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Linda has lost 143 pounds in 10 months! She takes our supplement every morning. If you want to burn belly fat and lose weight try our products! You can click the link in our bio to order your bottles. #howtoloseweight #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #weightlossmotivation #burnbellyfat #burnfat #burncalories #healthymom #stayathomemom #stayathomemoms #momsofinstagram #dietsupplement #fitnessgoal #healthylifestyle #healthyliving

I don't need FIXING. I'm NOT BROKEN.
It seems to be super hard for some to understand that I have ZERO intention to try and "remove" my cellulite with products. That it's more important to me to love myself the way I am, as I NATURALLY work on myself. IF the cellulite or ANY "flaw" I have 🙄changes from EXERCISING. GREAT. If not, also GREAT. Any and every time I post about cellulite, or extra skin, or anything "not stunning" I receive a plethora of messages about wraps, fascia blasting, creams, teas and companies wanting to "give" me their products as an experiment. 😫 Why is it socially expectable to bombard someone about looking better at all? If I posted ASKING...by all means..offer me your advice. Is it that hard to believe that I AM ACCEPTING of my body? Are we so programmed to see my flaws and it makes people think I need "fixing"? This is why it's SO much harder for any person to accept their bodies...because someone, some advertising, some company is telling them "there's a fix for that" 🙈which turns into an internal question: "oh I need to be fixed" NO YOU DON'T. You are amazing as you are. You are more then a body, more then cellulite, more than a number, more then a soft stomach, you are MORE than what people say you NEED, just to line their pockets. Keep your dollar bills 💵 Yo. Unless you WANT to go that route. Then by all means. Do your thang. But don't buy into something because someone convinces you that you need to be fixed. Because you are already everything you need. Leave my cellulite alone 😂 I don't mind it as much as you do, and my POINT in showing it, is that it's OKAY. #cellulite #effyourbeautystandards #itsallgood

39 weeks in🤰🏼& 39 weeks out 👶🏼
not where I want to be, but making progress 💪🏼

Babywearing ❤

My body is made to be used, and I can't think of a better way to use it than to carry my children 😍

🤷🏻‍♀️😭😭 reality. Who wants to come clean for me? Sometimes it's really hard balancing mom life and small business life. 😔

Yes way, rosé! Keeping it chill with some Summer Water as a little mid week treat.
Visit trywinc.com/legosinmylouis and get 4 bottles of your choice + free shipping for only $30 [link in profile]. #roseallday #drinkwinc @winc


💥Daily Affirmation💥
Where will your path take you?

2 more days!!!! No more crazy carpool 🚗 mania in the morning. Sadly, it's not the kids… It's always me running late… 😂. .
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Get two night light warmers and 6 scentsy bars of your choice all for $60! You'll be saving $10! What a deal. 😍 click my link below to order, https://alyssaallen.scentsy.us/shop/c/3845/combine-and-save :) #smellsgood #momlife #stayathomemom #momsofinstagram #grandmalove #scentsy

I love us ❤#marriedlife #husband #datenight

We had such a great time at the zoo! But her favorite part was the reptile exhibit because they had turtles and "fishies!" I think our next outing will be to the aquarium (and thank goodness because it's air conditioned!). She flipped out on the carousel, so that'll have to wait a while, but she did like the choo choo train 🚂 • | • | • #dayatthezoo #mommyandme #meandbaby #momlife #mommylife (#stayathomemom #forthesummer) #PartialDisclosure

My goal with it works??? To feed this boys McDonald's obsession!!! Haha jk but I love being able to provide for my family while staying at home! #itworks. #itworksglobal #whatareyouwaitingfor #momboss #stayathomemom #workfromhome

In a messy home, sitting on the floor, getting open mouth kisses. That's the way I like it.

As much as I've been sick this pregnancy God has always given me just enough to do what I have to do for my family and life. 🎈 When I was in prayer today I went outside to see the sun and it was too cloudy to see it. I felt this impressed on my heart: Sometimes we go out looking to seek Him out and even when we don't see Him the way we want Him to settle us ...He is always there all around listening ready to comfort us. 🎈
He will always give each of us just enough.
Good morning friends. He sees you~He hears you~He loves you! 😍✝️

Stress away is an amazing oil blend. The name says it all. I use it with a roller top and roll it on my neck and shoulders. Today was a day I used it when I first woke up, it was one of those mornings! 😬

Part of the fun of Lipsense is all the color combinations you can create. 💋Two colors = 8 options

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