Beautiful girl like me!!!!!!!! Abeg I can't be rushed #stayaway

Proud Leo!
Less than 2hours #birthdaygirl

Birthday Behavior

Aaaaaand im pretty much an asshole when you attempt to come back🤷‍♀️ #yep #shouldvedonebetter #ohwell #onceimdoneimdone #goaway #aaaaaannnd #stayaway

Period! Always and forever! #love #repost #iloveyou #love #loyalty #stayaway 🤷🏾‍♀️🙅🏿

I love and live for my beautiful babygirl. Please know that I will kill for and to protect her. #gce #stayaway #concealedcarry #PSA 🇵🇷 👑

Today was Madison’s first day of 8th grade.... I just cant believe what a beautiful young lady she is becoming🌸🌺🌸. #instagood #instagram #teengirls #noboysnoproblems #mamabear🐻 #prottective #stayaway

Don’t ask God to get you out of a jam that you’ll get yourself right back into.
#stayaway #maketherightchoice #peaceoverworry

Regrann from @kingsimonproductions - I've purchased this book twice...since its been on the market. I remember giving it to a dear and close friend of mine because her energy was being sucked by her husband, family members and others around her. I really believe that she would still be here today if she had mastered this book. @nicholasbk...
FYI: #stayaway from the #energyvampires. Its not worth it. .
Sincerely with Love from Brother King Simon - #regrann

I use to have a job where I was surrounded by negative people on a daily basis. 😫 It got to the point were my mind was so stressed out and I felt anxiety because I fed my mind the negativity that people fed me. 😔
They always complain about other people for their failures to been successful or complain about been broke but they never did anything about it to fix their financial issues. 😠
One day I cut them all out of my life and I can dramatically see a change in my mindset and mental health.
Moral of the story stay away from negativity people.
#negative #negativity #people #stayaway #positivevibes #mentalhealthawarness

#BeReal #BeLoyal Or #StayAway From Me !

This one is to all you guys out there that feel like you can do whatever to a woman. To you who went by me and stroked my belly without my approval! This one is for all you guys that one minute later started to shout at me from a car, this one is for you who one second after THAT got angry at me while walking by cuz I didn’t want to shake your hand and start a conversation 3.am in the morning. (All in 100steps) This one’s for you who walked with your penis out and attacked and sexually abused a woman same night everything else happened to me in the same town, same area, at the same time... This one is for all you who thinks that it is the woman’s fault for wearing little clothes, that it’s okey to do whatever to her then! She asks for it
» Well guess what! Maybe its warm outside or I think it looks bomb on me! WHAT EVER THE CAUSE IS YOU ARE NOOOT ALLOWED TO TOUCH ME, SPEAK DOWN TO ME, THINK YOU OWN ME OR ANY OTHER GIRL FOR THAT MATTER! Parents need to teach their Boys how to treat a woman and not their girls how to “not get raped”. how can a person be so unstable that he forces a woman to sex? If you would do something like this then lock yourself in and see a therapist or something.
THIS IS ME, MY BODY, MY CLOTHES! You stay the fuck away and don’t even think about shouting stuff at me.
COMMENT 🙌🏼 if you feel me!!!!!!! #prettylittlething #plt #metoo #stayaway #donttouchme #abuse #teachyoursons

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