Dem gunzzz 💪
Also dem collar bones and dat (lack of) double chin 😍
Okay so. I've been severely backing off ig because I needed a little more me time. I'm still going through personal hard times and I'm still working on choosing to feel better everyday. Pictures like this are definitely helping with that. The first was a couple months ago, I had already lost a little but it was mostly due to cardio and actually just moving instead of doing nothing all day. But I had leveled off. The second picture is 10 minutes ago. I've been lifting weights and making a conscious effort with my diet. .
Speaking of diet, I've tried it all. Obviously. Most recently, I tried keto, and it wasn't for me. For a while I was counting macros and I just couldn't keep up with it while my step daughter was here. They are both great options but don't work for me, right now. So lately, I've been fasting. Stop, eat, stop. I'll have coffee and water through out the day and wait until about 6-7 and have a well planned, nutritious meal. It's hard some days but it's working. Since the beginning of August, I'm down 12 pounds! Which is amazing because I was stuck within a 2-3 pound range for months and it was really dragging me down. Maybe some of it is water weight, but I definitely feel different. I look different. I'm happy with the way this is going and I hope it keeps up for a while 💕 .
Maybe soon enough, I'll feel comfortable enough to post some full body befores and durings.. just not yet 🤞

Do not watch the petals fall from a rose with sadness, know that, like life things sometimes must fade.. before they can bloom again🥀
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Found this guy who resembles my husband at my home one day after a long day at the market. It took me 3 days to adjust to beardless bob, lol. I’ve only ever seen this face in pictures so it’s been different, lol.
#noshavenovemberforninemonths #whoareyou #whatdidyoudowithmyhusband #beardlife #babybeard #startingover

So my old IG was hacked & deleted so I’m devastated. Clearly the government seen how powerful my social media following was & has to stop it, right?
But new Insta new me? .
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People let me tell you about my best friends ❤
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Today at work I found peace. I found peace in letting go and moving forward. I found peace and releasing negative people and energy from my life. I found peace in moving staring over. If at any point I forget this peace, I need only look to my hand to find it again. #nextchapterinlife #startingover #peace

Well, it's that time again! I didn't feel ready, but somehow I think I am. For the past few years, I kept walking or driving by this fountain, admiring how beautiful it is and thinking how much I'd love to take a picture. Yet, I never took the time to take a picture, until today. I took a brief couple of minutes to admire it's beauty and let my anxiety fade away. Beautiful spots like this around campus do wonders for my anxiety. I appreciate the work they put into beautifying this campus. Here's to a new beginning. Yet another new beginning. I'm not sure how many times I can start over, but plans don't always go the way we thought they would. I didn't choose this path this time, but rather, it chose me.

After the longest time off the gym in 13 years ( 7 months) I’m ready to get stuck back in 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️ It’s so important to hit a stability program after a long break for at least 4 weeks before progressing into strength then onto speed and power type programming.
I’m excited to be a #beginner again and look after myself physically and to be mentally kind to myself that it’s ok to not step back into my super fit shoes straight away 🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♂️
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