And she's all done!! The #hangingtoolcabinet has found its new home in the shop!!

I will say, as much as I would've loved to, this wasn't intended to be a show piece. I had a need in the shop, and tons of random scrap wood so I made it work. Less #finefurniture more #cleanoutthefridgedinner lol. Either way, I hope you enjoyed it!!

The final side of the #hangingtoolcabinet is complete! I lef t some space here on purpose, as there will always be more #tools in the future haha.

Hang tight to see it come together and mounted!!😎👍

احمد رضا محمدی فینال،دسته یک تهران سالن حیدر،نیا#

Section 3 of the #hangingtoolcabinet complete!!

Well I'm sure I could have squeezed 10 more tools in here, my goal was to be organized and to keep everything simple. This way things go back to their place and nothing gets cluttered... Hopefully lol

Be light
Be a light

Simple and yet very effective....you want to incinerate some serious calories...do this workout!!!

I know YOU want ME 🤞❤️😋😍
#livevibes #stayhappy😊 #Staycommited

Remember you are the foundation of everything around you. Will you allow what’s around you to decide what you do then you have just given your power away. #StayCommited #PrepareForSuccess #ExcusesOrResults
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You know what I hate most about running? Running😂! The act itself is torturous to me! There is nothing fun or enjoyable about this! The constant forward movement of my legs and pounding of pavement on my feet brings so much discomfort, so much pain that all I can do is breath through it. Step forward, breath, repeat. Kinda like life no? Gotta embrace the discomfort, breathe through it, and keep moving forward, one God awful foot strike at a time. Lubing up the most awkward body parts also helps...😜. On a side note...my leggings were on inside out. No joke. The hubby said he's gonna sew large tags onto all my clothes cause I'm an idiot🙈. #lifelessons #newweek #newintentions #keepmoving #mykidsarewatching #whatsthelessonthisweek #staycommited #nevergiveup #momtheteacher #listenandwatch #betheexample #liveintentionally

I Pray My Niggas DON’T trade on ME 🚷 I KNOW if I Get 🅰️ Case Today these Hoes AIN’T Gon wait on ME 🏌🏽‍♂️ #stayconsistent 🎒 #staycommited #stayfocus 💰🏃🏽‍♂️

How do you guys store your tools?

I was getting tired of losing my tools everyday and not having a place to put them! So, I decided to give them the dedicated space they deserve😀 so far, two sections complete, to more to go in the #hangingtoolcabinet

ASPIRE TO INSPIRE! What better way to achieve your goals than to surround yourself with like minded people. The best things in life are built with a good team.... even you!
Dedication, Commitment and Consistency!
#staycommited #mensphysique #hardwork #teamsbuilddreams

Hola, desde Bogotá. No video, but just know, I find a a spot to workout anywhere I go. #staycommited #c4eliteperformance #fitgram #mytravelgram #goals

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