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We are discussing #wilderness today. What does it mean to you? Thanks to @406explorer for sharing this wildernesses view of #IcebergLake with us.

On the edge of it all.....

Moments like this doesnt come by to often. Im not even sure there is a path to get to this point in Lofoten.

& @citystones.
Tag some friends you want to enjoy a nice party with, in a cabin like this one. Via @zackkcore. ©
Selected by : @jeremi_ah
#mountainstones #mntnsportraits #citystones
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Send you the last winter vibes from germany.

Photo by @_marcelsiebert #folkscenery

Storm is coming. I cannot wait for these summer evenings spent in the mountains- @johanlolos

The morning that this was taken I didn't want to get up. My alarm went off far too early on a Saturday in late summer after a long week in the office. I pulled myself out of bed, threw on a pair of tights and a flannel shirt and headed out the door...my partner opted for the extra few hours of sleep. I sat alone along the shore in the darkness, my camp stove brewing coffee and aside from the odd 'hello' of fellow sunrise chasers bumping into one another...silence. The sky lightened and then this happened. The sun said good morning to the ten peaks and in this moment... it was all worth it.
In contrast, this morning I arrived in my office after yoga far before the sun came up, it was easy to get out of bed and I was replying to emails... I didn't even notice the sunrise until after it had happened.



One more day and I'll be just where I belong, with my sisters 🥂💕✨ #throwbackthursday #springbreak

•La foto della scuola non mi assomiglia più
Ma i miei difetti sono tutti intatti
E ogni cicatrice è un autografo di Dio
Nessuno potrà vivere la mia vita al posto mio...• 🔱

| levels / lucid

It's as though, at any given time, there are alternative universes taking place. We just have to decide which reality we want for ourselves.
- Torre Roche 🌏


Forever Expanding

Two of the most handsome men in the whole of the Sahara 🐪

Daha kuzeye gitmeli 🚢 #copenhagen #denmark


Ran out of money and decided to lend a hand

Wasn't he cute? But for me he'll be a puppy his hole life 😏
#shibainu #puppy #herzchenhund #throwbackthursday

Black river waterfall! Wish you all a good evening. #roamnation

YOUr #Vibe attract YOUr #Tribe . Surround yourself with the doers the dreamers the thinkers the believers. These people are ur heartbeats. And once u found them u have the greatest Gift one can ask for. #soultribe #🙏

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