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Toru miyazaki combo 7 pretty hard #kittystring #starttheriot #yoyorecreation #trickcircle @toruuuu___

Kitty String yoyo string

HIBARI, a designer from Japan and one of the organisers of East Japan Yo-Yo Contest. Here performing a standing 5A at the event!

START THE RIOTが気に入ったみたいで、買って12時間以内に取られました。もうベッチョベチョ。しかしその笑顔に免じて許してしまいます。#rebellion #yoyorecreation #starttheriot #todaysthrow

We are beyond excited to be working with social activist and model @ollie_henderson on our S16 shoot this Monday, such a strong, powerful and inspiring character.

#starttheriot #oncewas

TPPA ✖️✖️✖️ #tppa @houseofriot #starttheriot

Our kind of fine dining involves using pupper as a food bib whilst she sleeps @kntwkphtgrph #starttheriot #riotpupper #dachshundpuppy #pupper


These guys (or elves?). That tree. All the wondrous food. #stopthebus #starttheriot #loveactually💚

Introducing Mark Krueger on bass. #gentlemancorpse #deathpunk #punk #starttheriot #shamblingriot

Find us for tickets! Shambling Riot is Opening up for US Bombs! #punk #punkrock #deathpunk #starttheriot #shamblingriot #localmusic

A simple musical math equation: What is the result when you add bludgeoning drone, drum and bass, and (circa 1990s) Japanese techno? You get German wunderkind CHRISTOPH DE BABALON! I've posted about CHRISTOPH before. For the unaware, I'll provide the clif notes: CHRISTOPH's fame and notoriety was in the mid-1990s as the 'Land of Electronic Misfit Producers' wing of Alec Empire's DIGITAL HARDCORE RECORDINGS. His music wasn't part of the digital hardcore brigand that was popular and pervasive in the 1990s. His sound is a collage of Asian-inspired drum and bass, heavy inoculations of drone, creepy-to-unsettling string arrangements, and a DIY punk ethos. He continues to make music that's cerebral, cathartic, yet insidiously danceable. That brings me to this release, the SEVEN UP EP (1997; Digital Hardcore Recordings). The 7-Track release starts with the near 10 minute, magnificent unpleasantness (and my favorite) called "My Confession". Dark ambient and black drone is intertwined with some seriously dark, detached beats that have you dancing and fearing retribution. The track is alienating, yet beautiful at the same time. Another favorite track is "Nightlife" that over 2 minutes of drum and bass perfection and lesson in 'dark dance'. The track has a dark, eerie string arrangements enshrouded around whiplash beats that pounds you into submitting your will and body to the dance floor only to burn it to the ground! The remaining tracks ("High Life, Pt. 2", "High Life, Pt. 3", "Kick In The Teeth", and "Dirtride") goes from claustrophobic experimental soundscapes to straight feral breakcore/hip-hop that's keeps you on edge, your body in dance mode, and the slight urge to "burn everything to the foundation". #ChristophdeBabalon #SevenUp #DigitalHardcore #StartTheRiot #drumnbass #drone #darkambient #ambient #electronicmusic #NarodnaOdbrana #THEONLYBANDTHATMATTERS

I broke into a house and left my mark #starttheriot

@pulpriothair Velvet as an overlay on my sisters hair 😈
#pulpriot #velvet #starttheriot #kentuckyhairs #authentichairarmy

Shambling Riot practice! See our show at THE BUZZ on Nov 17th! #starttheriot #goth #deathpunk #punkrock

Repost set đồ siêu chất của @chu.wardrobe được Cô Nàng mix lại thật xuất sắc đúng không nào ❤️VS Top vẫn luôn restock liên tục để đáp ứng cho các chị em đây .
#vstopbychu #starttheriot #overallshort

