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Cheerin’ on the Packs for my girl @daniellejdavis birthday! Happy birthday beautiful lady! Hope this season is good to you AND the #greenbaypackers ! 💚💛 #blondies #femaleceo #fempreneur #femalefounder #startupwomen #bossbabe #thatsdarling #wiw #footballseason #outfitoftheday #ootd

Meet Steph (@stevibiel) she was the first ever attendee at a Tech Ladies meetup (3 years ago!) and she made us believe Tech Ladies could be a "thing." Thanks for showing up for those first few meetups, Steph! We ❤️you.

Throwing back to black and white vibes on this cold, moody day today 🌧

Have you seen the whole design? It’s worth leaving Instagram for 💁🏼 Check it out on the website www.bigcatcreative.co 🦁

What do you do in your #darkesthour?⠀

Do you have someone to go to for #advice?⠀

We provide expert advice from #MLMExperts!⠀


Вы же наверняка знаете Элизабет Гилберт. И она совершенно точно должна вдохновлять вас также, как и нас! Любим ее за ее проникновенные книги. А еще за эту лекцию на Ted "Как приручить вдохновение". Немного о самой Элизабет. В 1993 она стала первой ранее непубликовавшейся писательницей, дебютировавшей в Esquire со времен Нормана Мейлера. Это привело к постоянной работе в качестве журналистки в различных национальных журналах, включая SPIN, GQ, The New York Times Magazine, Allure, Real Simple, Travel + Leisure. Как указано в мемуарах «Ешь, молись, люби», она сделала карьеру в качестве высокооплачиваемого внештатного автора. Очень очень рекомендуем вам ее видео с TED. 🙌 #startupwomen_вдохновение #startupwomen

Anyone else obsessed with routine? I used to spend hours on Sunday planning out the week ahead. I planned everything from meals, outfits, workouts, and of course work tasks. I could usually stay on schedule for the first two days but by Wednesday things were never going as planned. Something would always come up that would disrupt my well laid plans. Now instead of scheduling every second of my day, I leave "open time" on my calendar for the unplanned. It gives me more flexibility to be spontaneous and not feel so boxed in everyday.

Tea or coffee - how do you start your day? {it's coffee for me + Get Up And Glow day face oil, of course 😉}


Свободная коробочка макаронс "малина-лаванда". 12шт - 650р. Сегодня вечером буду в районе Красносельской, завтра днем - Полянка. Ну или самовывоз с Преображенки)) #кондитерскийфей

Я предупреждала, что меня потянуло на нежности? 😉 ❤ #кондитерскийфей

Use promotions to promote your most popular posts, not necessarily the posts selling a product/service. People clearly already love your post so boosting this to the masses will increase exposure of this post and generate a ton more followers than a promotion of a product. Then your next post, or possibly the one after that can promote your product to your increased number of followers. Offering genuine value keeps your audience hooked, wanting more, and builds up their trust so they are more likely to purchase from you.
When you do go for the sell, don't try and hide it or fool anyone, your audience respects you, don't lose that. Tell your audience straight what you want them to do. They'll appreciate your honesty and you'll maintain their trust. -
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Yes, you're reading right! I finally managed to upload new photos to my free library.⠀
I'm on the home stretch to a week of fall holidays. It will give me time to finally shoot my XMas stock photos (some of those will certainly go to the free library as well) and to take a deep breath before plunging into retail pre-Christmas craze... 🌲⠀
You can access my free styled stock library via the link in my bio. I hope you like the pictures and that they are of good use to your business or blog. I'm always so happy to see any of my pictures being used, so help me keep up with your progress by tagging @nordiccopperdesign or using the hashtags #nordiccopperstock #nordiccopperstyling
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Throwing back to black and white vibes on this cold, moody day today 🌧

Have you seen the whole design? It’s worth leaving Instagram for 💁🏼 Check it out on the website www.bigcatcreative.co 🦁

It's been 6 years since I last had my drum kit set up and I can say it sure feels good to have a bash again! Elusive errors in your code? No worries just have a hit. Life being a bitch? Make some loud noise! #luckyimnotyourneighbour #drumface #womeninbiz #womenintech #womeninstem #femalemusician #creativeentrepeneur #musicianlife #musicart #programmerlife #goldcoastlocal #engineeringlife #iosdeveloper #startuplife #startupgrind #startupwomen #womenentrepreneurs #girlswhocode #femaleentrepreneurs #femalefounders #entrepreneurlife #lifeisart #expressyourself

