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After the harsh storms filled with problems,there's always that sunshine overflowing with accomplishments.An ocean has no power to sink a ship unless the water finds its way through the cracks.similarly, the negativity of the world cannot bring you down unless you give it the power to creep inside your head.and as the waves of the world crash into me, I feel the scars on my skin open up and i let myself drown in hate from the world and find that iam much like the titanic...one giant ship that appears unbreakable but with the smallest obstacles,will sink and bring down thousands with her!!!
Learn how to look Past,The Present and into the future..it eases the mind and gives you a new perception✌🏼️..Soo... be happy with yourself and don't worry about anyone else.When you are truly happy everything else falls into place!!!😎😘
#gooddaysunday #enjoyyourlife #stayhappyforever #liveandcherisheverymomentinlife

Don't let your Background put your Back to the Ground! Rise above your circumstances!! 🙏🙏

Me in the future🎀👑😆 #goalsaf #stayhappyforever #mein100years

When you are just messed at work ,from life and back at home your favorite people pull off the ultimate surprise for you.

I really wasn't looking forward to anything big or expect anything over the top, but what i received was way more than what i expected.
I know I haven't been the easiest person to knock around within the last few months but you people @wayfarrrer @barinder_kaur @akritisharma29 have put up with me and always tried to make everything feel more better , so, thank you so much.

Looking at all these grand gestures of friendship and kindness makes me really feel so blessed and loved and special and all kinds of amazeballs, and I could exhaust my reservoir of superlatives trying to thank God he gave me such wonderful friends ♥however, @barinder_kaur couldn't make it this time as she is 4,848 miles away but you are forever in my ❤️ From the tips of my toes running through my bones, THANK YOUUU!!! I love you all, and thank you for making my 24th birthday memorable!#24on24th #belatedhappybirthdaytome #surprisesurprise #stayhappyforever

We have been through good and bad
We have been through times that we have hated each other
But I hope now everything is fine
Manny mannyy happy returns of the dayy

Happy happy happyy happyyyyyyy birthday to you Harshitha #birthdaygirl #stayhappyforever 😊😍☺️😘💃👭💫☄#happylonglifetoyou #partyhard


Si Babe ulangtahun pas dihari naiknya harga material yang ada😂😂.
Biar udah 9% naiknya, ngomset tetep donk😊😉.
Foto2 apalagi deh hukumnya wajib😋😛.
Biar telat uploadnya, yang penting happy ya Babe👍🙏.

The only pic I got from my birthday 😅 twas a great night. Thanks to those who came out, those who wished me a happy birthday and thanks @dimnet for the #cakecakecake. #stayhappyforever #newmotto #July18th 🎉🎂

Thank you & Best wishes to the newlyweds.

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