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Introducing the saga of bad decisions, debt, and beautiful dragons.
I don’t regret it yet, but check back in with me in a few weeks and we’ll see how I’m doing then. 😂
Which dragons did you hatch this event?

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“gatekeeper of truth” amazing show of artivism! At the into action art installation, incredibly touching and moving pieces! Too many artists to thank. Stay Firme! ✊🏽
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If you fall in ❤️ with the home and it's within your budget, jump on it or another buyer will (happened to me once😫) especially if the home doesn't have many days on the market! #realestatetips #firsttimehomebuyer #stayinformed #realtor #gisselhomes ✨🏡

It's -22F in Fairbanks right now. I'm happy to have my fleece lined Salty Tube and, of course, hot coffee. #salty
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Olamide @baddosneh Reacts To Criticism About His Hit Track "Science Student" Issues Press Release.

@baddosneh Since the release of #ScienceStudent, the support has been massive. As you are all sharing, dancing, singing along to this relatable music of mine, I want you all to take some time to reflect on the subject, say no to drug abuse. Don’t abuse alcohol. stop mixing what you don’t know about. Live responsibly and drink responsibly. Don’t aspire the ‘highness state’ but a state of purpose fulfillment and passion discovery. Together let’s put an end to drug abuse and save as many lives as possible. The video will be out soon and I can’t wait for you all to see it. #SayNoToDrugAbuse #DrinkResponsibly #ScienceStudent
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Just common sense over here. The truth is Facts Don't Care About Your Feelings! That may be a very politically Incorrect thing to say, but that's the truth. Truth is Freedom of Speech is never biased at its purest form. It protects both sides of the spectrum.
Though some can Invert Reality all they want, it's their Freedom Of Speech to do so. People can tell the truth & may come off offensive to some, but it's their Freedom Of Speech to do so. Freedom Of Speech is neutral in its true nature. 👌 Attempting to limit it only makes it biased for the party trying to do so.

There is not one set of rules for one party & a different set for the other when it comes to Free Speech. No matter how much some people try to make it so. Don't be a snowflake! Facts will not change itself because you're offended by it. You are free to speak your mind just as everybody is whether you agree with them or not. Stay Informed my friends!

#FreeSpeech #Savage #Boss #JordanPeterson #CommonSense #FuckPoliticalCorrectness #FactsDontCareAboutYourFeelings #NoSpecialTreatment #DontBeASnowflake #InversionOfReality #Deplorables #Patriotism #Constitution #NewRight #NewMedia #AlexJones #DrudgeReport #Breitbart #DailyCaller #StayInformed #GlobalismSucks #HatersGonnaHate #TakingTheWorldBack

Virgin Girl Battles Strange Ailment After Being Raped By Land Grabber .
Busari Rukayat, 23, has narrated to Vanguardngr, how she was raped by a suspected land grabber in Ajegunle/Malato, Itaoluwo, Ikorodu, Lagos State. .
The seamstress, who is critically ill and receiving treatment in a private hospital, said the rape occurred about a fortnight ago, at about 2pm, on her way from a Sunday service. .
Rukayat said the suspect, Ade Ikudaisi, popularly called ‘Omo Iya Pupa’, was seated in front of his house as she passed by and that when she greeted him, he stretched his hand for a handshake after which she requested to send her on an errand. .
The victim said she paused to listen to Ikudayisi only for the suspect to drag her into his room and charmed her. Rukuyat stated that the suspect ordered her to undress after which he allegedly placed a traditional sash on her shoulder and a silver bead round her neck. .
She claimed to have been forced to step on some cowries and Ikudayisi allegedly murmured incantations on two kolanuts which he inserted into her female organ. As this was going on, her shouts for help yielded no result as nobody came to her rescue while Ikudayisi also covered her mouth with a cloth. .
The victim said she pleaded for mercy but quoted the suspect as insisting that what he required was a virgin. She said, “He threatened that I will bleed to death if I dared to expose him. I kept this to myself for days until I was struck with a strange ailment which compelled me to open up to my parents”. .
On hearing her story, the parents reported the incident at the Sagamu Road Police Station where officers were assigned to the alleged scene of crime for investigation. .
But on getting to the scene, Sunday Vanguard learnt that the policemen requested that the suspect should follow them to their station but he excused himself to dress up and ready his car to drive everybody to the station only for him to escape through a back door. It was learnt that all efforts to trace him proved abortive.
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💪 R E S I S T ✊🏽
🙏🏼 Being at the Women’s March in LA yesterday was a moving & powerful experience. Gives me hope to keep being engaged and active in protest & local politics. Thank you to all the people worldwide who express their anger, dissatisfaction & frustration with the current administration, you are all a great inspiration to me. 💋

