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You used to believe in santa claus matthew ,not knowing that it was me and your father the whole time. You still have santa claus, @jeremythomas_jt will always be your santa till u die 🌹
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What Is SPECIAL ABOUT ULTRAMAX ... Ultramax Protein with Creatine is a supplement that is perfect for a beginner's fitnesmania to who is having an active lifestyle. In addition, this supplement is also very practical because users no longer need to buy two separate supplements!

Ultramax Protein with Creatine contains no sugar and low calorie, so it is suitable to help you build fat-free muscle mass, besides chocolate creme taste is also very delicious to be a complement of your daily nutrients.

With imported ingredients, Ultramax Protein with Creatine is manufactured by standardized plants so that quality and quality are maintained. This supplement has also been registered with the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM). So you do not have to doubt the quality and safety of this supplement!

Yang SPESIAL dari ULTRAMAX... Ultramax Protein with Creatine merupakan suplemen yang sangat cocok bagi fitnesmania pemula hingga yang sedang memiliki gaya hidup aktif. Selain itu, suplemen ini juga sangat praktis karena pengguna tidak lagi perlu membeli dua suplemen terpisah!

Ultramax Protein with Creatine tidak mengandung gula dan berkalori rendah, jadi cocok membantu Anda membentuk massa otot bebas lemak, selain itu rasa chocolate creme juga sangat lezat untuk menjadi pelengkap nutrisi Anda sehari-hari.

Dengan kandungan bahan baku import, Ultramax Protein with Creatine diproduksi oleh pabrik terstandarisasi sehingga terjaga mutu dan kualitasnya. Suplemen ini juga telah terdaftar di Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan (BPOM). Jadi Anda tidak perlu meragukan kualitas dan keamanan dari suplemen ini!

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Magic happens when you don't give up , even though you want to.
The universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart.

when you see bae 🦋
the most important step before applying anything on your skin is definitely cleansing your face, & it's IMPORTANT to have a powerful cleanser that helps in removing your make up or dirt or oil that you have on your skin in order for your pores to not be all clogged which will cause acne, @dmasyhur_herbs @wowflawlesscosmetic_hq cleanser is a water based formula that will remove unwanted things on your skin while balancing your ph level not leaving it dry but instead will leave your skin all supple & clean! ❤️ #keepitnatural #stayhealthy

Einen wunderschönen guten Morgen🌸auf in eine neue Woche - für mich die letzte Arbeitswoche, ehe es am Samstag endlich in den Urlaub geht. 🏝☀️ich kann es wirklich kaum mehr erwarten und freue mich rießig drauf 😍🙏
Startet gut in den Tag meine Lieben ❤️
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Happy #flexfriday yall

I cant keep up! My inbox is always at +99 which is the maximum, but I do go through them all, slowly but steady

Which brings me to this : Messages regarding weightloss! Young girls, mom's, father's, soldiers and even grandma's asking for advice, to shed some fat from their bodies. Most of you are totally normal looking, some of you are even slim and on the edge to be skinny, and I tell you that - Yeah I know, but im not toned are usually your answer, and my answer to that : That's because you have very little muscle and dont get enough food

You want to be toned, you have to eat and lift weights, not getting in the proper nutrition will make your body use muscle as fuel, not fat. It will make you skinny fat, yes that's an actual term, that's the result of not eating proper healthy foods, getting in enough calories to actually keep your muscles and burn fat as fuel, instead of storing it

Lifting weights, will only increase the amount of fat burned, IF you get in enough quality calories, it will also keep your skin tight and give you that desired toned look

So stop with the : Ill probably loose fat if I dont eat! It couldnt be more wrong and is freaking unhealthy, this is not an advice, its proven facts, thats the way our bodies work and you shouldnt punish it by starving it

Treat yourself good, healthy food is the absolute best way to spoil yourself, your body will love you back for it

Bonus : Did you know, that fat takes up 15% more space than muscle

Happy friday world

Wearing @workoutempire ❤️ #workoutempire Bodysuit - Use my code 'MIAFIT10' to take 10% off

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👋🏻 Hello ! 🌀Avant d'être distributrice je suis cliente chez Mōdere parce que je crois en leurs produits et que je fais attention à mon mode de vie ! ♻️🌏☀️ 🌀Parce que j'en ai marre de tous ces produits pourris qu'on nous vend en grandes surfaces pleins d'additifs ⚠️de parabens et de perturbateurs endocriniens, néfastes pour nous mais aussi pour l'environnement. 📛 🌀Aujourd'hui je teste la collection Salle de Bains 🛁 une collections de produits qui sent déjà hyper bon 😋 (un bon début !) et qui s'inscrit dans le concept du 🍃 live clean 🍃 🌟On retrouve toujours des produits labellisés EWG plus stricts que le bio.
🐾 Non testés sur les animaux. 🚫 Sans BPA, sans paraben, sans OGM.
♻️ Emballages recyclables et ingrédients biodégradables.

Pour plus d'infos contactez moi en MP 💭

Et toujours moi -10€ en suivant le lien 📤https://modere.eu/?referralCode=567934

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#proteinshake This is so good!!! Watermelon Protein Shake! Man you should try this! #fitmom #stayhealthy #stayfit #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #healthychoices #healthymom

Monday Flow 💪💯

#motivationmonday is even harder when it's #raining so come to THECLUB and we can all #struggle together! #stayhealthy #stayactive




When your cousin brings you a freshly picked bucket of blackberries you make delicious banana, blackberry, and peanut butter sorbet topped with goji berries and cacao for lunch! It is easy to make, just blend the ingredients in the blender and enjoy! .
So grateful for family! Thank you @ms_djadja! 😙😙😙
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« Dis moi ce que tu manges, je te dirai qui tu es.»
🇫🇷Le petit déjeuner est le repas le plus important de la journée 😌Ne jamais le négliger! 🇺🇸Breakfast is the most important meal of the day 😌 never skip it!
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🏝 Todays outfit! Hope youre having a great monday! 🏝

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