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A little cute surprise in my pages 👀

(Photo from @joychong)

Happy Thursday, it is nearly the end if the week😊

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[21/09/17] Current stationery favs for you all ❤️ I will name them from left to right (all brands tagged) ✨
• Pilot Frixion Coloud Marker in Teal💫
• Zebra Sarasa 0.5 gel pens in light green and peach 🌷
• Tombow Dual brush markers (can't remember the numbers) 😂
• Pentel Fude Touch Pen in grey 💕
• Ecoline Brush marker in yellow ochre 👏🏼 (my current no. 1 Pen)
• Zebra Mildliners in brown and gold 🌺
• STA metallic brush markers in silver and copper🙌🏼
• Muji 0.38 gel pen in black
• Sakura Pigma Micron in 0.2😊
• Kuretake Fudebiyori Brush marker in blue 🌹

Guys, @getmarked.co offers double layered custom wax seals. Look at the tiny flower background!!
Wax colors used are Vintage Rust & Gold Dust. ✨✨✨

I did this for about 2 hours okay please appreciate it HAHAH.
Ok anyways, thank you @nuliscatet for sending me this!! For your information, they sell various art supplies and stationery for a REAALLY cheap price, and they’re super trusted! People always ask me where they can get tombows, finetecs, and others, and you can get them from @nuliscatet! Lastly, im super proud of this swatch 😤😂😂 i hope all of you are having a good and productive day!! 💫✨
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Calling all my basic witches 🎃 @clipitcrafts has the Sanderson sisters in her shop RIGHT NOW! Get them in plenty of time to binge watch the greatest Halloween movie of all time! Plus code KASEY saves you 20% 🕸🕷

Birthday parties aren't just for kids!

🌟 hey everyone! I thought I’d just show you some of my favorite stationery! I have a lot, and here’s just a few! if anyone’s interested I’ll provide swatches in a day or two!
-💫triplus fineliners: I love these! they’re great for small writing or detailing. the colors are nice, and I could definitely see myself getting a 24 pack in the future for more options. the tips seem to be holding up pretty well firm-wise, and they only dry out after extensive use. would definitely recommend!
- 💫mildliners (blue pack): the colors in this pack, and of mildliners in general, are just stunning and very unique! they do bleed through thin/low quality paper, but if you’re not worried about that, or have higher quality/thick paper, these are perfect! the double tips give a lot of versatility depending on how you’d like to use them.
- 💫 pilot juice in .38mm(black): this pen is thin and precise, and I definitely enjoy using it when I need to get into small areas. the body is quite comfortable and the ink is on the drier, less inky side. I would recommend this for people who have small or intricate handwriting. these are great for notes if you need to draw dense diagrams or add something in.
- 💫pentel energel in .7mm: these pens are smooth like butter and extremely inky! I love how silkily they glide over paper without having to press at all, and it’s overall just a wonderful pen to write with.
- 💫pilot g-7 in .7mm: these pens are also extremely inky and smooth, and also come with a very comfortable and easily grip-able body. these seem to have so much ink in them and feel like they last forever! they come in packs and a variety of colors, and are overall my favorite if I want nice, bold, thick writing.
- 💫 playcolor 2 in coral/pink: I got this marker at a Japanese stationary shop, so I’m not sure about the availability of these, but I absolutely LOVE mine! there’s two tips: a thin, precise tip, and a large, almost brush like tip. it’s so satisfying to write with and I would recommend it for titling, but not exactly a calligraphy marker although I’m sure it’s possible. there’s also a huge array of colors!

don't mind my messy handwriting lol 😬 my services marketing class is so boring i almost fall asleep every time 😬 i've been doodling all over my notes to try to stay awake in there lol

Foi assim no batizado de Theo! Teve lembrança com motivos religiosos: anjinho, terço, água benta e um lindo laço de renda para arrematar! 👼 💙

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reviewing for my art history mid quarter test! hoping it all goes well! 😅😊

Rose gold office accents on point! 😍
{📷: @thestyleagenda_}

Yay it's Friday!!! Here is a closeup of the post from Monday. 🍍💓⠀
#pineapplelove #pineapplelover

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