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Spring is here! And outdoor furniture is a must! This double seater Adirondack is the way to go. You'll see them soon on Jefferson St. 📸: @dougklembara

We're not all wood and metal over here! Sometimes we dable with the forbidden granite. 😏
This coffee bar was a clean look to elevate @5mockingbird apartments lounge area.
And of course, who doesn't love Judge Judy 😉

People think we're only rustic or only tables. We do all sorts of things. Including hooks for backdrop holders for our good friends @thetxstudio. .
(...it also helps that they're photographers and take pretty pictures of our products 🙃)
📸: @thetxstudio

When your welder is also your concrete guy. @4_those_who_know @mattmakestuff #stashdesign #bellingtonbowling

Clamps maketh the table.

Sometimes it's the littlest details that can help make a space. Just like these rails we made for these blankets @haywireplano.

Happy Monday everyone. The sun's back and it's adding some great light to these new shelves we put up for our friends @magichour_shop.

This weather has been so gloomy there no better way to cozy up than by a fire. And sometimes you need a piece of furniture to be a "tasteful barrier" so that kids (or adults) won't crawl under said fire...

If you always wanted our beadwork, whether it was earrings or a beaded necklace, now is your chance to get one!!!! Our friend Patrica Benally is raffling of numerous items to continue your education and study abroad!! Look her up on Facebook PATRICIA ANHINGA
Winners will be picked tomorrow!! #BekisBeadwork

Not all Sealers are created equal.
This past year we've upped our quality in our finishes. Especially with the exterior elements of Texas. We can't say it'll last forever, BUT here's a comparison of our product next to another product that we didn't build. When it comes to quality/durable furniture, you get what you pay for.

Our guys are getting creative over here. Valentine just made this guy for fun. But we think this is now something to market!
Custom lamp/power man available now. Hit us up if you want one!

We not only reclaim used materials by others but we do so with even our own scraps! This table was made out of all scrap pieces of plywood. It's amazing what some color and cool patterns can do to what some people might call trash.

This gloomy weather is making us long for summer even more. This awning we did in collaboration with @deepellumfoundation and @genslerdallas was a fun project to get people outside and in community with each other. It was made with reclaimed wood from The Billard Bar which used to be by @goodrecords off of Lower Greenville.
Hopefully there will be more things like this once the weather clears up!

Texas Pecan Waterfall sounds like a wonderfully delicious dessert only served at “special occasions”. But, this is just a Texas Pecan waterfall coffee table. @rubiomonocoatusa is icing. Looks tasty, though. #stashdesign #greenerwoodworking #texas #pecanwood #liveedge #coffeetable #handtools #locallygrown #locallymade #waterfalledge #woodmill #tabledesign #tabledessert #customwoodwork

Progression of bench for @velvettaco made out of reclaimed shiplap

Gloomy weather here in Dallas. Time to relax and put up your feet.
You can put them on this spalted pecan live edge coffee table that we reclaimed from a dead tree and turned it into this beauty.
... You can... But we'd suggest not 😜

Thanks @eddie_lott for stopping by our space to take pictures! More to come.

For those that ever wanted a horse earring or beaded rope necklace. Here is your chance! We donated these to our good friend Patricia Benally for her Raffle. So buy some tickets!!! There are other prizes as well. Here is more detail. 🎟🎟Raffle fundraiser🎟🎟 Raffle List:
1. Wristlet purse - Made by AD Matthias Stevens
2. Dentalium necklace/earring set - Made by Tiff Paskemin
3. Dentalium necklace & beaded earring set - Made by Lano Yazzie
4. Parfleche set (earrings, bracelet, pouch, and necklace) - By KM Nez
5. Navajo style turquoise necklace - Made by Virgie White
6. Beaded horse earrings - Made by Zack Stash
7. Beaded rope/necklace - Made by Daryl Bekis
8. Ribbon skirt - Made by Kristen Sayer & Beaded Earrings -Made by Shirley
9. Ribbon skirt & beaded earrings - Made by Shirley John
10. $100 cash - Patricia
11. 200 pieces of Crystal & Gems - Shirley John
12. Tobacco Cedar bag - Shirley John

Tentative drawing date is February 28, 2018 @ 9pm.

How to buy
Paypal: paypal.me/PatriciaBenally
Wellsfargo: inbox me
Wal-Mart to Walmart
Facebook cash
etc! #beadedhorses #beadedrope #beadedropenecklace #beadwork #beadedjewelry #beadwork #nativebeadwork #stashdesign #bekisbeadwork

We're so excited to collaborate with @thetxstudio as they help us with killer photos of our products! Just like this one here of a retail display cart we did for @whiskeycakeplano.

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