You're a masterpiece. -M 🌹

Be a first rate version of yourself.
Not a second rate version of someone else.
18.06.18 | Ektar 100

The moon was just a sliver back then // #olympusom2 #velvia50

We're here 🍃
📸 : @sftcre

เหมือนว่าฝันไป /🦉
#ishootfilm #filmphotography #photooftheday #olympusom10 #fujic200

“We do everything we can to stay off the telly”

Ueno Park, Tokyo - March 2018
📷Ricoh 35ZF
#uenopark #tokyo #japan #cherryblossom #tokyojapan

Newtown, Sydney - April 2018
📷Ricoh 35ZF
#newtown #sydneyart #streetart #sydney

St Peters, Sydney - April 2018
📷Ricoh 35ZF
#stpeters #newtown #innerwest #sydney

35mm with @bree.newgass shot by Gabrielmaldonado

lần đầu tiên dùng cái bedtime của clock set từ 11h đêm tới 7h sáng cho đủ 8 tiếng, kết quả là tự nhiên mất ngủ trắng đêm đến gần 5h sáng mới chợp mắt được, ủa gì kì ngộ nghĩnh vại....

Bliss is being a dog in a well off white family.

summertime pt.1 // June ‘18

All summer 18’ with @bree.newgass shot by gabrielmaldonado

This beautiful old Twin Beech lies wrecked and abandoned near Beatty, NV. ⠀

Locals tell stories of how the plane was used to shuttle guests from Las Vegas to the town's brothel in the 1970s, but things went wrong with a publicity stunt, or perhaps a dare, and the plane made its final landing here.⠀

Johnathan Little, walking US Route 95, about 25 miles due north of Pahrump, NV. He started his walk in Oklahoma and has been on a mission of self-empowerment since.⠀

#vanlife gets a lot of love on Instagram, but Johnathan joined the #walkinglife to regain his self-respect and lose some weight. He seems on a path to do both.⠀⠀

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