Feeling the love today 🍾🍫❤️. Thank you to one of my lovely friends/regular customer for my beautiful gift! Received this as a congratulations/good luck for setting up my Etsy shop #feelingloved #lucky #settingupforsuccess #startofsomethingbig #etsy #etsyseller #marksandspencer #chocolate #redwine #itsnicetobenice #treat #luckyme

We use light bulbs every day, but do we all understand how they work?
According to the “notable” source, Wikipedia, electricity flows through a thin wire in the light bulb called the filament. The filament used in a bulb has a property called "resistance." A filament has a lot of resistance to electricity. Therefore as a result of this, the filament heats up and starts glowing, converting electrical energy to light energy. This is because of the Joule-effect, which means that resistances heat up when an electrical current runs through them.
Okay, cool now you know what a light bulb is and how it functions. NOW, let me explain why I wanted to share that piece of information.
Like the light bulb, our job is to be light. We are to shine a light that illuminates the world around us. Our lives are the light. Our heart is the filament, or “resistance.” So: We= light bulb; Lives= light; Heart= filament
Then what? Well, we need something to react with the filament to create light. We need something that will touch our hearts and create light in our life. We tend to think that we can do that with about anything. We start to dive into social media to find our light. We start to look for affirmation in others for our light. We start to look into anything to find some source of electricity to help create our light. Unfortunately, all of these things act as a battery. A battery powered light WILL shine for a little while, but not for long. It will eventually die, and you have a useless lightbulb with no light. You become a person with no actual light coming from the life you live.
SO, we need to determine what kind of source will provide a steady source of “electricity” to react with our “filament” to produce the “light” in our life.
John 3:27 – John answered, “A man can receive nothing unless it has been given him from heaven.” Based off of this verse, we cannot receive anything unless it’s given to us by our Creator. We cannot receive the necessary “electricity” from anything unless the source of that “electricity” is God.
What steps are you taking to plug in?
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I was reading out of 1 Kings this morning, and I began reading about Solomon building the temple. Typically, those are the “fast-forward” points in the Bible for me. *GASP!* I know, I know, I shouldn’t ever fast-forward the Bible... but I do, and you probably do too.
However, today I felt led to pay a bit closer attention to the content I typically skim through!
The detailed account of Solomon building the temple shows how detailed, intricate, and pure the home of the Lord is meant to be. As the new temple, we are each called to create a detailed and intricate home for the Lord, but what does that look like?
My thought is that we need to begin to dig into the Word, prayer, and worship to craft our hearts into a dream home, not a rental home.
Furthermore, how do we keep the make-up of our temple pure? That one is a little tough because the answer is clear. We remove the impurities. I don’t know about you, but I’m not excited about that. It means I’ve got to start admitting where I’m wrong, where I’m screwing up, and where I need the Lord to clean up for me!
Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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The past 10 months have been an extremely transformational time in my life. I began my Waldorf Teacher Training program, and I had no idea of the extent of the grand adventure I was about to embark on. I explored, and continue to explore, the depths of life’s great mysteries. I questioned my religious and spiritual views, my relationships with others and self, my existence in today’s realm as well as past and future possibilities, the macro and micro cosm as well as their intermingling, the many layers of the human being, my heart space, my head space, the balance of both, art, music, quality conversation, active listening, and how to hold space for my ever evolving education while teaching children to do the same. Above all, I have reconnected with the importance of being open to the magic and meaning of life. #givingthanks #startofsomethingbig #selfexploration #waldorfteacher

#ready#onmyown#startofsomethingbig #summer#mylifemaybechanging#sun#sunglasses#windowsdown#open#anothersummertoconqueasventure#travel#entrepreneur#entrepreneurlife#ceo#femaleceo- day 2 of just me. Facing next 5 weeks alone, but not alone. This is another summer that will shape my future. I will travel to and through several countries, up to 5k+ miles apart. I’ll meet New people along this journey. I will grow. I will change. I will know me on an even deeper level. I’m open to what God will show me and where He plans to lead. Nervous. Anxious. Most definitely excited and happy!!!!

