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John Williams is really the 🐐
What is your favorite Star Wars song? 🎶

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Star Wars creator George Lucas: “I purposely develop themes and ideas and repeat them. And it’s very, very clear in the [original and prequel] trilogies that I’m putting the characters in pretty much the same situations, sometimes even using the same dialogue so that the father and son go through pretty much the same experience. Obviously, Anakin takes a different road then his son takes, so at some of these turning points they go the other way—but it’s been set up for you to almost expect Luke to follow in his father’s footsteps, which leads to a subtle influence which gives the audience a little expectation. It’s a musical idea, you have a lyrical refrain and you keep playing it over and over again using different instrumentation, different octaves. It changes every time you rehear it. It’s the same note played differently. I’ve tried to use that right from the very beginning when I did Star Wars. Literally it came out of something I was trying to do with THX-1138. Instead of three acts, it was almost three different movies, but each movie is telling the same story in a different way. I became fascinated with that idea. It’s kind of visual jazz. You go off on a riff on the same idea. You just take a concept and just interpret it differently visually. And there’s a lot of that going on in these movies. I like the idea of cyclical motifs that keep occurring over and over and over again.” The Phantom Menace DVD commentary track, 2001 #starwars #starwarsday #starwarsdaily #starwarsfan #starwarsfans #starwarsfamily #starwarsfanpage #starwarsforever #starwarscelebration #starwarsgeek #starwarsgeeks #starwarsnerd #starwarsnerds #starwarsnight #starwarsmovie #starwarsmeme #starwarsmemes #starwarslife #starwarslove #starwarslover #prequels #starwarsfanatic #starwarssaga #starwarsmovie #georgelucas #starwarsart #starwars7 #starwarsparty #returnofthejedi #revengeofthesith

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