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El silencio no es la práctica de la abstención de hablar o la falta de ruido, sino el proceso de anclaje para esquivar el abismo interno cuando este hace acto de presencia.

(🇷🇺👇🏼) 🇨🇦 Just like Americans, Canadians seem to be obsessed with their credit cards. 💳 When I moved here and went to the bank for the first time, I immediately mentioned to the bank teller that I didn’t want to have any credit card. 🙏🏻She looked at me as if I was a stupid person 🙄who obviously didn’t understand something important about life, before asking me: « And how about your credit history? ». 🙀I wasn't sure what a « credit history » was, and looked at my husband who repeated the following: « Credit history is very important » (either Canadians have it in their genes or my husband was secretly paid by the bank, I still don’t know!). 🤷‍♀️So, why do you need to have a « credit history »? In order to get a mortgage for a house, for example, or a loan for a car or a condo. And you do need a credit card to pay for things online. I should say that it is not the same in Russia. 🤑So here in Canada I pay for certain things with my credit card and pay it back immediately (it is like paranoia). 🤧What do you think about credit cards? Is it an evil or a good thing? 🤔 ⠀

Как и американцы, канадцы просто помешаны на кредитных картах 💳. Когда я впервые сюда попала, я сразу заявила в банке, что не хочу кредитку. 🙏🏻На меня посмотрели, как на человека с умственными отклонениями🙄, который так и не понял, какие вещи важны в жизни, и спросили: « А как же кредитная история? ». Я на это лишь молча взглянула на мужа, который вслед за работником банка пробубнил следующее: « Кредитная история - это очень важно » (либо у них это тут в генах, либо мой husband секретно получал деньги от банка за рекламу - я так и не узнала!). 🤷‍♀️Так зачем же нужна эта самая кредитная история? 🤑Чтобы получить ипотеку на дом или займ на машину, квартиру, и т.д. К слову, онлайн покупки тоже оплачиваются кредиткой. Я вообще плачу за многое кредитной картой и в тот же вечер кладу на неё деньги (я - параноик!). 🤧А вы что думаете по поводу кредиток? Это хорошая идея или зло в чистом виде? 🤔

Winter in New York City 🌨 @luxury.goals.lifestyle

RV we’re comin for u😈🤫🏈 #STATES

The nearly 5 million Census Blocks in the United States with zero population. Made by mapsbynik in 2014.

The United States consists of 11,078,300 Census Blocks. Of them, 4,871,270 blocks totaling 4.61 million square kilometers were reported to have no population living inside them.

Green shading indicates unoccupied Census Blocks. A single inhabitant is enough to omit a block from shading. The map tends to highlight two types of areas:
- places where human habitation is physically restrictive or impossible, and
- places where human habitation is prohibited by social or legal convention.

Water features such lakes, rivers, swamps and floodplains are revealed as places where it is hard for people to live. In addition, the mountains and deserts of the West, with their hostility to human survival, remain largely void of permanent population. Of the places where settlement is prohibited, the most apparent are wilderness protection and recreational areas (such as national and state parks) and military bases. At the national and regional scales, these places appear as large green tracts surrounded by otherwise populated countryside.

At the local level, city and county parks emerge in contrast to their developed urban and suburban surroundings. At this scale, even major roads such as highways and interstates stretch like ribbons across the landscape. Commercial and industrial areas are also likely to be green on this map. The local shopping mall, an office park, a warehouse district or a factory may have their own Census Blocks. But if people don’t live there, they will be considered “uninhabited”.

More on the artist website: http://tinyurl.com/hvh74y6

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This song is funny yet dhamkedar... #lolipop #bihari #in #states 😂

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