The start of something for me. I’m always doing something for the kids or something for Jose. I don’t mind, I’m not complaining, im really happy to be a housewife and a mother but I just wanted something just for me. My own special space. For something I love. Might not be something big or something to brag about to others lol but for me it’s exciting. #mybeautyroom #startofsomethingbig #reachforthestars

Money isn't the most important thing in life, but it's reasonably close to oxygen on the 'gotta have it' scale. - Zig Ziglar

Heard this quote while talking to my coach, @_mattrush, yesterday. Thought it was worth sharing!
In the picture, I’m writing down my mission or my “Call to Action.” If you don’t know me well then you probably don’t know this, but I’ve been called to go into Fatherless Ministry. Fun fact, I don’t know what I’m doing! BUT I AM CALLED AND ACTING ON THAT CALLING. If you take steps towards what you think the Lord may be calling you to, I guarantee you He’s going to start opening some doors and closing others for you.
For me, going to @generationziglar was the step I was called to take!
What’s your next step?

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Thank you big time to @evolution_powertools for sending me this. As requested, an unbiased review will be uploaded once I've used it and put her through her paces. #evolution #tablesaw #evolutionrage5s #seeingisbelieving #feelinghonoured #thanksamillion #startofsomethingbig #makersofyoutube #makersofinstagram #jamesmancave #diy #woodworking

Such a special morning when we brought our Monday dance sessions to the village.#startofsomethingbig

Most kids, when asked “ what do you want to be when you grow up?” Answers would be: from basketball player, architect, doctor, firefighter, garbage truck driver to engineer and nowadays a YouTuber but I personally didn’t know! Elementary, high school and college years passed and I still didn’t know. Got my first serious JOB and poured all my heart and energy to it- got most of my ideal goals and dreams, got married to a very good man @markg1018, acquired our first home and had 2 beautiful kids which is the best part of my life but then after 17 years in the same exact JOB.... what now? Out of the blue, a very good friend of mine @anna.hurn showed me the light at the end of my very dark & narrowing tunnel.
I am super proud and happy to say that now, I have found my personal calling... have you?

Jaraiya Sensei. :| @danortiztattoo thanks for this one dawg. #TheRealOnesKnow#PervySage#ToadSage#StartOfSomethingBig

So I was at my favorite coffee shop with my buddies last night, and while we were there I noticed some new posters on the walls. Initially, I thought they looked so cool, and naturally being a photographer I had to take a picture of one of them! The more I looked at it, the more I began to realize what kind of message the picture gave off. •
In the picture you can see a skeleton’s head sticking out of a woman’s boot, and it looks like a Mexican Dia de Los Muertos style of art. Looking more into it and at many of the other art pieces around the coffee shop, I noticed that skeletons were a common theme in the artworks. •
This leads me to my question, why has our society become with somewhat obsessed with death? I don’t think this was the goal in Mexican culture, instead they wish to make it a way to remember loved ones. However, the US has distorted that view. We watch shows like 13 Reasons Why where suicide is both shown and discussed, but not in a negative light. (Take this with a grain of salt, I’m going off of what I’ve heard. I have not seen the show.) In addition, the news is filled with stories of school shootings, bombings, and other horrible acts. Once source noted that 109 different shows airing right on TV involve and revolve around murder. As well as this, video games make killing seem like a light thing, I myself relate to this one! I’ve played first person shooter games since I was in 6th grade, and if I listened to myself talk during those games I’d be surprised by my vocabulary. “Headshots” and “dropping bodies” become common terms. •
All together, why has this become such a part of our culture? Could this have an influence on why our country has taken a turn with gun violence?
This isn’t a post to show how much I disagree with guns, in fact I support of them. Yet, I am curious and intrigued by the reason behind all of the murders in our country.

1. Our generation has an identity issue.
2. They long for attention.
3. They will do ANYTHING to get that attention.


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Hallo, meine fleißigen 🐝!🙋🏻‍♀️
Heute in der Schule waren bei mir lediglich 4 Leute mit im Unterricht. Ihr könnt euch vielleicht vorstellen wie lang der Tag für mich war, auch wenn er bereits um 12 schultechnisch vorbei war. Da der Unterricht dann mit der Parallelklasse verbunden wurde und diese auch nicht mehr waren, hatte ich keinen regulären Unterricht und das einzige reguläre war Mathe (🔝). Schade eigentlich, dass mein 2. Post nicht sehr spannend ist inhaltlich gesehen! Jetzt fahr ich eben schnell ein Paket abholen und dann werde ich ein bisschen Mathe lernen, da die nächste Arbeit am 25.6. ist und ich das Wochenende davor nicht daheim bin!

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