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Some days are definitely harder than others and I have to remind myself it doesn't last forever. So when these kids get upset, pout and throw a tantrum for basically no reason at all. I start really losing it and begin laughing like a madman until they totally forget what they were whining about in the first place. It's a little childish, but don't they say, growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional. •

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I couldn't be a stay-at-home dad........there I've said it now and it's out in the open. Initially I guess before my first child was born I had a notion that maybe one day I'd like to try it , but I was never sure .
Don't take it the wrong way though and hear me out till the end as I'm going to try and explain why. You see it's not that I don't want to spend time with them...... I do ! I spend as much time as I can with them when I'm home from work and on weekends. My hobbies have also certainly taken a back seat since they both came along. You see I do all the baths I can possibly do, I do all the bedtimes I can possibly do and I have tried very hard to be the best dad I can be to them. The thing is though like most parents I'm terrified of something bad happening to them while they are under my care. The only thing I'm more terrified of than that happening is what my wife would do to me should I have a lapse in judgement or alertness that caused them harm. Overall though for me it's the constant issue of keeping them out of harms way when I have them alone with me. I know I would really struggle to deal with that five or six days a week , twelve hours a day. I think it would wear me down to the point where I might stop being myself and just turn into a hermit who never left the house with them. Hats off to the dads that do it though you have my attention and my utmost respect ( you know who you are @thedadnetwork and @thedadmom #mum #dad #parents #stayathomemom #stayathomeparent

This is what UPS brings right to your door upon joinging the scentsy team:) Can you feel that scentsy magic??✨🌟💫🎉
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*Change of Scenery*
In case you guys didn't know, my beautiful wife officially QUIT her job! We are BOTH officially stay at home parents. We're so grateful for the opportunity that has granted us the ability to do so!
Usually it's just me on our Monday morning leadership calls but this morning I had both of my girls with me on the call!
I can't wait for this new chapter in our lives! 4 years ago we were both building our jobs... now it's time to build our future!

Late Post
Tonight's dinner 🍴
Salmon with Béarnaise sauce
🌿 Herb butter rice 🍚
Vegetables (not pictured)
Never in a million years would I think 🤔 I could pull this off BUT being a #stayathomeparent has taught me quite a few things about myself.
But honestly a thanks 🙏🏽 is in order to my husband because I've learned a little about throwing down in the kitchen. Hehe! 😜!

What I've got to look forward to. #nothing #mustbeboring #stayathomeparent 😂

If you are a new parent, currently awaiting the arrival of a little bundle or are a person, read this book.
I am only a few chapters in but so far it is not only absolutely hilarious, it is also extremely informative.
I have read a few sections of various baby books, googled 'should my 3 month olds poo be this colour?' and read many a post on any parenting forum I could find and they are, on the whole, completely unhelpful, contradictory nonsense.
This book, and his facebook page, is an honest retelling of the experience of being a parent.
I only wish Tiggy wasn't about 8 months older than his child so I could have read this to prepare me for the experience, rather than reading it thinking 'thank f*&k! They're all arseholes!' #manvsbaby #dummy #parentingishard #stayathomeparent #knowyourtone (I put that last one in to confuse the guitarists! I'm allowed, I am one!)

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Thanks for this @hrladyofficial......love it!

How many things in this photo capture the day in the life of a stay-at-home parent? One not so obvious thing is the fact that it's 2:37 in the afternoon and this coffee was brewed at 6:30 this morning. Welcome to my life. #parenthood #stayathomedad #stayathomedadlife #stayathomeparent #mousekatool #disneyjunior #papaneedswine

Still in love with my new #brassearrings. 😁 Check out the #tutorial on my latest #blogpost or on my #YouTube channel.



I love sitting on my patio!! 😍 Enjoying a cup of coffee in the cool shade while my little ones play is so wonderful!! 😄 I love being a mom!! I love being able to stay home and enjoy this time with them!!! Do you wish you could stay home with your kids?? Do you wish you didn't have to miss out on so many things because of work? You don't have to!! You CAN work from home or wherever YOU want!! If you want something more than what you are doing now, you NEED to message me!! Make a choice to do something that will better your life and get you more time with you family all while still earning an income!! 😁

Whether you’re a working or stay-at-home parent, some days you need help. #MaidPro helps you keep toys and messes under control.

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If you want things to change, you have to take action!!
Get up off the couch and do something now!

Pie face!! 😂😂 Who else has played this game?! It is TOO much fun! It had us cracking up. 🤣🤣 I am seriously so thankful I don't have to miss out on times like this!! Who else wants to stay home while the kids are off for summer but needs to make some extra money?? I'm going to help 5 people by the end of this month to start to reach some financial freedom... We can do this. Who is with me? This is first come, first serve! DM me if you want some info! 😊
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