UIU Atlanta E-Board retreat. It was a long and productive 10 hours! #weareready!
Join us TODAY!! for our first meeting of the year to learn about all the exciting things we have in store!
Time: 4:30pm
638 Sterling Court Riverdale GA 30274
Bring a dish and a friend!
#uiuatlantaeboard #makingplans #makingmoves #joinus #stayinformed

I Can't Be With Someone Who Doesn’t Eat Amala – DJ Cuppy
She made this known in a game show on Ndani TV.
She said: “My go-to meal is amala, ewedu and obe didin snail, it just sorts me out. When I meet people that say they don’t eat amala, I ask why? Some people say they are scared of it, it’s like the best thing in the world. I can’t even be with someone that can’t eat Amala. You can’t hang with me.
She also said she would like to be proposed to in Disneyland in California, US.
I am kind of obsessed with Disney, it’s like a thing for me. I love Disney movies. I actually want to be proposed to in Disneyland so if my future husband is watching this, heads up. A lot of people know that I collect Mickey Mouses so my obsession with Disney is very serious.
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Fulani Herders Must Register With N5k In Host Communities, Fayose Orders .
Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, has ordered Fulani herders to register with N5,000 in their host communities for identity and location. .
According Punchng, he also told Serikin Fulani in the state, Muhammed Abashe, that he will be held responsible for any further attack in the state. .
The governor, who was furious about the recent killing of a Tiv woman in Orin Ekiti by people suspected to be Fulani herders, said Abashe had failed in providing leadership by not stopping his kinsmen from destroying farms.
The governor also condemned the herdsmen attacks on residents “at the slightest provocation.” .
He said, “If you (Fulani herders) still want to stay among us, you must accept the responsibility to ensure that none of our peoples’ farms is destroyed by herdsmen any longer.
None of our people must be killed by your men, either they are strangers or those herdsmen living among us. If any killing or destruction of farms of our people occurs again in that area, I will ensure that I use the law to fight you their leader on it. This is the last warning I am giving you,” he warned.
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@IntoActionUs is week long pop up art exhibition and series of installments intended to raise awareness of current events related to social justice.
The message is meant to inspire the community through a call to action by sparking a conversation of change from within the system.
The exhibit featured works of art by notable street artists.
During the week, they hosted live panel discussions, performances, and workshops.

My personal experience at the gallery reminded me that we are all one in the fabric of society and beyond.
Other than our cultural differences, we share a common thread, which is the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Being a part of this movement is my wake up call to move into action and make change.
#IntoAction #PopUp #LA #Art #Gallery #Installment #StreetArt #Artivism #QuestionTheStatusQuo #PowerToThePeople #UpsetTheSetup #KeepYourCoins #WeWantChange #BeTheChangeYouWishToSee
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Could you imagine if a traditional financial planner tried to pitch the Sharks on Shark Tank to invest their money for him/her to manage? They'd be laughed off the stage!

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Shout out to mah sister for taking this cool picture to commemorate my birth #strictlybananas #stayinformed

#governmentshutdown YES it matters to you ‼️ #stayinformed #2018 #taxseason Stay Tuned! The “government” needs to be off this shut down business by Monday morning in order for things to pick up at the IRS which includes utilizing their full staff bc they are now using less than half as of the shut down & until the shut down Expect to wait longer than usual in this year to receive your tax return‼️

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