ATARI TEENAGE RIOT aren't strangers to noise music. In fact, since their inception, ATR always incorporated copious amounts of noise into their signature sound along with massive, unapologetic doses of anti-fascist/anti-establishment/pro-anarchist rhetoric. So, when it came to their their fourth full-length album, ATR continued their confrontational call for us to 'start the riot', but did it differently. 60 SECOND WIPE OUT (May 1999; Digital Hardcore Recordings/Elektra Records) continues where BURN, BERLIN, BURN! left off, but offers a slightly polished sound due to hiring uber studio engineer Andy Wallace who mixed the album. Also, being differently and ahead of the curve, the band play live instruments first. Then, ATR heavily distorted and digitally altered the instrumentation. ATR is in total anarchist mode 60SWO. It's abrasive as one can gets as the revolt begins with the hardcore punk/hardcore techno of "Revolution Action" and "By Any Means Necessary". The band's 'sequel', "Atari Teenage Riot II"-still sampling Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" as the original track-but offers alternate beats, different vocals, and added (sampled) metal guitars. "Ghostchase" flawlessly does drill and bass with antagonistic lyrics about "selling their souls to the devil". My two favorite tracks are the noise/breakcore/metal sonic riot "Digital Hardcore" and the electro-static feedback/digital hardcore/hardcore punk, yet cleverly defiant "Your Uniform (Does Not Impress Me). But, my guilty pleasures are noise/hardcore techno manifesto "Anarchy 999" and straight digital hardcore of "Too Dead for Me". Long time fans will appreciate the abrasiveness and 'pseudo-unpolished sound' even with Andy Wallace's mixing genius. Newer fans will see this as a introducing into Digital Hardcore without being freaked out by their caustic and corrosive earlier music. Either way, 60 SECOND WIPE OUT saw ATR's peak, how they incorporated many genres, then deconstructed and mangled them into their own dark vision taking action against the machine. #AtariTeenageRiot #60SecondWipeOut #ATR #StartTheRiot #AtonalNoiseWarThursdays #DigitalHardcore #noise #NarodnaOdbrana #THEONLYBANDTHATMATTERS

Girls and guys! Let’s be the ones that stand up for what we believe in and get shit done! I want to be part of a generation that makes positive change in the world 🌏Today I stood up for our Great Barrier Reef, our country and our climate by being part of the nationwide #StopAdani protest. Long story short, another dirty, dodgy coal venture is about to start in the beautiful Great Barrier Reef - crazy right?! I know! That’s why I was down at Bondi Beach this morning in a huge human sign- swipe left to check it out! I’m in the letter ‘O’ haha 👉🏽@youth4climatejustice @1millionwomen @be_an_unfucker 🐢🐋🐵🌿tee by @houseofriot #StopAdani

#yoyo #rebellion #starttheriot #hobby #toy

一応誕生日プレゼント。初バイメタル。キャッチめっちゃ痛い。これからお世話になります。#yoyorecreation #starttheriot

@diaryofamadcolorist We played with your book today! 😍 @brookeisaac
#pulpriot #starttheriot

Big @yoyorecreation Rebellion restock just arrived! Acro, Gazer, Qilin, Dread, Butcher, Golyat, Invaders Must Die, AND Start The Riot!! Wooh! That’s a lot of yo-yos!

Porque meninas só querem se divertir.

Damn. Oldass tbt. Can't believe this was 20yrs ago this Sunday. Won a contest on @cfoxvan power drive and got to watch rage on the stage while they played. Tom was the only one who came to see the fans back stage. What a good dude. Also got to meet #atariteenageriot look at that ticket price!! Too bad #wutang got kicked off the tour 👐🏽 #starttheriot #tbt #ratm #rageagainstthemachine #tommorello #pacificcoliseum #cfox #cfoxpowerdrive #instagood #instadaily #profitsofrage #audioslave #thenightwatchman

Shambling Riot prior to raising the ancient ones. #starttheriot #gothlife #goth #punk #punkrock #deathpunk #gentlemancorpse

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