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Wonder of the world😍
We made it to the beautiful machu picchu where we spent the afternoon exploring all around☺️🙌
Nikon D810 | 24-70mm | 1/200 | F/3.2 | ISO 100

Sunset flight in Iceland 🇮🇸 with the one and only @volcanopilot. We had so much fun flying above volcanoes, glaciers and rivers that we forgot about the time and had to land somewhere in the middle of nowhere because the Reykjavik airport was closed already.

8 дней пролетели как один вечер. Проводили сегодня с @mr.abramenkov ребят в аэропорт. Немного грустно (и непривычно) сидеть в огромном доме в тишине без этих сумасшедших : ) Будем скучать, конечно. Все такие самобытные, все такие интересные... А завтра приедет вторая команда, я очень надеюсь, что нам также повезёт с погодой и мы посетим все, что запланировали.
👉Мне много пишут в директ на тему будущих поездок по Норвегии, да, они точно будут: Лофотенские острова с северным сиянием в феврале и фьорды уже следующим летом. Анонс ближе к зиме. #MishkaNorway #norway #MishkaTravel #visitnorway

It's amazing how the further north you go the longer the light lasts in the summer. This morning was no exception as we hiked around the lake, went for a little morning canoe, and enjoyed each other's company

Castle on the hill.

Missing Yosemite a lot these days.

#waybackwednesday to when we were hanging out at the X-Games in eight feet of snow. ❄️


Hungary - Lenti
Sry za reupload.... Android suckuje :(((
#hungary #fishing #lenti 📷Panasonic G7 + 25mm f1.7

Damp and chilly summer mornings... It seems like getting into camp after dark has become the norm. I kinda like it though, the miles seem to melt away under your feet with only your headlamp lighting the way. When you wake up, you're seeing the landscape for the first time, it's new and exciting... We ended up being the only ones up here, with only the fog and the rushing creek to keep us company, just the way we like it

Das Bild ist Samstagabend entstanden als noch niemand dachte, welches Wetter wir in den kommenden Tagen bekommen würden. Zu der Zeit war es noch angenehm war und ich hatte sogar noch überlegt noch länger zu bleiben, um Sterne zu fotografieren. Aber irgendwie war der Abend zuvor doch zu lange, um da schon wieder richtig fit zu sein 😂🙈 Ein paar Bilder von den Sternen habe ich aber dennoch auf dem Weg zum Parkplatz noch gemacht. Was sagt uns? Nicht zu früh aufgeben, sondern auch mal länger ausharren - es lohnt sich! 😊

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Hometown skies this past weekend.

When everything feels like an uphill struggle, just think of the view from the top.

Spent the morning finishing this piece while dreaming of mountains....
10 Limited Edition 5x7 Art Prints available in the Shop for $10 🏔🌼⛰✨

Walking on water

How many hiking poles does it take to balance a camera during a group photo of the #superhikecrew? 5 poles.
We made the best of the sunny day, the rainy day, and the cloudy day last week and couldn't wait for hot showers and clean sheets waiting at home!

📸: @centurionb_

My favorite way to see a new city is to get up early and go for a long run. It's quiet, the sidewalks are clear of other pedestrians, and I can cover more ground quickly. I found this river in a diminutive park just outside of downtown Juneau last week.

Pinnacles of limestone on the Dolomite pass

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