So, a quick question for all of you. What is top issue right now in your business?⠀

Love seeing our women making progress with their business ideas! Riley, from our Explore class, is putting the final touches on her website 🙌🏼

Interesting...📷: @positive_action

"If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started I was desperately wishing to be where I am now." - Unknown 💫
Found this quote today right before I was going to send in a job application to the corporate world that I dread being a part of. I took it as a sign to not send in my application and continue to focus on growing this cute little business. Here's to Monday! #mondaymotivation

Remember your dreams and fight for them. You must know what you want from life. There is just one thing that makes your dream become impossible: the fear of failure. 👗💄👠👜😎🔥 Be fearless. What's the worst that can happen?
#womenentrepreneurs #womengrow #businesswomen #startupwomen #startup #startnow #startnownottomorrow #motivation

I am thrilled to announce our first accelerator program for the XXcelerate Fund, appropriately named, XXcelerator! Designed just for women entrepreneurs (like you), by women entrepreneurs (like us), XXcelerator is the education and mentorship program that we wished existed for ourselves.
Unlike other accelerators, XXcelerator is not going to teach you about pitching investors, how to get venture funding, preparing for a demo day, or grooming you for investor conversations.
XXcelerator will teach you how to pitch new clients, actually grow your sales, find and hire the right teams, and to become a whiz at your business' financials. You'll gain all the knowledge you actually need right now to run your business. It's about Growth, Sales, and massive action taking.
The modules will be taught by experts and those who have actually been in your shoes before. You'll get the mentorship, access, community and support that you need. One-on-one mentorship has been in our DNA since the inception of the XXcelerate fund.

You can get more information about the program and apply to join us> Link in profile!
Doors to join XXcelerator close October 17th. Program kicks off Friday, November 10th. We’d love to have you with us!

Infuse your life with action. Don't wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. 👉🔥🌟 #womenentrepreneurs #womengrow #businesswomen #startupwomen #startup #startnow #startnownottomorrow #motivation

Tea or coffee - how do you start your day? {it's coffee for me + Get Up And Glow day face oil, of course 😉}

👉Люди @leformstore помогают детям!
🎉Главный концепт-стор Москвы масштабно запустил проект «Люди LEFORM» @leformpeople . За свою двадцатилетнюю историю LEFORM не только поменял взгляды людей через моду, интерьер и современное искусство, но и создал удивительную аудиторию, лояльную к благотворительности и добровольчеству.
🎇В рамках благотворительного вечера российский художник Глеб Солнцев @solntsev , главной темой работ которого является серфинг, океан и солнце, провёл выставку работ из  серии «Line Up». ✨Основным партнёром и вдохновителем стал благотворительный фонд помощи детям с ДЦП «Подарок Ангелу» @podarok_angelu , в поддержку которых проходил аукцион. Картина «Golden sunrise» не оставила равнодушным ни одного любителя сёрфинга!🎉
😱"Вы ломаете мне весь сценарий, девочка всю ночь старалась, писала сценарий, сохраняла интригу, цитировала Шекспира, перечитывала тома Вознесенского, а вы поднимаете ставку сразу на 4 тысячи" – популярный vj Александр Анатольевич @anatolich_mtv не смог сдержать эмоций, когда торги превратились в ожесточённые бои! Картина ушла с молотка всего за 7 минут за 6.000 Евро, которые будут переданы в пользу подопечных Благотворительного фонда «Подарок ангелу».
❗«LEFORM- удивительное место, где живёт стиль, мода и царит своя атмосфера. Мы безумно рады, что нашли такого надёжного партнёра и друга, как «Подарок Ангелу». Я не люблю говорить громких слов, но если наши старания позволили исполнить хотя бы одну детскую мечту, то мы старались не зря!» -  байер компании Ксения Мамонтова.
💥Среди гостей вечера было очень много известных людей в мире шоу-бизнеса и культуры- солистка группы ЧИЛИ @irinazabiyaka , шоу-мен и телеведущий @malahkov007 в, российский рэп-исполнитель @ligalize , российский модельер и стилист @masha_tsigal, продюсер @tashevich, певец @danko_star.
🎉Ведущим вечера стал легендарный @anatolich_mtv
Успешный и очень правильный кейс!
#startup #предприниматель #социальноепредпринимательство #предпринимательство #startupwomen #бизнес #стартап #мотивация #Секретыуспеха #саморазвитие #Подарокангелу

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