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Remember being happy doesn't mean you have it all . It simply means you're thankful for all you have. 😊😊 #gratitude #goodmorning #stayinstyle #stayinspired

This month has most definitely been our busiest yet and while we've each been affected differently, I can't help but feel super proud of how well this little guy goes with the flow. One of the hardest parts about our job is that some days we do have to leave him behind, but thankfully social media is amazing and we've been able to connect with babysitters all over. So, in honor of today being the last wedding of our busiest month yet, I want to give a shoutout to Charlie's incredible babysitters this year 😊 @maddiefowlerr in San Jose, @blaireemcc in San Luis Obispo, @cannonjtc in Yosemite, @_miche_jones_ in Salt Lake City, @cheisentrout in Lake Tahoe, @bekahburroughs in Ripon, and @laxibeal in Portland. We are so so thankful for you people for loving our pup. Y'all are the best.

Thursdays with Lauren! 💜Well, this #tbt popped up on my Facebook a couple days ago and WOW I cannot believe it has only been ONE year since Kel and I shot images for our first ELEVATE guide!! It honestly feels like we started SISSFiT ages ago. Here are a few of the realities we've faced starting a brand together as sisters:
1. The highs are much higher (and worth it), but the lows can be even lower when working with family
2. Maybe we were optimistic, but we assumed starting a business meant doing what we wanted to be doing the majority of the time...wrong! A good 75% of our time is spent trying to figure out things we have no experience with such as legal, accounting, and product design. Thankfully we're beginning to figure this all out and the fun factor is creeping way up
3. We've been tempted to throw the towel in a time or two. As embarrassing as that is to admit, it's true. As athletes we are used to working hard and typically reaching our goals...well, we've faced a LOT more failure and struggle than we ever anticipated. However, it really has made us stronger and helped us to appreciate the highs...we are definitely on a strong/positive road now and no longer take anything for granted
4. It can be hard to find your niche! There is such an over abundance of information on the internet and even in the blogger/social media realm. Figuring out what makes you most excited to get out of bed in the morning, and then figuring out how to translate that to others can be challenging, but also extremely rewarding once everything begins falling into place
5. You never know until you start trying and asking! (We're still working on this one ☺️)
If anyone else has had similar experiences, tips, advice, words of wisdom, etc we would love to hear it!! We are continuing to learn so much everyday and so appreciate any and all words of advice and experience!
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PADDLE BOARDING!! 💙🇦🇺- had the best day out at Currumbin with @daxon chasing those hella big waves 😜 If you ever get the chance to travel Australia you gotta go for a surf up in QLD @australia @visitqueensland #visitqueensland #seeaustralia #openmyworld @queensland @destinationgoldcoast


What advice would you give your younger self?

Namaste 🙏🏾

Teapot and pink peony in process.... #watercolorpainting #floral

#You can only learn from your previous experiences.

#don't let your past screw your future..!

@djiglobal makes some incredible drones.. 🙌🏻😌 Been messing with long exposures tonight! ✨✨✨ #mavicpro

Digging this Catskill vibe ☀️🍃
Check out my insta-story too for more moments from today with the same vibe✨ #summer #sky #hammock #catskills #i❤️ny #cloud #wanderlust #photography #stayinspired #shetravels #instadaily #instagood #igersoftgeday #inspiration #goodvibes #blessed #clouds #summertime #bliss

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