say yes.
Because, damn it, it was a really good night.
But I would breath in, listen to this enchanting music taking my mind out of my head and remind myself that my motto of life is "Leave them wanting more" especially if tge one wantimg more is actually you.
🎼 Sol - Alef
📝 Story about one spontaneous and a very passionate night.

“I was running in this race.
I was putting in my best efforts.
I was running towards the finish line.

I’d run well, I was proud of how far I had come, I had a big smile on my face as I kept my eyes toward that finish line.

Then along the way I looked to the left and right.
I looked there when I got tired.
I looked there when I got discouraged.
I looked there when I needed confirmation...
Yet each time I looked my smile disappeared.

I was looking for the crowd to be cheering my name.
At times I looked and they were cheering me on but then as I ran around the corner I couldn’t hear their encouragement anymore and it was hard to keep going .

Then at one point in the race I heard this voice.
It never left.
It kept cheering me on, it kept believing in me, it kept giving me advice and wisdom.

The race was life.
The cheerleader was God.
The people along the way were the ones God placed to encourage me on that season.

When I discovered His constant cheerleading of my life- that kept a smile on my face”

Words by @hannahmurphy1 from a vision she had.

This describes the heart behind #theencouragementproject
We want to be a cheerleading voice for this situation right now you are in, and then provide resources to point you to the One who will always cheer you on (because He is the best at it!) - link in bio for more info

"When things go wrong, you'll find they usually go on getting worse for some time; but when things once start going right they often go on getting better and better."
-- C.S. Lewis (The Horse and His Boy) / 1954
#cslewis #thehorseandhisboy #staypositive #stayinspired #dontgiveup #quotes #quoteoftheday #quotestoliveby

From the vaults! Pierrot is a tragic character in the Commedia dell’arte. He is often melancholic, wistful and unlucky in love. In this series, @wenchimodel evoked a beautifully androgynous Pierrot with some help from makeup artist @dressupbox and wardrobe by @motheroflondon_official, generously loaned for the shoot by @fiveanddiamond c/o @anatkblack. This set went up on @zivity in 2015. Censored for Instagram. A couple more from this series are filed under #wenchi_harlequinade

Some days are easy and some days are hard. This girl right here keeps me motivated and working hard for our family. She is the reason I keep going, why I don’t give up, why I post a thousand times a day, and why I stay up late to get things done for my business and my family. She is “my why.”
P.S. This is something new she started doing 😂 I hope it brings a smile to your face like it did mine ❤️

Loving the #januarysketchbox !! I can’t wait to use that gold brush pen 😍 #sketchbox #art #artsupplies #artisttools #iloveart #january #yay #stayinspired #alwayscreate

#loosechange clear all of the voices in your head that tells you that you can't do this and you can't do that push through it and make yourself do it
#stayfocused #staystrong #staypositive #stayinspired #staymotivated #godglow

It’s amazing what we can get done just by sitting down and focusing on one task at a time!
As an entrepreneur it can be difficult to sometimes manage our time or keep our focus on what actually needs to be done when we are constantly faced with distractions.
For quite a while now I’ve been using the Pomodoro technique (though @forest_app ) paired with rain sounds (check out the Thunderspace app!) and it’s helped my productivity immensely. I often amaze myself with what I can get done when I just focus for 25 minutes!
The difference between being high achieving and just being average is checking off every single thing on your to-do list before the day is over instead of leaving one or two for the next day.
What do you do when you really need to focus?

Dreaming of walking through the dahlia field today as I get bundeled up to go out and do our daily chores. The guineas were happy to see me after a day of not being able to open the frozen latch on the door to their coop, they were warm and content. Our hens are still laying eggs to our surprise, they really are good producers! Can hardly wait to have our flowers producing once again. Until then we will continue to plan and prepare for upcoming growing season. #farmerflorist #flowerfarmer #flowerfarm #familyfarm #rsblooms #dsfloral #lovemylife #countrylifestyle #countrylife #countryliving #livingmydream #liveauthentic #dahlia #dahlialove #stayinspired #pagrown #pafarm

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